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War Crimes Of Syria , USA & Israel: USA & Israel Use White Phosphorus and Cluster Bombs On Densely Populated Areas While Calling Bashir Assad A Monster For Using These Horrific Weapons

 America to invade another nation 9 years after the Iraq Fiasco and BS Propaganda should we be skeptical and should journalist this time do their job cutting through the talking points to get to some semblance of the truth and America's real agenda?

* Manufacturing consent for war on Iraq  Libya Syria
* Syrian chemical weapons and Obama's threat to bomb or invade Syria
* Which is the greater threat Bashir Assad or the Rebel Mujahedin 
* US hypocrisy over Bashir Assad's use of White Phosphorus, Cluster Bombs and conventional weapons on densely populated areas
* USA has repeatedly used White Phosphorus on densely populated areas in Iraq ie Fallujah
* US also uses Cluster Bombs on civilians most recently in Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya
* Israel used White Phosphorus and Cluster Bombs in its wars on Gaza 2009, 2012 and Lebanon2006.
* The USA and Britain and Israel have all used torture on so called detainees and yet are outraged (faux outrage ) when Bashir Assad uses torture.

Syria: Incendiary Weapons Used in Populated Areas Human Rights Watch via Huffington Post Dec. 12, 2012

(Washington, DC) – The Syrian military has used air-delivered incendiary bombs in at least four locations across Syria since mid-November2012, Human Rights Watch said today. The conclusion is based on interviews with four witnesses and multiple videos analyzed by Human Rights Watch.

Syria: Despite Denials, More Cluster Bomb Attacks Human Rights Watch via Huffington Post, Oct. 23, 2012
New York) – Mounting evidence shows that Syria’s air force is continuing to drop cluster bombs on towns across five governorates despite the Syrian army’s denial that it is using them, Human Rights Watch said today. Data compiled by Human Rights Watch shows an important increase in the use of cluster bombs in the past two weeks. The cluster bomb strikes are part of an intensifying air campaign by government forces on rebel-held areas that has included dropping high explosive, fragmentation, and even improvised “barrel” bombs into populated areas.


Once again it appears the USA and Nato are trying to build a case for bombing and/or invading Syria based upon and this is laughable "Humanitarian Reasons" and International Law and Human Rights as if America cares about International Law or even the rule of law or basic human rights which they tossed into the garbage the day after the 9/11 attacks.

According to American and Western double-standards and hypocrisy when Syria uses banned weapons or abuses and tortures POWs or "detainees' "insurgents" and so forth it is considered a crime to be taken seriously by the International Community .

When Israel and USA or NATO and their allies and friendly dictators etc. use similar weapons and show no regard for the killing of civilians and even abuse and torture aka "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" it is considered a righteous act because they are the Good Guys

We are told that they are on the side of Civilization and The Rule Of Law .But it appears to the use of double standards , hypocrisy and who happens to be using various banned weapons.

Even Rachel Maddow though she sees herself as a "progressive" or leftist is on board for bombing Syria and takes whatever Obama says about Syria as absolutely true and even quotes Israeli sources as if the Israelis are objective and she ignores their agenda and that of other Western Nations . Has she lost her objectivity when it comes to her support of Obama and Hilary Clinton ?

Rachel Maddow:

 Even Rachel Maddow appears to be getting with the neocon/neoliberal program of expanding the US Empire and its hegemony all presumably to spread superior Western values such as Human Rights and Democracy .

As we guess they did in Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya and Egypt etc. though they are all now in chaos and are far from being democratic . America's agenda is simple that is to crush these nations so they are no longer autonomous and will now kowtow to America and the West.

President Obama to Assad on chemical weapons use: 'There will be consequences

But given the history over the last ten years surely we should be skeptical about anything any US regime says about countries they portray as the enemy . Even Maddow is unaware or doesn't see the relevance of the Neocon/Neoliberal anti-democratic agenda which Obama is following in lockstep.

Maddow falls for some old tricks that there were used in the years and days leading up to the US' invasion and occupation of Iraq.

She appears to have bought into the notion that the rebels in Syria are the good guys versus Assad the bad guy. It is not so simple.
The USA and other Western Nations have been helping the so-called rebels for awhile now. Syria is an ally of Iran as was Libya and so by American logic Syria is among the enemy of the USA and Israel.

Obama and Hilary Clinton are not two separate sources of intel and nor is the USA and Israel separate sources. Israel and the USA in this case would support each other since both want to take out Assad and to put in a more friendly regime and thereby eliminate another ally of Iran.

Iran is of course the real target but first the USA is going to use NATO and Israel to further isolate Iran from the rest of the world as the US did to Saddam before invading Iraq.

'Jihadists may use chemical weapons to ethnically cleanse Syria' Published on 10 Dec 2012
Syrian political activist Yazan Abdallah shared with RT information that jihadist groups inside Syria might use chemical weapons to conduct "ethnic cleansing" against certain sectarian groups.

