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Israel building More Homes for Settlers And Arbitrarily Dividing Up Land of Christian and Muslim Palestinians In Bethlehem Meanwhile Glenn Greenwald Notes Global Disapproval Of US Drone Attacks

...although it seemed impossible to achieve, Obama has presided over an America that, in many respects, is now even more unpopular in the Muslim world than it was under George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Quote and chart from :Obama, The US And The Muslim World: The Animosity Deepens Another new poll, this one of Pakistan, shows: a central promise of Obama for improving US security is an utter failure By Glenn Greenwald , The Guardian, Feb. 15, 2013

President Obama in his State of The Union address once again gave Israel America's unconditional support without any concern for the Muslim and Christian Arabs and Palestinians . So this week Israel announced the building of more homes for the extremist settlers which would once again mean the loss of more land owned by Muslim and Christian Arabs.

As we see below the Israeli plan is to extend its barrier that the Apartheid Wall into and through Bethlehem thereby dividing the area in such a way that the Arabs will be separated from the land they own and cultivate.

Some of the Christian and Muslim Arab schools will also be separated by the wall from their communities.
The separation wall will also separate nuns and Christians from convents and monasteries.

Christian Arabs in the occupied territories and in other parts of Israel are treated not much better than the Muslim Arabs or Muslim Israelis

Obama and Israel
will the west defend these Israeli Christians or Christian Arabs

The United States and even president Obama rarely point out that another group treated as second class citizens in Israel are Christians .

Israel's plan to wall off West Bank pristine valley land defied
Feb. 12, 2013

Settlements in Bethlehem

Published on 13 Feb 2013

Voice of the Youth spoke to Usama Nicola about the situation with Israeli settlers in Bethlehem.
Twitter: @votypalestine

Glenn Greenwald uses Ron Paul 2012 campaign video ad to illustrate the argument that America's actions in foreign countries are fueling anti-Americanism.  Glenn Greenwald argues and we must agree that Anti-Americanism   is not some irrational hatred of America as Washington and the Main Stream media claim but is based in reality. People around the world in fact see America as an aggressor and a bully and not as a victim. Non-Americans judge America not by its empty rhetoric but rather by its actions.

Imagine ad from the Ron Paul campaign. The analogy made in the video is to have American's imagine that the USA had been invaded what would the American people do. They would probably do what the citizens of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan have been doing that is resist in whatever way and by whatever means necessary.
Americans being a bit thick may not be able to make such a leap since they see themselves as so different and better than any other nations or peoples .

To large numbers of people around the globe the USA is seen not as a liberator or a positive force but rather as a rogue state which has no respect for the rule of law or for the human rights of non-Americans.

Imagine video Ron Paul 2012 campaign ad which attempts to bridge the gap between how American's in general perceive their nation's foreign policy as a fight against terrorism and spreading democracy and freedom as opposed to how the people in other nations view America's policies and actions. To the rest of the world the USA is the aggressor seeking revenge for the 9/11 attacks and for each and every American soldier killed on the battlefields since . The response of America is to continue with its blood feud against everybody else . In this regard America may never be sated.

America is seen by others as merely another imperialistic power demanding subservience on the part of all other nations and peoples.

These nations and peoples see America as the bully who uses various mostly military tactics to display its power through the use of military interventions, bombing , drone attacks and invasions and occupation combined with the wanton killing of civilians and America's use of tactics such as renditions, targeted assassinations and torture.

Unfortunately most Americans in their arrogance and xenophobia and racist attitudes towards people of other nations see these foreign peoples as somehow inferior to themselves and therefore see no reason to better understand the perceptions and point of view of these peoples since they and their religious beliefs and cultures are inferior to America's.

Given a foreign invasion of the USA wouldn't patriotic Americans resist and use guerrilla warfare tactics including suicide bombers. Suicide bombers are used when the military and political situation is such that there is no way to change policies through political means or through peaceful demonstrations or the use of the Media and cyberspace. If there is total censorship on the Media and on the internet what recourse do people have. For instance in Bahrain for two years now the citizens have been taking part in protest on a daily bases across the nation without any positive effect on the al-Khalifa despotic corrupt American backed Regime.

Other than foreign policy we do not support Ron Paul's libertarianism. In 2008 when Obama was elected we along with millions of non-Americans thought Obama would put an end to the Global War On Terror nightmare which looks to non-Americans as naked aggression and a complete and utter lack of respect for other nation's sovereignty and for the lives of the citizens of those nations. So who are the real terrorist . The USA and president Obama are not trying to spread democracy , freedom and respect for human rights rather America appears to outsiders as pushing its own self-interests and expanding its empire.

What can the world expect from president Obama who has shown himself to be not much better than George W. Bush with regards to foreign and domestic policies.

For instance Obama has gone out of his way to defend the corruption and criminal activity on Wall Street and has given out hundreds of billions of dollars to these rogues while ignoring the plight of those who were and are the victims of these corrupt dodgy loan sharks who peddled their predatory loans to American citizens knowing they were backed by the US government and the US treasury. Instead of taking on Wall Street as welfare recipients Obama could have prosecuted and jailed a few hundred of the top executives and others complicit in fraud while spending billions to protect and finance the millions of homeowners who have and those who will lose their homes due to regulatory malfeasance.

