Friday, September 12, 2014

Allende 1/5 American Backed Coup D'Etat To Overthrow Democratically Elected Government

TV program Seidean Staire -( Spanish with English subtitles ) The story of the American backed coup of General Pinochet in Chile which replaced the legally elected President Salvadore Allende on September 11, 1973. Pinochet's regime replaced a hundred year old democracy with a dictatorship . The new regime was brutal and anti-democratic . Over 3,000 people were murdered in the first three weeks after the coup. Yet the Regime was kept in power for 17 years with the backing of the United States.
Also see: " The Crimes Of Pinochet "
Chile Coup d'Etat by Pinochet backed by the United States
The slaughter of approximately 3,000 unarmed civilians
mostly academics, artists, professionals, University students

Allende 1/5 American Backed Coup D'Etat
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