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Obama Ignores Ongoing Crackdown on Dissidents in Bahrain while Supporting Israel's War Crimes And Supporting Al Qaeda /Talibanesque Syrian Jihadists

* Update Bahrain : USA versus the Reform Movement in Bahrain
* Update Israel: Israel Netanyahu gives the UN a middle finger salute as Obama signals more support for Israeli Apartheid Regime
* Update Syria : US /NATO supports Syrian Jihadists Al-Qaeda/Taliban Rebels

No Justice for Bahrian's Citizens as Obama continues to support Repressive Brutal Regime.

Obama like Bush still loves torture and the abuse of dissidents ie Bradley Manning and the hundreds of innocent people held indefinitely in US facilities around the globe or handed over to friendly regimes who torture by proxy as Syria used to do .

Maybe that's why they need to kill Assad and his s high ranking supporters who happen to know too much. If Assad was smart he'd release any documents which could be used to embarrass the US government and possible supply proof of criminal activity on the part of US personnel.

Update Bahrain the forgotten pro-reform movement America and president Bush has helped to crush

When we look at Bahrain or other countries with repressive regimes we see what might become the future of the USA under Obama and beyond. That Bahrain is accused of severe multiple human rights violations means nothing to Obama and his administration since Bahrain is an ally. Meanwhile in the not so friendly states that do similar things such as Iran they are condemned and demonized and threaten to invade . But one must be consistent and be against all human rights violation wherever they occur even those that occur in the USA but as we have seen Obama like Netanyahu has no love for the United Nations or International Law unless it agrees with Him. Just remember how the cities in America responded to the mostly peaceful protests by the Occupy Movement .

They the police forces used disproportionate force arresting over 7,000 American citizens for exercising what used to be their right to protests but under Obama things indeed have changed . Any criticism of the government and the ruling elites is shut down as quickly as possible and like any Banana Republic most of the violence occurs at night when it is more difficult to film or photograph events especially as the police add dozens of canisters of mace or smoke bombs create a more chaotic scene.

and again by his support of the Regime in Bahrain Obama is helping to foster more anti-Americanism and more blow back which is inevitable whether it occurs in the next year or ten years from now when the children of those brutally tear gassed beaten tortured or killed are old enough to take the law into their own hands. Once again we see the Ugly American stereotype as it actually is .

"When Bahrain Said: Get Lost" By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF, The New York Times oped December 22,2012

BAHRAIN, one of America’s more repressive allies, tries to keep many journalists and human rights monitors out.

...The Sunni monarchy in Bahrain doesn’t want witnesses as it tightens its chokehold over a largely Shiite population. Almost every evening, there are clashes between the police and protesters, with both sides growing more enraged and violent.

Around 100 people have been killed since Arab Spring protests began in Bahrain in February 2011. I was in Bahrain then as troops opened fire without warning on unarmed protesters who were chanting “peaceful, peaceful.”

The oppression has sometimes been nothing short of savage. Police clubbed a distinguished surgeon, Sadiq al-Ekri, into a coma — because he tried to provide medical aid to injured protesters. By all accounts, torture has been common.

In the larger scheme of things, Bahrain is a tiny country and maybe doesn’t matter much to the United States. What nags at me is that this is a close American ally — assaulting people in some cases with American equipment — yet the Obama administration mostly averts its eyes. This is a case not just of brutal repression, but also of American hypocrisy.

After that initial crackdown in 2011, the king commissioned a blunt outside report, and the Obama administration hoped that the country would ease up under the more open-minded crown prince. That hope is collapsing, and Bahrain is now clamping down more tightly.

“The human rights situation in Bahrain has markedly deteriorated over recent months, with repressive practices increasingly entrenched,” Amnesty International noted in a recent report on Bahrain. It concluded: “the reform process has been shelved and repression unleashed.”

“The reason the regime goes after them is because people like Zainab and Nabeel represent a force that they cannot deal with,” said Maryam al-Khawaja, Zainab’s sister, who is now in exile. “They stand firm despite the violence. They continue to protest, and they refuse to use violence. This encourages others to do the same. It’s easier for the regime when protesters use things like Molotov cocktails.”

Bahrain Welcomes European Delegation, Not Delegates’ Calls to Free Dissidents By ROBERT MACKEY theLede.blogs.nytimes, Dec. 21,2012

As The Lede reported on Wednesday, a delegation from the European Parliament visited Bahrain this week to discuss human rights, just as the kingdom jailed a rights advocate for documenting a protest on Twitter.

Richard Howitt MEP @richardhowitt

Sic(k). Police Chief tells us number of #Bahrain protesters killed compares favourably to Tianamen Square, Egypt soccer & Los Angeles riots.
20 Dec 12

Ms. Vaidere’s call was joined by at least two other members of the European Parliament who made the trip, Richard Howitt of Britain and Ana Gomes of Portugal. At the end of their visit, those members issued a joint statement calling on the government to immediately release up to 800 “political prisoners” and begin direct talks with the opposition.

Update Israel :

Israeli settlements expansion Israel given a free pass by Obama administration for every action it takes from expanding settlements breaking international agreements and the various United Nation's resolutions regarding Israel and the Occupied territories to murdering children in Gaza and the West Bank and even imprisoning and torturing children in the name of Jehovah while self-righteous hypocritical Obama calls the killing of children by Palestinians in the name of Allah as evil incarnate while Obama orders the deaths of whole villages, families and tribes to appease the hawk that he so fears.