Experts skeptical Syria is preparing to use its chemical ... - McClatchy Dec. 10, 2012. - Estados Unidos - Traduzir esta página
 -- With concern over the Syrian regime's chemical weapons stockpile reaching a ... Experts skeptical Syria is preparing to use its chemical arsenal ...
McClatchy: Experts Skeptical Syria Is Preparing To Use Chemical

US forces used White Phosphorus during their inhumane siege of the city of Fallujah

M825A1 155mm White Phosphorus Artillery Shoot Fallujah

Uploaded on 23 Dec 2008
Several rounds of VT fuzed M825A1 burst over the city during the battle...
Operation Phantom Fury, Second Battle of Fallujah in November 2004.

also see:
Inside Story Americas - Did the US cause Fallujah's birth defects?
at youtube

and see:

Israel uses banned White Phosphorous On densely populated Gaza City? / Video
Uploaded on 10 May 2009 War On Gaza Day 20

Israel Refuses To Stop Using Internationally Banned White Phosphorus Jan. 29, Jan. 2012.

Israel in its recent war on Gaza attacked international media and human rights groups and the UN compounds.
Israel Destroys U.N Headquarters in Gaza using illegal Weapons

Israel accused of using phosphorus shells in Gaza and in the 2006 Lebanon War.

The USA and Israel have both used banned Cluster Bombs which are designed for maximum damage to people . 25% of the bomb-lets do not explode on impact and are left creating mine fields in which mainly civilians will be killed when they step on or handle them thereby maiming or killing them.

This is another bomb from Hell delivered care of the superior civilized nations of the USA and Israel and NATO and their surrogate thugs.

Cluster Bombs: A Weapon out of Control - Human Rights Watch

Americans especially President Obama and His Media Echo chamber are willing to accuse Bashir Assad of using banned weapons on civilian populations but forget that both Israel and the US foces have also used these banned munitions on civilian populations ie Gaza & Fallujah Iraq such as Incendiary boms /White Phosphorus , Cluster bombs and the big bunker busters and have used Drones and conventional weapons as well on civilian populations.

But the US and mainstream media in the USA or Canada or Great Britain prefer to turn a blind eye to whatever their supposed allies do.

Nato for instance had no problem carpet bombing in a torched earth campaign just a year or so ago in Libya. The thousands or evens tens of thousandas slaughtered by NATO are treated as being merely "Collateral Damage" a euphimism which robs the victims of their humanity.

One of the reasons for this discrepancy and hypocrisy we believe appears to be based upon America and Israel's agendas which always trump human rights violations and the committing of " War Crimes "and " Crimes Against Humanity " and of course these two nations and their allies believe they really are the good Guys and are manifestly God's Chosen nations and by definition any nation opposing their agendas is one of the Bad Guys and part of Bush's "Axis of Evil" and are on the side of the devil, Satan or however one wants to frame it. All of the political science and geo-political strategies jibber jabber is just the rationalizations by these states their leaders and their Media to justify the slaughter of the innocent along with the guilty. As the old saying goes which has been attributed to various people at various times and paraphrased as " Kill them all and let God sort out which are innocent and which are not" .

What's good for the goose is good for the gander
International Hypocrisy

Human Rights Watch accuses Assad forces using incendiary bombs and the notorious Cluster Bombs in civilian areas.

Yes this is contemptible of the Syrian government but we should recall that Israel in Gaza has used similar weapons on the civilian population in the recent bombing of Gaza and in the 2009 campaign in Gaza .

The USA has also used incendiary weapons on civilian populations most notoriously in Fallujah in Iraq.

Israel and the USA were not punished in any way for their use of these bombs so President Assad can claim that if Israel and USA can do this without any consequences this sets a precedent so that Iraq can also use such weapons.
If the international community and human rights groups insist on taking action on Syria's use of these weapons then they should in all fairness and the rule of law also condemn in no uncertain terms the US and Israel's use of these weapons.

The USA and Israel have also used anti-personnel weapons such as Cluster Bombs which are designed to inflict maximum damage on people and not just buildings and they have used these on civilian targets ie Gaza and Fallujah .

Pres. Bashir Assad has also been accused of using torture on prisoners which is abhorrent but the US under Bush and Obama and the Israeli government also permit the use various methods of torture.

So punish all or at least condemn each of these nations publicly or accept as the Americans and Israelis tell us that given the supposedly new situation on the ground since 9/11 these governments have the right to use any and all means to fight The Global War on Terror and the expansion of the American Empire and its needs for easy access to natural resources and cheap labor in the various nations it targets. In the end its all of a peace.

If the video below about the rebel insurgents in Syria being Jihadists with a theocratic agenda and possibly ousting or killing all Non-Muslims is authentic then these rebels are surely not the ones that Obama and Nato should be giving any support to.

But then we are reminded of the Americans and other Western Nations which backed the extremists such as The Taliban , Al Qaeda & other Mujaheddin fighting in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union in the 1980s to 1990s . This was thought to be a shrewd policy until Al Qaeda later became a threat to the USA and resulted in 9/11 attacks.

Report: Foreign Jihadis Infiltrate Syria and Fight in an Islamist-Infested Syrian "Revolution"

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