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40 years After US Financed And Engineered Coup Killers Of Chilean Songwriter and Activist Victor Jara Finally Facing Trial

Song by Victor Jara For Che Guevara
Performed By Nathalie Cardone - Commandante Che Guevara

Just passing this on the murderers of Victor Jara may finally face trial 40 yrs later. In 1973 September 15 Victor Jara was captured, tortured and murdered by those working on behalf of the American backed General Augusto Pinochet . Pinochet led the American financed and engineered coup overthrowing the legally elected and popular President Salvador Allende. Allende was hated by America because he believed in social and economic justice and in the sovereignty of Chile. So America has been engineering regime changes even before replacing Allende or more recently Qaddafi and Saddam for at least 60 years . In 1953 the USA ousted Mohammad Mosaddeq's of Iran who was the legally elected president to be replaced by the dictator Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and the 1954 Coup in Guatemala to replace legally elected Jacobo Arbenz Guzman So Regime change is not a new American policy anymore than torture ,renditions, assassinations are.

The difference in the last decade or so since 9/11 is that the Pentagon and CIA and White House in the name of national security and the fear of "terrorism " publicly defend the use of torture, renditions and assassinations even of US citizens. The US media and a large portion of Americans even support such policies which at one time were considered policies that were mainly used by various dictators and totalitarian states. Now in America these are official government policies justified supposedly because of the Global War on Terror. Before the fall of the communist regime in the Soviet Union the American and Western leaders would use the fear or specter of communism as a way to justify their unwarranted political and military interference in the domestic affairs of sovereign nations and spying on US citizens though more often than not the real reasons were due to protecting the private interests of American corporations such as the American United Fruit Co. or the various American and Western oil companies and manufacturers.

Victor Jara's song Manifiesto is performed by Jara and John Lennon in this imagined duet .


Uploaded on 4 Sep 2008 MANIFIESTO

Christy Moore - Victor Jara Political Singer Chile

Uploaded on 10 Feb 2007

Tribute to Chilean Political Singer and activist Victor Jara, murdered by dictator Pinochets troops on 15th September 1973. This followed the military coup on 9/11 1973 which overthrew the democratically elected government led by Salvator Allende. Allende was found dead in La Moneda (Presedential Palace) beside an AK47 given to him by Fidel Castro, allegedly after committing suicide. Victor Jara, after singing a political song to other prisoners in the National Stadium, has his fingers and ribs smashed by Pinochets troops. Sung by Christy Moore.

Victor Jara and Chile

Uploaded on 23 Jan 2009

In this clip, the music and tragic death of Victor Jara are discussed, and there's some rare footage of Victor singing and playing guitar. Victor Jara was a Chilean theatrical director, songwriter, singer and guitarist who through his art and songs supported the left-wing government of Salvador Allende. Following the removal of Allende in a CIA-backed coup in 1973, the new military junta headed by General Pinochet arrested thousands of activists - including Victor Jara, who was brutally tortured and murdered by Pinochet's henchmen. Jara's murder is one of many examples of dictatorships and illegitimate regimes fearing the power of singers and songwriters and the resistance they might inspire.

President Obama has given himself the power to indefinitely detain , torture and or simply without warning assassinate American citizens in a similar to what General Augusto Pinochet and other American backed brutal anti-democracy dictators in South America . But I guess Obama either doesn't care about such a comparison and may even have bought into the ruling class version of American history in which America has always been pro-democracy which is not all true . America has only ever been concerned with its own agenda and Obama given his actions in Honduras and throughout the Middle East and Africa and so on has proved by his deeds that he is fulfilling his role as the interfering arrogant "Ugly American" ( see film The Ugly American with Marlon Brando 1963 also see film about the 1973 Coup Costas Gavras 1982 with Jack Lemmon and Sissy Spacek)

Victor Jara Chilean songwriter and activist was tortured and murdered by General Augusto Pinochet during the American backed and engineered and finaced Coup d'etat of September 11, 1973 now sometimes referred to as the other 9/11.

Forty Years Later, Justice for Víctor Jara: School of the Americas Grads Indicted in Murder of the Popular Allende-Era Singer/Activist Feb. 09, 2013

The move to extradite Florida resident Pedro Barrientos Nunez in connection with the murder of famed Chilean singer Victor Jara - a supporter of deposed President Salvador Allende - is re-igniting Chile's campaign for justice for victims of the Pinochet regime's reign of torture and violence.

The US-backed military coup in Chile on September 11, 1973, was a prelude to systematic state terrorism unleashed after the bombing of the presidential palace, La Moneda, and Salvador Allende's alleged suicide.

Allende's Popular Unity was a socialist movement that unified the workers' struggle within a realm of culture. The Nueva Cancion Chilena (New Chilean Song), born out of a necessity in the mid-1960s to articulate social struggle, became a popular feature during Allende's presidential campaign, with musicians wholeheartedly bequeathing their support.

Victor Jara, a Nueva Cancion singer synonymous with the movement, became one of the first victims of the dictatorship when he was brutally tortured and murdered after being apprehended at the Technical University and brought to Estadio Chile- the country's national sports stadium. Secrecy and impunity shrouded Victor's death, until testimony from a former conscript at Estadio Chile revealed the name of Victor Jara's alleged killer.

The name of Pedro Pablo Barrientos Nuñez became the source of a relentless campaign by Chilean social movements to pursue justice for Jara. A documentary aired in May 2012 by Chilevision, entitled Quien Mató a Víctor Jara? (Who Killed Víctor Jara?) drew upon the testimony of several survivors, conscripts, former lieutenants and activists to reconstruct the events leading to the singer's death. In the course of the documentary, ex-conscript Jose Alfonso Paredes Marquez alleged that Barrientos had pulled the trigger, shooting Víctor in the head. "He shot him at almost point blank range because the man would not answer him," stated Paredes.

The campaign "Justicia Para Víctor Jara" (Justice for Víctor Jara) gained momentum last year, with Joan Jara and lawyer Nelson Caucoto Pereira urging the Minister of Defense and the Armed Forces of Chile to reveal classified information that would lead to identifying the lieutenants responsible for Victor's murder.

On December 28, 2012, Chilean newspaper El Mostrador announced indictments had been issued against Barrientos, Hugo Sanchez Marmonti, , Raúl Jofré González, Edwin Dimter Bianchi, Nelson Haase Mazzei and Luis Bethke Wulf in connection with Jara's murder.

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