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Obama Warmongering Against Iran as Bush & Gang Did Against Iraq & Obama Ignores Saudi Crackdown On Protesters & Amber Lyon : CNN Censoring Journalists

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Obama continues Drone attacks
Saudi Arabia's Crack down on protesters all protest banned
Bahrain continues crack down on pro-reform protesters 
 Award winning journalist Amber Lyon : CNN censoring journalists
& OMG :Dick Cheney supports Obama's Drone Attacks

Obama ignores Saudi Arabia's Regime's crack down on protesters and indefinite detention and torture of protesters. But why should he since Obama is in favor of various forms of torture and has made indefinite detention legal in the USA along with renditions, assassinations and  Obama has encouraged the militarization of American police forces and defends widespread spying on American citizens.

Just remember this -Obama did nothing to stop the brutal crack down on the Occupy Movement and may have taken part in orchestrating it.

And still Obama's true believers defend every action he takes no matter how egregious .

" Activists: Saudi women arrested at detention protests " by Mohammed Jamjoom CNN, Feb. 10, 2013

Dozens of women and at least five children were arrested on Saturday after demonstrations were held in two Saudi cities, Riyadh and Buraida, according to human rights activists. The women were demanding the release of relatives they say have been held for years without access to lawyers or a trial, the activists said.

Mohammed Al-Qahtani, a prominent activist currently on trial in Saudi Arabia on charges that include breaking allegiance to the Saudi king, told CNN the women who were protesting are "female relatives of political prisoners."

"They are asking the authorities to either take these prisoners to court," said Al-Qahtani, "or set them free."

In the capital city of Riyadh, one activist who was part of the demonstration said it was held outside a building that houses one of the country's government-backed human rights groups.

The activist, who requested anonymity for fear for her safety, said she had to quickly flee the scene to avoid arrest. About 50 women demonstrated there, and at least two of them had been arrested as police tried to disperse the crowd, she said.

Obama defends crack down on protesters and dissidents in Bahrain while condemning crack down on protesters and dissidents in Iran. Obama pushes the erroneous blatant propaganda of the Khalifa Regime that it is the Shiite Muslims who are backed by Iran who are stirring the masses . The reform movement continues and insists it does not want to replace the regime with a theocratic state but rather wants to set up some form of a parliamentary style of democracy .

 The Khalifa Regime argues that such a democratic system in Bahrain would not work because somehow democracy itself is not suitable for Arab countries. The pro-reform movement will have its second anniversary this week on Valentine's day.
Bahrain portion of iRevolution on CNN June 19 2011
Obama and Brennan double down on war against Iran even though there is no evidence of Iran building nuclear weapons .  To clinch the deal of going to war against Iran the USA erroneously claims Iran is interfering in the domestic politics of Bahrain . Meanwhile Obama defends Saudi Arabia and other nations which are helping the oppression of pro-reform protests and political dissidents in Bahrain.

Even Obama wants to point the finger at Iran for protests in Bahrain though as we have discussed in previous posts the uprising is not being engineered by Iran as the Khalifa Regime keeps insisting. It is the Khalifa Regime which is doing all it can to turn the uprising into a sectarian fight the usual divide and conquer political recipe. Obama still supplying military supplies to Bahrain Regime which the Regime uses to brutally crackdown on all forms of dissent. Wilkerson report at The Real News Network Brennan and Obama getting the public ready for war against Iran without any evidence to show why Iran in their view is a threat
John Brennan's confirmation hearing, and in particular his comments, very short in his prepared testimony, more so throughout, but his comments about Iran. They strike me as being not unlike those comments made by those in the intelligence community who were more politicized, George Tenet prominently so, with regard to Iraq back in 2002. It seems like the intelligence community has changed its mind, according to John Brennan, who is not even the director yet and no longer believes Iran has not made a decision to weaponize; it has made that decision, at least the way I read his testimony.
JAY: And he doesn't give any evidence for it. But he's even contradicting what Joe Biden said during the election campaign, who was very clear in saying that all the intelligence says that they have not made such a decision.
WILKERSON: I think that's true. I think probably it was advantageous on his part, because he knows that some of the more strident members of Congress, some of whom he has to depend on to confirm him, their views are pretty close-minded about this, and they are looking for, quote, regime change in Iran, unquote, by any means. And so he's appealing to them by stating it so apparently categorically.
More at The Real News

And Ray McGovern is not impressed by John Brennan but is rather disturbed by Brennan's views and fears Brennan will puch for military intervention bombing iran if not actually invading Iran. Brennan is also in favor of torture including waterboarding. Brennan I think is just offering his support to Obama's stated and unstated policies such as torture, renditions, assassinations etc.