It is disturbing after all of the promises Obama made in both election campaigns that it appears he was not serious about real substantive change . In fact he is afraid or is just unwilling to challenge the status quo of the the rich and powerful and the well connected elites in the USA.

In order to appease some of his supporters president Obama may take on a couple of causes such as gun control and Gay marriage to make it seem as if he were some sort of great reformer meanwhile he continues with the same policies as the Bush Regime in the phoney Global War on Terror and the now insane War on drugs and the militarization of local police forces who are given 'carte blanche' to quash the Occupy Protest Movement and other dissidents in the USA as typified by Obama's disdain and disregard for the rights of a courageous whistelblower and real patriot Bradley Manning while trying to get Wikileaks' Julian Assange extradited to America. President Obama has broadened the warrant-less wire taps and uses government spies such as the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security personnel etc. to infiltrate and act as agent provocateurs within legitimate dissident organizations. The powers that be did this in the sixties and are continuing such anti-democratic policies and actions.
Even given the fact that a larger proportion of Americans than ever are in favor of decriminalizing marijuana Obama has stepped up his war on drugs even in states that no longer prosecute anyone for simple possession of marijuana.

Obama stepped up the Drone attacks in Afghanistan,Pakistan, Yemen etc, since he came into office in 2009.

Obama has also backed Israel unconditionally in its commission of war crime and crimes against humanity.

Obama visited an unnecessary war of Aggression on Libya killing tens of thousands of civilians while crushing the more peaceful pro-reform movement in that country in order to install a supposedly more American friendly regime .(Good luck with that!)
The attack on Libya like the American sponsored terrorists in Syria is all just part of Obama and America and NATO real target Iran .

If Netanyahu completes this expansion of 3,000 new homes this will make it impossible for the Palestinian s to have a contiguous state

Bahrain Shiite majority demands transitional government (PHOTOS) by RT December 23, 2012

A number of Shiite rallies have been held across Bahrain as thousands of protesters demanded a transition government and the ousting of the prime minister who has been running the island since 1974.

­Demonstrators gathered in Diya village near the capital Manama carrying flags and chanting "Resign, Khalifa!", while west of the capital, in the village of Sanabis a rally assembled near the Pearl Monument also calling for change.

In the meantime, Bahraini men and women waved the national flag and chanted during an anti-government demonstration in the western Manama suburb of Jidhafs.

Though police regularly use violence to disperse crowds of protesters, Bahrainis have continued to protest, demanding greater rights and freedoms from a ruling Sunni minority. More than 80 people have died in the unrest since the pro-democracy protests, led by the country's Shiite Muslim majority, erupted in February 2011.


The armed Syrian rebels and Jihadists backed by President Obama and America's puppets such as NATO are not a pro-reform pro-democracy movement but rather their agenda is to topple Bashar al Assad Regime to replace it with an extremists intolerant Islamic Shariah Talibanesque Regime while ignoring the wishes of the Syrian people. This appears to be the case since some of the armed rebels have stated this themselves saying they want to replace the state with a Sunni majority regime.

These NATO /American supported rebels believe it is their duty to suppress not just those who are not Muslim but also Shia Muslims as well.

These rebel forces have also attacked Armenian Christian Churches and schools and have vandalized and burned down and blown up Shia Mosques. The conflict 's endgame looks a lot like Afghanistan after the Soviet Union left that country and the rival groups stated fighting amongst themselves til the Taliban took complete control and put into place a medieval extremist Sharia regime.

Syria: Religious Police Patrol Aleppo’s Countryside By Basel Dayoub "Al-Akhbar English" ,Dec. 22,2012

The Syrian opposition groups that have taken control of Aleppo’s countryside are deploying a religious police force to enforce new laws, such as barring women from driving and making prayer compulsory.

The university student, who said he was forced to take up arms to defend peaceful protesters, conceded that “Syrian society will find it difficult at first, as was the case with our Saudi brothers a century ago, but they will eventually discover that their purpose is to apply Islam and justice.”

FSA supporter Salem, for his part, maintained that “the regime’s media is blowing the matter out of proportion, for it is a secondary and minor development compared to the much larger civil and peaceful revolutionary movement,” pointing out that no one should be disturbed by members of this police force, for “they suffered terribly at the hands of the regime and are known for their high religious values.”

And even Christians are also being targeted by the US supported rebels .

Armenian church reportedly burned down in Aleppo at Armenia, Oct 30, 2012

The St. Gevorg church in Aleppo’s Armenian-populated district of Nor Kyugh was set ablaze on Monday, reported, quoting a representative of the local Armenian prelacy.

Speaking to the online paper, the spokesman, Zhirayr Reisian, confirmed that the church had become a target of rebels and that it had almost been reduced to ashes.

Reisian also said that the Mesrobian Armenian school adjacent to the church has been seriously damaged, too.

Earlier on Monday a blast near an Armenian district of Syrian capital Damascus reportedly killed 10 people and wounded around 50. Armenians were feared to be among both dead and wounded.

Later Reisian told state-run agency Armenian press that a group of 10 Christians, including seven Armenians, was kidnapped near Aleppo.

About four dozen Syrian Armenians have reportedly been killed since the start of the conflict in Syria in March 2011. Hundreds of an estimated 80,000 Syrian Armenian, mostly concentrated in Aleppo, have taken refuge in Armenia since fighting between government and opposition forces reached the city last July.

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