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Shamefully New York Times Cites Stats Of Drone Attack Fatalities By Discredited NeoConservative Front Organization & Media Manufacturing Consent For War On Iran

So the US government and Netanyahu are working overtime to start another war this time against Iran based upon bogus imaginary cooked-up intel.

The problem is that most Americans and Canadians are kept misinformed about Iran so believe Iran is behind all of these terrorist organizations and their attacks on Israel or on US troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Chances are most Americans and Canadians have being fed on anti-Iranian propaganda going back to the 1979 revolution which overthrew the fanatical brutal authoritarian strong man the Shah of Iran who was never really the Shah except in the the minds of the CIA the Americans and British. Shah took over Iran in 1953 when the Americans and British concocted the overthrow of the popular and democratically elected Prime Minister Mossadeq.
(see: The Mossadegh Project :: Mohammad Mossadegh .com:Mossadegh fought both internal corruption and British colonialism, enacted social reforms and nationalized the Iranian oil industry. In 1953, he was

Mossadegh's great crime according to the USA and CIA was that he was in fovor of Hope and change not merely paying lipservice to such ideals like Obama but rather the real thing and that 's what got him into trouble as he tried to improve Iran and improve the lives of Iranians -of course the USA/CIA did the same thing in Chile, Guatemala, Honduras but we can expect no change in Washington which only supports nations that does its bidding except Israel which can do much as it pleases.

 The Shah's secret police killed and tortured thousands of Iranians all with the approval of the USA .
America has never really been in favor of democracy's in other countries unless they do things America and American corporations benefit as they steal the nation's natural resources and use the civilians as mere slaves paid poorly by the US Corporations.
Bill Moyers :The Secret Government (CIA Overthrow of Mossadeq)

Netanyahu's comical drawing at the UN reminds us of Wiley Coyote cartoons with instruction manuals from ACME.Inc. It also reminds us of Colin Powell's bogus intel at the UN in 2003 -a vial of salt is treated as if it contains anthrax and a trailer is seen as producing WMDS which of course were non-existent. Iraq like Iran had noting to do with 9/11 attacks or more recently with the Arab Spring uprisings in Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait ,Libya etc.

Latest Dramatic U.N. Prop: Netanyahu’s Bomb Drawing by, Sept. 27, 2012

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu points to a red line he has drawn on a graphic of a bomb used to represent Iran’s nuclear program.

In his United Nations speech Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew a red line on an illustration of a bomb with a lit fuse, using the graphic to give an easy-to-understand picture of the threat he sees from Iran’s atomic program. It’s not the first time the United Nations has played host to dramatic use of props.

So America and Israel are still planing to attack Iran while Israel in retaliation for Palestinians getting observer status at the UN is permitting more settlements in the Occupied Territories. So Netanyahu only wants peace on his and Israel's terms that the people of Gaza and the West Bank will not be all killed off if they agree with Israel's terms such as having the Palestinians and other Middle East nations recognize the 1967 borders and allowing Israel to be in complete control of Jerusalem and have it as their capital while the Israelis drive out all non-Jewish Israelis from Jerusalem and eventually from all of Israel. They may allow the Palestinians a nation in the same way they have given Gaza sovereignty which really amounts to being trapped in a Ghetto or open air prison. When the Soviet Union refuse to allow its citizens the right to travel to go in and out of their country the US was supposedly upset but when it comes to Gazans the US sees them as lesser humans who do not deserve the same rights and freedoms and to live with dignity as Americans , Canadians, British or Israelis do.

Netanyahu shows his real agenda granting the building of more Jewish/Israeli settlements.

So much for Obama and Clinton's shuffle diplomacy and disingenuously claiming they want a fair deal for both sides which really means Israel gets all it wants and screw the Palestinians. So the American policy towards Israel and the Palestinians goes unchanged . The whole thing smells like a Public Relations ploy to lessen the international pressure on Israel to stop abusing its power and collectively punishing the Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank etc.

Meanwhile millions of citizens we are told are now suffering in Iran because of Netanyahu and president Obama's inhumane genocidal sanctions or blockade on the sovereign nation of Iran all based upon cooked up imaginary fabricated and sometimes ridiculous Intel . Didn't we go through all of this prior to the American's unwarranted illegal and immoral attack and occupation of Iraq. It seems the mainstream Media believes that its role is to parrot whatever the warmongers want and to be dismissive of anyone who questions the bogus intel the government known and anonymous sources feed them.

In Wake of Palestinian Statehood Vote, Netanyahu Orders New Settlements Common Nov. 30, 2012

Critics charge retaliation, say move marks 'death of two state solution'

The Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has ordered the construction of thousands of new homes in Jewish settlements in the occupied territories in a move widely regarded as a retaliation for the United Nation's vote to recognize a Palestinian state on Thursday.

In a presumed act of retaliation after Thursday's UN vote, Israel's PM ordered new settlement construction in occupied territories. (Photo by Jim Hollander / EPA) The proposed construction expands existing West Bank settlements with 3,000 more homes for Jews in occupied east Jerusalem as well as plans to link Jerusalem with Jewish settlement Ma'aleh Adumim with settlement blocs along the E1 corridor, Reuters said.

