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US Gov't Spying on Occupy " Terrorists"? & Thom Hartmann Now In Favor Of Gun Control & US Fronteirsmen Mentality

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Thousands in Los Angeles Exchange Guns-for-Groceries In wake of Newtown tragedy, more cities look to gun exchanges 'to remove unwanted guns from communities'
- Lauren McCauley, staff writer,Dec. 27, 2012

It would be a start if this type of no questions asked gun exchange were adopted by other municipalities and states and the US federal gov't .
 Obama's FBI spies on and has infiltrated peaceful Occupy Movement
 FBI ,Homeland Security on Obama's watch harassing Muslim-Americans
Thom Hartmann now in favor of gun control
 America's cculture of violence and the gun Frontiersmen mentality of a perpetual struggle against nature and his fellow humans embedded in American culture

Journalist Thom Hartmann changes his mind about 'gun control' as others have after the gruesome murder of children and adults in the Sandyhook Elementary School Massacre. He used to believe an issue such as gun control should be left up to the states or communities. But he says that approach has not worked in America.

Published on 17 Dec 2012

Thom Hartmann says its time for the U.S. to adopt gun laws like countries such as Australia, Israel and Switzerland
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Buy back guns programs gaining in popularity with municipalities

Thousands in Los Angeles Exchange Guns-for-Groceries In wake of Newtown tragedy, more cities look to gun exchanges 'to remove unwanted guns from communities'
- Lauren McCauley, staff writer,Dec. 27, 2012

Thousands of people lined up on Wednesday in Los Angeles to take part in a guns-for-groceries exchange program that was called in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting.

Spurned by the tragic Dec. 14 killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a number of cities have joined this growing trend, scheduling similar programs with an uptick of support from resident gun-owners.

Gun exchanges have become popular in recent years in cities including Detroit, Boston and Camden, NJ. Last week, at San Diego's annual buyback, law enforcement officials announced additional exchanges within six months.

On Wednesday, the upstate college community of Ithaca, NY announced the installment of a new cash-for-guns program there. “The goal of the program is to remove unwanted guns from our community before they fall into the hands of those that may do harm,” said the Ithaca Police Department in a Christmas Day statement.

Los Angeles's anonymous buyback program allowed weapons to be turned in with no questions asked in exchange for grocery store gift cards worth up to $100 for handguns, shotguns and rifles, and up to $200 for assault weapons.

OWS and other peaceful protest groups under surveillance during Bush and Obama administrations by FBI, Homeland Security etc.

12/26/12: FBI on Wrong Side of History The Big Picture Sam Sacks filling in for Thom Hartmann.

Published on 26 Dec 2012
FBI & Corporations Vs. the 99%

Massive surveillance by FBI of the Occupy Movement
Guest host Sam Sacks fills in for Thom Hartmann and discusses how the FBI is once again on the wrong side of history with new documents revealing their paranoid surveillance of peaceful Occupy Protests. Jason Leopold of who filed for documents on FBI investigation of Occupy Movement. FBI characterized the whole Occupy Movement as a terrorist organization.

But Occupy wasn't the only group unjustly targeted by the FBI and Homeland Security in 2012 or earlier .

Muslim Americans have also been under widespread surveillance including infiltrators or paid informants. But we can understand such tactics and wide spread spying on American Muslims during the Bush regime but it appears during President Obama's administration and even at present the FBI and Homeland Security have continued surveillance on Muslim Americans and unjustly bringing innocent Muslim Americans into police stations for questioning . So American Muslims are being terrorized by US government officials as if all Muslim Americans are potential terrorists or in fact have ties to terrorists or those who might support terrorists .

War On Islam FBI spies on US Muslims living in fear
Published on 26 May 2012

Let's get this now. It is the US and it allies attacking Islamic countries and killing civilians in their millions all over Islamic nation.

Gun Control : Gun Culture ,Violence &  the Frontiersmen mentality.

Many Americans still see themselves as if they were struggling to just survive and maintaining what they have against those hostile forces human and natural which might take it all away. The frontiersmen believed they were under siege by hostile Native Americans and cattle and horse thieves and animal attacks. They therefore believed that needed own guns to protect themselves and their families and their property.

America’s Frontier Mentality On The Killing of Children and Others, Domestic and Foreign By Lawrence Davidson Information Clearing House, Dec. 27,2012

Historically what is life on a frontier like? It is usually unsettled, without the secure rule of law. In the case of the United State, the frontier was a semi-militarized place with an enemy just over the horizon, violence common, and guns for just about every settler.

Out of this environment grew the perverse ideal of power and freedom embodied in the “rugged individual” who uses force (coming literally out of the barrel of a gun) to tame an “uncivilized” world and thereby obtain what he needs and protect what he has. That heritage might partly explain why, out of a population (as of 2011) of almost 312 million, there are an estimated 270 million firearms in the hands of the civilian population.

Gun culture was an integral part of the frontier culture and is still, for many Americans, symbolic of their personal liberty. But in the end the gun is only a device through which to wield power and it is power that Americans aspire to above all. It is their “manifest destiny.”

Too many Americans see themselves as exceptional: blessed by God, expert practitioners of free enterprise, and the people who really know what freedom and rights are all about. And, in the process of using power to demonstrate this exceptional status, both as individuals and as a nation, they consistently make a bloody mess.

... Many Americans are dismayed, as they surely should be, by the domestic massacres of their children. These are the deaths closest to home and the ones they are forced to face up to due to media attention. They are also confused about what to do because, for so many, guns and freedom are synonymous.

All the other instances of violence: the nightly murders in poor districts of cities and towns across the nation, the piled-up bodies of adults and children in places like Vietnam and Iraq, are largely hidden from the citizenry. And certainly the consequences for the average of citizen of Iran of the U.S. government acting out in a powerful way, will be kept remote enough so as to avoid all empathy.

Whether Americans are paying attention or not, their government, their elected officials, continue to make sure that the U.S. remains out and about across the globe, projecting the nation’s power via guns and sanctions, and thereby helping to lower the world’s burgeoning population in the most negative of all possible ways.

The politicians who initiate these murderous policies may hardly know, in any fully analyzed way, why they do so. But they know it feels culturally comfortable to persist. They have their superficial ideological conviction that there must be an evil enemy to fight and, in juxtaposition to that enemy, they are always the good guys.

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