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Obama Sheds Tears For Children Gunned Down In Newton but Not For Those Killed By American Made Bombs In Gaza or Afghanistan or Libya or Syria & US Backed Jihadist Thugs In Syria

Image below children being escorted away from their school in Newton where 20 children and seven adults were slaughtered by lone Gunman

Mother and Child embracing after Newton Mass Murder

About the above photo: Does anyone question this woman's concern and love for this child whom she is embracing who has survived an horrific ordeal. No no one does and yet there are those who are xenophobic and think people in another country with a different language, customs or religion do not value life in the way Westerners and Christians do.

This is nonsense but we could argue that adopting this attitude it helps to deaden our response to the deaths of those whom we say are our enemies.

Yes many question the love of foreigners especially Muslims, Arabs, Persians, Pashtu towards their children . Of course there are fanatics of one sort or another in other countries as there are in the West who are so taken with the afterlife that they will commit terrible acts to hasten their entrance into Heaven or Paradise. The anti-abortionist for example who murders an abortion provider is willing to give up their life to promote their cause which they believe is a righteous cause blessed by God and thereby become Christian Martyrs.
In the same way there are people of other faiths who believe dying in order to defend one's faith especially by committing a righteous act of violence against non-believers in the name of their God Allah or Jahweh or Elohim is to become a Martyr and so enter some version of Paradise or Heaven.

Image below of man in Gaza kissing his dead child killed by Israel's Brave IDF (Yes sarcasm)
Does anyone think this man loves his child any less than a parent in the USA.

Does President Obama or other American leaders and politicians and the Mainstream Media able to feel sympathy for the child murdered and for the loss the father may never come to terms with. It wouldn't be surprising that soon after he were to join some anti-Israel and anti-American insurgency .

Graph from Mother Jones and the connection between gun sales and ownership to Mass Murders in the USA both of which which have been rising for the last 30 years.

Al Jazeera's Dominic Kane reports. Published 15 Dec 2012

The mass shooting at the Sandy Hook school in Netown Connecticut, has echoes of other recent fire arms related tragedies in recent years in the US.
There has already been a spate of shootings in the United States this year alone.
US gun laws have created strong lobbies both for and against firearms control.
But for more than 220 years the US constitution's Second Amendment has guaranteed the right to keep and bear arms.

Earlier this week we posted on this site Sunni Rebels blowing up a Shia Mosque and now the video below appears to be another case of these American and NATO backed Sunni Rebels setting a Shia Mosque on fire. As far as this faction of rebels are concerned they are not just in favor to topple Bashar Al-Assad but they see themselves as Jihadist or Mujahedin involved in a sectarian Holy war against Non-Sunni Muslims and non-Muslims as well including Christians .

These are the thugs and religious fanatics that the USA and NATO and Israel claim are reformers who want a democratic Regime in Syria to replace Bashar Al-Assad which is in fact just more propaganda. There have been many reports that atrocities which were blamed on Al-Assad 's forces were in fact committed by the rebels some of whom belong to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda .Here we see part of their true agenda.

USA and NATO backed terrorists FSA burn Shia Mosque in Syria 12.12.2012

Published on 13 Dec 2012

USA and NATO backed terrorists FSA (Free Syria Army) burn a Shia mosque in Syria 12.12.2012. They also burned a Armenian Church in Aleppo:

America's war mongering President Obama Cries For Children Killed in Newton Connecticut USA.

But President Obama and his inner circle or the Pentagon or Wall Street or the Mainstream Media or millions of American citizens rarely shed tears except those of the crocodile variety by those wantonly and deliberately killed in US drone attacks or those children burned to death by Made in America White Phosphorus or ripped to shreds by American Cluster bombs or to die more slowly contaminated by American made and delivered depleted Uranium weapons . These weapons are used wantonly with a brutality and savagery which is too sickening to contemplate. These Made In America weapons are sometimes delivered by America's proxies such as Israel and America's satellite nations which constitute NATO. Other more conventional weapons made in America are given to local thugs to destabilize some nation to topple some leader or government to be replaced with a more American friendly government without consideration of what most of the citizens want in that nation.

President Obama's public reaction sounds sincere and heartfelt as he even chokes up and cries as any normal human being would. But why is it he has no tears to to share with the American public over the deaths of innocent civilians including young children, toddlers and babies and even the unborn killed by death rained down upon them by the American and NATO military forces as if their deaths were not of any importance or meaning to be disdainfully ignored and not counted and their deaths reduce to the American government's euphemism of "Collateral Damage". To the parents relatives and friends and neighbors of such children in foreign lands their deaths are no less tragic than those murdered by an insane lone seemingly heartless gunman . To the survivors the massive war machine of America and Western nations or their proxies appear as heartless insane and psychotic as the lone gunman the deliverer of death in an elementary school in Newton Connecticut .

