Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bahrain's Audacity of Hope While The Hope & Change President Obama Backs Brutal al-Khalifa Regime

While president Obama promised hope and change which really meant hope was crushed as he defended the status quo of Wall Street and Multinational Corporations and the rich and the lobbyists who fuel the corruption in Washington.
While Obama talked about democracy and human and civil rights he sat back while local police forces with the aid of the FBI and Homeland Security crushed dissent in the form of the Occupy Movement .
While Obama handed out hundreds of billions of dollars in bail outs of firms he said were too big to fail millions of American homeowners lost their homes he merely tried to pacify them with more empty rhetoric and useless deeds.
While Obama spoke about democracy, freedom and human rights he continued and even doubled down on the Global War on Terror with the drone attacks on innocent people in Yemen , Afghanistan, Pakistan etc.

While claiming to support human rights and freedom everywhere he was steadfast over the last five years in his support for the brutal regimes of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and Israel etc.

The Obama regime has become more comparable to the regime in Bahrain or Syria in which leaders can suspend the rights of citizens and mischaracterize peaceful protesters as if they were domestic terrorist in which case riot police are given a free hand to do with the crows of protesters anyway they see fit. The main caveat in the USA is that police not kill protesters though the police have been given the green light for gassing, pepper spraying, beating , intimidating , arresting protesters and even journalists based upon bogus charges.

People & Power : Bahrain: Audacity of hope

Maryam Al-Khawaja on the Struggle for Human Rights in Bahrain


'Support for Bahrain monarchy exposes true face of US democracy'

BAHRAIN; PROTESTS, TORTURE, AND DEATHS; US support for Al Khalifa brutal crackdown.
Feb. 13, 2013.

Bahrain protesters mark Arab Spring 2nd anniversary

Published on 14 Feb 2013 Security forces in Bahrain shot dead a teenage boy on Thursday as protesters marked the second anniversary of the failed Arab Spring uprising.

The shooting happened in a small village near the capital Manama after a radical underground group called for a general strike and a day of civil disobedience.

Earlier in the week, riot police were deployed to disperse demonstrators and clashes broke out when tea gas was fired.

The main opposition continues to demand the freeing of dozens of political prisoners, who were detained two years ago.

Bahrain Police, Youths Clash After Funeral

Published on 16 Feb 2013

Police fired tear gas as they clashed with hundreds of stone-throwing youths in Bahrain on Saturday (February 16), in heightened unrest that could complicate new efforts to end political deadlock in the strategically placed Gulf Arab kingdom.

The violence has clouded the atmosphere around talks that started on Feb. 10 between the mostly Shi'ite Muslim opposition and the Sunni Muslim-dominated government to find a way out of the impasse over Shi'ite demands for more democracy.

Lebanese slam two-years of crackdown by Bahraini regime

Published on 15 Feb 2013

For two whole years, protests have been going on in the small kingdom of Bahrain calling for reforms and an end to human rights violations.

Bahraini activists in exile are also demanding that their people have the right to self determination.

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