Obama, The US And The Muslim World: The Animosity Deepens Another new poll, this one of Pakistan, shows: a central promise of Obama for improving US security is an utter failure By Glenn Greenwald , The Guardian, Feb. 15, 2013

In his first inaugural address, back in 2009, Barack Obama announced: "To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect." Improving how the US was perceived among the world's 1.6 billion Muslims was not about winning an international popularity contest but was deemed as vital to US national security. Even the Pentagon has long recognized that the primary cause of anti-American Terrorism is the "negative attitude" toward the US: obviously, the reason people in that part of the world want to attack the US - as opposed to Peru or South Africa or China - is because they perceive a reason to do so.

...A 2012 Pew poll of six predominantly Muslim nations found not only similar or worse perceptions of the US as compared to the Bush years, but also documented that China is vastly more popular in that part of the world than the US. In that region, the US and Israel are still considered, by far, to be the two greatest threats to peace.

In sum, while Europeans still adore Obama, the US is more unpopular than ever in the Muslim world. A newly released Gallup poll from Thursday, this one surveying public opinion in Pakistan, provides yet more powerful evidence of this dangerous trend. As Gallup summarized: "more than nine in 10 Pakistanis (92%) disapprove of US leadership and 4% approve, the lowest approval rating Pakistanis have ever given". Worse, "a majority (55%) say interaction between Muslim and Western societies is 'more of a threat' [than a benefit], up significantly from 39% in 2011." Disapproval of the US in this nuclear-armed nation has exploded under Obama to record highs...

... What accounts for this pervasive hostility toward the US is clear: US actions in their country. As a Rumsfeld-era Pentagon study concluded: "Muslims do not 'hate our freedom,' but rather, they hate our policies." In particular, it is "American direct intervention in the Muslim world" - justified in the name of stopping Terrorism - that "paradoxically elevate[s] the stature of and support for Islamic radicals".

Just consider how Americans view their relentless bombing attacks via drone versus how the rest of the world perceives them. It is not hyperbole to say that America is a rogue nation when it comes to its drone wars, standing almost alone in supporting it. The Pew poll from last June documented that "in nearly all countries, there is considerable opposition to a major component of the Obama administration's anti-terrorism policy: drone strikes." The finding was stark: "in 17 of 20 countries, more than half disapprove of U.S. drone attacks targeting extremist leaders and groups in nations such as Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia."

Obama and the West have abandoned the people of Bahrain who are protesting in favor of democratic reforms and the creation of a parliamentary style government with the Monarch playing a minor role in government policies.

And yet President Obama and PM David Cameron and other western leaders lie about the situation on the ground in Bahrain blaming it all on the Commies or the Iranians or whatever the flavor of the month is.In a typical racist fashion the lives of Arab peoples struggling for reform don't matter unless it helps Obama's agenda of taking control of the region while undermining or destroying any regime that gets in America's way ie Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria while supporting brutal despotic regimes that are more compliant with America's needs.

There's nothing new in this since the USA and the West have ignored the wishes of the people in this region for some 60 years.

Saudis warns UK MPs against censuring Bahrain (AhlulBayt News Agency) Feb. 15, 2013

Saudi Arabia has warned Britain that it will suspend its economic cooperation with London unless British parliamentarians (MPs) stop interfering in the domestic affairs of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council’s member countries, particularly Bahrain.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Riyadh threat to suspend relations with London has now created a new dilemma in the Saudi-UK bilateral ties.

Riyadh is dissatisfied with some British MPs’ criticism of Bahraini regime’s crackdown on its people’s revolution. In fact, Saudi Arabia has been in charge of the political situation in Bahrain since mid-March, 2011, when its troops suppressed Bahraini people’s protest in Lulu (Pearl) Square.

The Saudi regime managed to stop the West from criticizing its occupation of the tiny Persian Gulf island nation.

However, some consider the Saudi regime’s adventurism in Bahrain as former Iraqi regime’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

British Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee criticized the Foreign Office’s stance towards events in Bahrain, calling for Bahrain to be included in a list of “worrying” countries. The Committee stressed that the Al Khalifa regime has both failed to implement real reforms, and implementation of the recommendations of the fact-finding committee, as well as its commitment to Human Rights.

As the grassroots movements and protests continue in Bahrain, particularly in Manama, Saudi Arabia is working on new plots to restrict information-dissemination about the revolution and the regime’s persistent suppression of the revolution.

This is while the political tension in Bahrain has penetrated other Persian Gulf littoral countries; last of which was widespread unrests in Kuwait following the dissolution of the People’s Assembly (Ummah Majlis), calls for reforms, and criticizing Kuwaiti Amir by people like Musallam al-Barrak who is a parliament member.

Kuwait recently witnessed the largest protests in its history calling for the collapse of the regime and revision of electoral laws. After those events a number of activists and former parliament members were arrested on charges of leading the protests, but they were quickly released to prevent further tensions.

The UAE also arrested more than 50 members of Muslim Brotherhood Society and disbanded Reformation Population (Al Aslah Jamiaa) under the pretext that it was the religious and political lead of that group.

Meanwhile, a British House of Lords’ member has recently criticized the Bahraini regime’s treatment of opposition, emphasizing that, Bahraini courts could not be considered as legal.

Condemning the torture of political prisoners in Bahraini jails, Lord O. Berry added that “Bahraini courts are only a tool at the hands of the ruling regime in this country”.

Noting the lifting of the state of emergency in Bahrain, he said “nothing has changed. The British Henderson was the brainchild of torture in Bahrain in the past, and now another British police officer is giving them advice”.

“I condemn this, and I am sorry that we have neglected the way Bahraini regime treats its people. Very little change has occurred in Bahrain since 1990s. But people are still imprisoned without trial; they are tortured in jails, and forced to confess under torture. “One can never consider Bahraini courts as legal”, he stated.

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