Construction along the E1 (or East 1) largely divides the northern and southern West Bank which, the Guardian reports, is "a move that would cut deep into a future Palestinian state based on 1967 borders."

Adam Horowitz, editor at Mondoweiss, notes that Friday's announcement to build in the E1 corridor "is especially meaningful, because many see this stretch of land as the last hope for a contiguous Palestinian state under a two-state solution."

The US and Europe have long asked the Israeli government not to build there.

Netanyahu's order comes one day after an overwhelming majority of the UN's general assembly member states voted to approve Palestine's 'observer-state' status, despite strong objections from both the United States and Israel.

AP's Iran Bomb Drawing Hoax By Peter Hart at Nov 28,2012

Crack open USA Today (11/28/12) and you saw this headline:
Diagram Suggests Iran Working on Bomb

The story was short–short enough for a careful reader to see that it in no way lived up to that alarmist headline.

But the piece still tried really hard to frighten people. Here's the lead:

Iranian scientists have run computer simulations for a nuclear weapon that would produce more than triple the explosive force of the World War II bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, according to a diagram obtained by the Associated Press.

The diagram was leaked by officials from a country critical of Iran's atomic program to bolster their arguments that Iran's nuclear program must be halted before it produces a weapon. The officials provided the diagram only on condition that they and their country not be named.

OK, so anonymous critics of Iran, motivated by a desire to "halt" (i.e., bomb) Iran's nuclear energy program, want us to know about their secret proof that Iran is up to something. As if that weren't suspicious enough, the only named expert in the piece is saying there's nothing here:

David Albright, whose Institute for Science and International Security is used by the U.S. government as a go-to source on Iran's nuclear program, said the diagram looks genuine but seems to be designed more "to understand the process" than as part of a blueprint for an actual weapon in the making.

USA Today readers didn't get a chance to see the diagram, but it was on the AP website:

That doesn't look very threatening to me. But hey–I'm no scientist. Luckily, some actual scientists have taken a look at AP's evidence, and they're not impressed. At the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists website, Yousaf Butt and Ferenc Dalnoki-Veress write:

The graphic has not yet been authenticated; however, even if authentic, it would not qualify as proof of a nuclear weapons program.

Besides the issue of authenticity, the diagram features quite a massive error, which is unlikely to have been made by research scientists working at a national level. The image released to the Associated Press shows two curves: one that plots the energy versus time, and another that plots the power output versus time, presumably from a fission device. But these two curves do not correspond: If the energy curve is correct, then the peak power should be much lower–around 300 million ( 3×108) kt per second, instead of the currently stated 17 trillion (1.7 x1013) kt per second. As is, the diagram features a nearly million-fold error.

This diagram does nothing more than indicate either slipshod analysis or an amateurish hoax. In any case, the level of scientific sophistication needed to produce such a graph corresponds to that typically found in graduate- or advanced undergraduate-level nuclear physics courses.

They add, "Graphs such as the one published by the Associated Press can be found in nuclear science textbooks and on the Internet."

As Guardian blogger Glenn Greenwald concluded, the real story might be not the one that AP intended:

That this AP graph quite strongly appears to be a hoax seems a much more significant story than the discovery of the graph itself, given the ends toward which this was clearly being put, and given the way that the war in Iraq was sold to the public.

NYT Undercounts Drone Deaths in Pakistan by Peter Hart at ,Nov 30, 2012

The New York Times editorial page (11/30/12) weighs in on the Obama administration's drone policies. What the paper wants is more accountability: The government "must stay within formal guidelines based on the rule of law."

That's all well and good–but the paper should do a better job of counting the innocents killed by drone attacks. The Times explains that aspect of the story this way:

For eight years, the United States has conducted but never formally acknowledged a program to kill terrorists associated with Al-Qaeda and the Taliban away from the battlefield in Afghanistan. Using drones, the Central Intelligence Agency has made 320 strikes in Pakistan since 2004, killing 2,560 or more people, including at least 139 civilians, according to the Long War Journal, a website that tracks counterterrorism operations.

That's an astonishingly low rate of civilian deaths. And it's fiercely contested by researchers who have tracked the CIA drone program.

Journalism estimates the civilian death toll is at least four times greater. Other researchers have reached similar conclusions.

So why would the Times use what would appear to be one of the lowest estimates of the civilian toll? The paper is aware of the Bureau's work. In February, the Times reported on their research–but, for the sake of "balance," allowed an anonymous U.S. government source smear the Bureau as Al Qaeda sympathizers.

The Long War Journal, the Times failed to tell readers, is a project of the neoconservative Foundation for Defense of Democracies, whose advisers include William Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Joe Lieberman and Iran/Contra conspirator Robert McFarlane.

In the end, the editorial's call for the government to give a clearer picture of the drone policy is undercut by the fact that the paper does not seem all that interested in knowing how many innocents that policy has killed.

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