Thursday, September 04, 2014

Crusades: BIDEN WARNING TO ISIS MILITANTS | We Will Follow ISIS to the Gates of Hell

We can all agree that ISIS tactics are nasty and beastly or even evil but is the solution just another military campaign. Shouldn't the US and NATO put pressure on regimes and individuals that finance and give material support to ISIS and other rebel/ terrorists groups.
Is this just a way to restart the Global War On Terror or distract the public from America's own actions in the Middle East and its support of various hideous regimes in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia and the rogue state of Israel.

Note Joe Biden's language is once again religious calling for sending ISIS terrorists to Hell.

So once again they are painting the USA as being on God's side and their enemies on the side of Satan. Will those who kill these terrorists therefore be guaranteed a place in Heaven /Paradise. So the Crusades are back on and everybody is fine with that. So the Christian West is once again going to teach those Heathen Muslims a lesson?.



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