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Trial Of Bradley Manning Reveals How He Was Abused and Tortured &Rachel Maddow Erroneously States No Torture or Abuse Of "Detainees" Since Obama Took Office in 2009???

Video from Real News Network compared to Rachel Maddow's simplistic message that America does no wrong since Obama took office in 2009-is she serious ???

On such matters as prisoner abuse and torture , targeted killings, bombing civilians and so on Obama's record is not much of an improvement over that of George W. Bush .
What Obama did in his so called ban on torture was to merely ban and exclude some techniques such as Water Boarding while re-branding or relabeling other interrogation techniques which are tantamount to torture and other techniques which are considered inhumane and degrading treatment under International Law.

Rachel Maddow seems for all of her intelligence in some cases far too naive in the way for instance she accepts President Obama's declaration on these issues. And to flatly state that USA was not involved in such activities before 9/11 is a complete distortion of US history .

During the Vietnam War thousands of prisoners were tortured either by American personnel ie CIA Special Forces or by their surrogates the the Vietnamese military . During Vietnam the US military saw nothing amiss in bombing villages and towns in its scorched Earth Policies and deforestation using Napalm and various chemicals such as Agent orange. Large numbers of Vietnamese women were raped by the Heroic American Troops who were the best of the best and represented supposedly superior Western and American values.

Mi Li was not the only massacre committed in Vietnam it just happened to be the one which was uncovered while others were buried by the US military and the US government.

The point is the US has been involved in various War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity and criminal activity in other sovereign states in which the US used or defended the use of Death Squads and backing Coup D'Etats to remove people they did not like such as Iran and Guatemala in 1953 and in countries such as Chile, Honduras, El Salvador and so on. But somehow because these things occurred thirty or so years ago they are no longer important. But War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity do not have statute of limitations.

December 1, 2012 Manning Testifies About His Torture; Was it Aimed at Turning Him on Assange? Michael Ratner: Manning describes cruel and unusual punishment; offers to plea to lesser charges

More at The Real News

In this next video Rachel Maddow we believe erroneously states that the USA since President Obama first took office in 2009 no longer abuses or tortures POWs or so called "Detainees" or contravene other International Laws and agreements. Even if the USA did declare war it had and still does not have the right to abuse or torture detainees or permit targeted assassinations or killing without any concern innocent civilians in countries the USA believes it is at war with.

Nor was or is the USA permitted even in a state of war to use banned weapons such as Napalm or White Phosphorus or land mines or so called Daisy cutter cluster bombs and so forth. Somehow Rachel Maddow and other supporters of President Obama do not want to uncover any wrongdoing by the Obama administration whether it is the abuse of prisoners or carpet bombing civilians and first -responders and journalists as the US military has done in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen ,Syria(by proxy) or give the "green Light" to an ally to mass murder civilians such as we saw in Israel's attack on Gaza or the regime in Bahrain 's denial of basic human and civil rights of their citizens .
Rachel Maddow : Is it time to end the war on terror?
Nov. 31, 2012. Maddow discusses the issue with Ron Suskind.

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Is Rachel Maddow just uninformed or deluding herself that no abuse has taken place during the Obama administration of prisoners or so called detainees including Whistleblower Bradley Manning .

Does she like Obama believe that Bradley Manning is an enemy of the United States and a traitor and therefore he can be treated differently ?

Rachel Maddow seems to believe as Obama does that the Interrogation Techniques allowable such as sleep-deprivation and other abuses do not count as torture. Maybe in America these various techniques are considered legal and acceptable though International Law considers a number of techniques still used by the USA a breach of International Law .

Maybe like Obama Maddow needs a refresher course in International Law and that US law does not trump International Law including the rulings at Nuremberg and the Geneva Conventions and other conventions dealing with the treatment of POWS and so called "detainees" and "Enemy Combatants " and prisoners of conscience . The USA now like the former Soviet Union sees nothing wrong with arresting those who dare to reveal the truth about what the government and the military and judiciary and so on are keeping secret facts which the citizenry have a right to know.

In Obama's case it appears he may himself fear of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity so Obama uses the Wikileaks and Bradley Manning issue as a distraction and as building his case that the public at large does not have the right to know certain facts based upon the bogus "National Security" argument and that it is permissible for the government to lie and fabricate evidence for instance to go to war ie Iraq or to assassinate a so called enemy of the state or terrorist .

as we discussed earlier this week it is odd that President Obama who in his actions is against government Whistleblowers has signed into law a law that is supposed to protect "Whistleblowers'. But this is typical political maneuvering on the part of Obama and fits with his personality. Once Obama says something in public or even passes a law he appears to act as if that were the end of the problem. So if he passes Hate Speech laws then one need ever worry about Hate Speech in America. But having a law on the books doesn't mean a thing unless those in authority are willing to enforce that law.

We can reiterate that in the case of Israel's attacks on Gaza and its abuses in that conflict and its abuse and torture of Palestinians held in Israeli prisons are crimes with which the Obama administration is complicit by its silence or its defense of Israel that it need not conduct its military actions according to International Law.

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