If only Americans and their leaders and those of other Western Nations would pause and reflect on this tragedy and see that the atrocities they commit in other countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen , Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia , Somalia or Sudan etc.are no less tragic or no less deliberate as the actions of the Newton shooter who carried out this latest tragedy in America.

But as history in recent years tells us in America most people will move on from this atrocity to another or to being concerned about some movie star baby bump or out of control behavior due to stress or alcohol or drug addiction or who will be the next winner on the various reality shows or find themselves engaged in the lives of some super wealthy individual or family Kardashians as if this mattered and as if this mattered just as much as the latest violent atrocity committed in America or the atrocities committed by American troops or soldiers or rebels America supports.

Some in order to understand why such violence occurs blame it on secularism and the abandonment of Christian beliefs and values others blame the Media and the institutionalization of violence others focus on the shooter as being mentally ill who was in need for better medical and psychiatric care and others blame it on what they see is too many restrictions on the ownership and the carrying of weapons in public places in other words not enough people are carrying guns and there are those of the opposite point of view that there is not enough regulations in place to prevent people from owning certain types of weapons that automatic and semi automatic weapons and /or that tighter regulations would prevent some people with psychological disorders from purchasing such weapons legally.

We would agree that the more obvious problem to address in the USA is the stupidity and insanity of allowing citizens to own certain automatic-and semi-automatic weapons. Not allowing these weapons would go a long way to not necessarily to end such violence but at least to mitigate the deadly outcome of such violence that is reducing the number of casualties. The more of such weapons in the hands of American citizens has increased not decreased as the NRA argues the number and the ferocity of such atrocities in America over the last 30 years (see Mother Jones

But as Michael Gillespi writes at part of the problem is a culture "marinated in violence' in which he accuses Big Media and this is true to a large extent but is only one part of the actual narrative.

We watch in disbelief as another mass murder takes place and we watch as politicians including president Obama express their sympathy and even empathic reaction to these murders of young children some are more sincere than others. President Obama actually genuinely broke down and shed some tears over these horrific deaths. Average people across America express their genuine grief which gives us hope that Americans are outraged by such an atrocity taking place in an elementary school.

We don't mean to lessen the reality of this tragedy or the genuineness of the sympathy and empathy expressed by average Americans by the media by politicians and so forth. There is exhibited feelings of sadness, anger, outrage , shock which are common to all people everywhere .

But these various reactions are examples of our connection and of our sense of for a moment experiencing our deepest emotions as fellow human beings and so see the natural emotive response to such an atrocity as at least our true gut reactions as emblematic for at least a moment of our sense of humanity and that any person touched by such an atrocity no matter where they are from .

The question that we ponder at such moments is why we are able to connect with this atrocity in the unjust killing of children in our society and yet have no sympathy or empathetic response to those killed by America and the West' mindless psychotic War Machine . This overpowering awesome American War Machine does not liberate people instead it rains death down upon countless innocent children in foreign lands as if their lives did not matter.

Given their actions one may conclude that those in power in America or Canada or the UK care not a wit for those children terrorized, maimed or killed by our bullets and blown to bits by Made in America Cluster bombs and their flesh burned off of their bones by Made In America White Phosphorus Bombs .

It seems to us that President Obama takes little notice of the children in Gaza or Iran who die of hunger or lack of clean water or from a lack of medicines and medical help because America or one of its allies have laid siege to the nation in which they live which includes sanctions and blockades . During the 1990s America imposed draconian inhumane sanctions on Iraq to undermine ostensibly Saddam's Regime which resulted in at least the deaths of 500,000 children . The belief in America by those in power was that this was somehow what these Iraqi children and their families deserved because they were unwilling or unable to other throw Saddam. Did those in power shed even one tear for those who needlessly died in Iraq because of an inhumane policy which was a form of collective punishment on all Iraqis. Israel and the USA are now doing the same thing to Gaza and Iran making the people to suffer as a form of collective punishment for allowing their nation's leaders to stay in power as if the populace could actually overthrow their leaders or would want to. They like the citizens of any nation believe in their nation's sovereignty and so do not want to appear to be less than wholeheartedly patriotic. Americans believe all their fellow citizens should be patriotic and defend their nation but are unable to fathom that large numbers of people outside of America feel the same way about their own nations no matter how flawed they are. To paraphrase Gandhi any people given the choice would prefer their own native born tyrant then be ruled over by a foreign conqueror no matter how benevolent.

Eleven Days before Christmas: Carnage in Connecticut
By Michael Gillespie,Dec. 15, 2012

Big Media talking heads always express shock, incredulity, and incomprehension when yet another American runs amok gunning down innocent bystanders in a school, a workplace, a movie theater, or a shopping mall. As if the causes of the continuing epidemic of mass killings in the USA were deeply mysterious, unfathomable, somehow impenetrable. They are not. On the contrary, the primary causes of this particular aspect of the breakdown of the social order are readily apparent - glaringly obvious. And Big Media is a big part of the problem.