 John Brennan’s Tenet-Like Testimony By Ray McGovern, Consortium News, Feb. 10, 2013
CIA Director-designate John Brennan’s assertion to the Senate Intelligence Committee that Iran is “bent on pursuing nuclear weapons” is precisely the kind of dangerous “mistake” made by his mentor, former CIA Director George Tenet, who made many such “mistakes” a decade ago in greasing the skids for war on Iraq. Of course, the appropriate word is not “mistake” but “fraud.”
And perhaps what should disqualify Brennan as much as anything is his intimate connection to the lies and abuses perpetrated by the thoroughly discredited Tenet. As one of Tenet’s former protégés, Brennan could not even bring himself to admit on Thursday that waterboarding was torture.
Brennan also engaged in other Tenet-like hairsplitting as he displayed the worst of his Jesuit education. Brennan, like me a Fordham graduate, seems to have absorbed the style of “jesuitical” argument that is defined as “practicing casuistry or equivocation, using subtle or over-subtle reasoning; crafty; sly; intriguing.”
Brennan’s misleading statement on Iran was both “sly” and “intriguing.” It also did not come as an off-the-cuff answer to a question, but rather was embedded in the written text of his “Opening Statement for the Record” for his confirmation hearing. His disingenuousness on this neuralgic issue is another reason to reject his nomination to be CIA director.
also see: Secret Wars and No Accountability: 5 Reasons Why 2013 Is Already Year of the Drone Obama's promise to end a decade of war is far from honest. Alex Kane at Alternet.org, Feb. 10, 2013

When Dick Cheney says he supports Obama's Drone attacks this should set off alarm bells among those who have without much thought support the drone attacks just because it is Obama ordering the attacks and not a Republican President .

So if its good enough for War Criminal Dick Cheney its good enough for Obama and his supporters .

Killing large numbers of civilians thereby creating blowback is a self-defeatingstrategy unless that's what one wants that is to prolong the Global War on Terror for generations to come.

  " Dick Cheney a Big Fan of Obama's Drone Program The comments from former Vice President Cheney came in an interview with CBS News’ Charlie Rose." by Alex Kane, Alternet.org, Feb. 12, 2013
Former Vice President Dick Cheney is back in the news again. While he bashed President Obama’s picks for his cabinet, he also praised Obama’s campaign of drone warfare. The comments came in an interview with CBS News’ Charlie Rose.
“I think it’s a good program and I don’t disagree with the basic policy that the Obama administration is pursuing now in those regards,” said Cheney, in reference to the drone program, according to The Hill. “When we hire the president of the United States he gets to live in a big house, makes all that money, he’s getting paid to make difficult, difficult decisions.”
Obama's double standards when it comes to supporting reform in the Middle East. Obama criticizes Iran for cracking down on protesters but defends Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in their brutal crack down on protesters and any one involved in criticizing the regime. America's favorite ally Saudi Arabia imposes Sharia Law and cracks down on peaceful protesters and any involved in dissent and yet Obama still defends the Saudis as he does the Khalifa Regime in Bahrain.

see for instance: Al-Saud torturing protestors in Qatif city Shabestan News,Feb.9,2013

Under president Obama the USA is heading not towards reform but rather censorship and a crack down on dissent in America. For some reason that is beyond comprehension many self-identified liberals and progressives support policies of the Obama administration which under George W. Bush they were against. Award winning journalist at CNN gets fired for telling the truth about Arab Spring and the crackdown in Bahrain and other countries which in fact pay CNN to create propaganda pieces for Bahrain 's Khalifa Monarchy .

 Of course the Obama Regime has also shown itself to be hostile to these reform movements in actual deeds as opposed to to Obama's Rhetoric and Public Relations stance.
iRevolution: Online Warriors of the Arab Spring , June 19, 2011. CNN correspondent Amber Lyon reports from the digital edges of the democratic revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, and Bahrain on the movements spreading through North Africa and the Middle East. Using computers and cell phones, and social media like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, young citizen journalists have leveraged the technology of the Internet to call out injustices, demand democratic change, organize protests, and share news about how to evade authorities desperately trying to contain the spread of revolution.

'CNN wants journalists to be propagandists, not watchdogs'
Published on 3 Oct 2012 Bahrain's crackdown on dissent was explicitly covered in a documentary made by former CNN journalist Amber Lyon. The film won prestigious journalism awards, but was only aired domestically in the US - a decision the documentary-maker thinks was motivated by money.

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