Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Death Squads :United States secret network of torture centres in Iraq exposed

So why have theSunnis in Iraq been drawn to the fanatical Jihadists IS(ISIL/ISIS) in large part as a direct consequence of America's brutal tactics in Iraq along with the use of the so called Salvadorian solution of using Death Squads and fomenting sectarian or ideological or tribal animosity turning the country into a chaotic failed state. The Americans including President Obama ignore or deny this history and instead claim the rise of IS is part of an ongoing Islamic partisan/sectarian historical conflict.

I guess we can not expect the USA to ever take responsibility for its past crimes .
Instead we are told to ignore the past and think only about the rosey future on the horizon and other such New Agey delusional clap-trap.
Video c/o Guardian/BBC

Published on 7 Mar 2013
Trailer for Guardian/BBC film: "We don't do torture, we never have," said President George W Bush and his vice-president Dick Cheney. Taking its lead from Wikileaks revelations, this film shows how the US organised a huge network of torture chambers in Iraq where thousands were tortured, some of them to death.


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