American society is marinated in violence. On screens large and small, from movie theaters to televisions, to computer games, the entertainment industry relentlessly injects socially-destabilizing violent media content into what passes for popular culture in the USA. Hundreds of studies have shown that audiences, especially young, naive, and impressionable audiences - and individuals who are mentally unstable - are negatively affected by exposure to violent media programming. Regular exposure to violent media content desensitizes viewers to the horror of murder and mayhem and results in more aggressive behavior. Regular exposure to media violence tends to promote and reinforce attitudes and behaviors based on the mediated perception that violence is a preferred method of problem solving.

But these atrocities are not wholly due to the Media's glorification of violence in movies and video games but also to the glorification of violence in the various wars and conflicts America is involved in. So we get the ugly spectacle of people in America and the West sitting around their TVs cheering as America drops bombs on Baghdad or Fallujah or some other city town or village or cheer when they see innocent people being gunned down by US helicopters in Baghdad or killing young boys who are shepherds on some grazing land or collecting fire wood for their families in Afghanistan or Pakistan . Most Americans seemed blissfully unaware that Baghdad was a densely populated modern city and that each bomb blast meant more dead including innocent civilians. In Fallujah the people who were unable to leave the city in time were treated as if they were rebel insurgents and terrorists which made the killing easier to carry out and with less objection by the American people. Fallujah was meant as a barbaric lesson to revenge deaths of American personnel . It became a free fire zone and it is clear that thousands of civilians were killed along with the insurgents this was America's own little Stalingrad on a smaller scale in which people who were actively rebelling against an illegal and immoral invasion and occupation of their land thereby ignoring their nation's sovereignty.

The dehumanizing and demonizing of all the people in various countries has a pernicious effect which trickles down throughout American society . America has become a Warrior Society which glorifies war and rarely shows or even think about the actual carnage done to people who previously may have had no animus towards America but the survivors will only take so much til they rebel against America as they come to see Americans as heartless brutal barbarians who take pleasure in the deaths of others while pillaging their countries of what little wealth they may have.

Since there is also a Need for stricter gun control and the banning of the sale of certain types of weapons such as semi-automatic weapons. The question is why would anyone need to keep an AK47, or M16 or UZIS or what have you in your home, your car or to carry into your place of work or to the movie theater or Church or bar or school or to carry when out Christmas shopping. Will the NRA and other pro-gun groups not be satisfied til America is returned to the days of the Wild West or to looks more like Iraq or Afghanistan or Syria that is in a perpetual state of conflict and war within America's borders each against each and everyone for himself.

This is the Uberconservative libertarian nightmare which has been touted as a good thing by the GOP/Tea Party/Ayn Rand devotees/neocons and Neoliberals in which altruism and concern for the people in your community or in one's society and throughout the nation and including the rest of humankind is depicted as foolhardy at the least and at worst if not downright evil and pernicious.

This was supposedly what the American voters overwhelming rejected in the elections of 2008 and 2012 though President Obama and the Democrats haven't yet got the message that the Citizens want a more just society including economic justice and equality before the law and not justice only for the rich and powerful or only those who are white or only those who are Christian but for all Americans. Instead money rules on Wall Street and Washington and so policies such as gun control is dictated by those with the deepest pockets and those with the loudest voices and not by what is best for America and its people. So if the NRA or other lobbyist insist on a specific policy that policy becomes the law of the land and if the politicians in Washington refuse to kowtow to the NRA and other lobbyists their careers will be in jeopardy as the NRA and other vested interests will do what they can to oust them in the next election.

"More Guns, More Mass Shootings—Coincidence? America now has 300 million firearms, a barrage of NRA-backed gun laws—and record casualties from mass killers." —By Mark Follman at Mother, Sept. 26, 2012

In the fierce debate that always follows the latest mass shooting, it's an argument you hear frequently from gun rights promoters: If only more people were armed, there would be a better chance of stopping these terrible events. This has plausibility problems—what are the odds that, say, a moviegoer with a pack of Twizzlers in one pocket and a Glock in the other would be mentally prepared, properly positioned, and skilled enough to take out a body-armored assailant in a smoke- and panic-filled theater? But whether you believe that would happen is ultimately a matter of theory and speculation. Instead, let's look at some facts gathered in a two-month investigation by Mother Jones.

MoJo's map, timeline, and analysis of 30 years of mass shootings in America.

In the wake of the slaughters this summer at a Colorado movie theater and a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, we set out to track mass shootings in the United States over the last 30 years. We identified and analyzed 61 of them, and one striking pattern in the data is this: In not a single case was the killing stopped by a civilian using a gun. Moreover, we found that the rate of mass shootings has increased in recent years—at a time when America has been flooded with millions of additional firearms and a barrage of new laws has made it easier than ever to carry them in public. And in recent rampages in which armed civilians attempted to intervene, they not only failed to stop the shooter but also were gravely wounded or killed.

America has long been heavily armed relative to other societies, and our arsenal keeps growing.

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