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NRA Xmas Eve Bloody Present Of More Murder & Majority Of Americans In Favor of Gun Control "Court Rules Antiwar Activists Can Sue Gov't Spies

Larry Pratt and Wayne LaPierre are two Americans who never got into the Christmas spirit at least this year as they write off murdered children by a crazed gun man as the price of freedom in America . But Americans need to seriously consider is this prize too high to pay ? Those twenty dead children in Sandyhook according to the pro-gun lobby and the arms industry are just 'Collateral Damage" or unintended consequences of the 2nd Amendment.

Above image Larry Pratt exec. of Gun Owners of America

Above image :National Rifle Association (NRA) Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre

And thanks to the US arms industry; its pro-gun stooges the NRA and Gun Owners of America and Senators and Congress legislators whom they have bought for a few pieces of silver the American people are rewarded with yet another blood stained Christmas gift of another mass murder all wrapped up in the 2nd amendment.

Another mass murder on Christmas Eve care of NRA and Gun Owners Of America. The arms industry is driven by the main character trait of all true Americans Greed; unabashed selfishness and self-preservation .

What matters most profits or the lives of citizens both young and old ? Well in America it is always profit first. They even tell us that Jesus of Nazareth also supported the super rich and Greed and hated the poor and unsuccessful and the weak. Real Christian men carry rifles and other guns wherever they go. And they want to remake all other nations into their image.

William Spengler's Note Before Killing Webster Firefighters: 'Do What I Like Doing Best, Killing People'By GEORGE M. WALSH and MARY ESCH at Huffington Post, 12/25/12

WEBSTER, N.Y. — An ex-con killed two firefighters with the same caliber and make military-style rifle used in the Connecticut school massacre after typing a note pledging to burn down his neighborhood and "do what I like doing best, killing people," police said Tuesday as another body, believed to be the gunman's missing sister, was found.

William Spengler, 62, who served 17 years in prison for manslaughter in the 1980 hammer slaying of his grandmother, set his house afire before dawn Christmas Eve before taking a revolver, a shotgun and a semiautomatic rifle to a sniper position outside, Police Chief Gerald Pickering said.

The death toll rose to three as police revealed that a body believed to be the killer's 67-year-old sister, Cheryl Spengler, was found in his fire-ravaged home.

Authorities say he sprayed bullets at the first responders, killing two firefighters and injuring two others who remained hospitalized Tuesday in stable condition, awake and alert and expected to survive. He then killed himself as seven houses burned on a sliver of land along Lake Ontario.

Police recovered a military-style .223-caliber semiautomatic Bushmaster rifle with flash suppression, the same make and caliber weapon used in the elementary school massacre in Newtown, Conn., that killed 26, including 20 young children, Pickering said.

The chief said it was believed the firefighters were hit with shots from the rifle given the distance but the investigation was incomplete.
And the NRA reiterates its mantra of "more Guns " as the solution to so many mass murders and killings in America. But nations with stricter gun control have far fewer mass murders and homicides than the USA which has such lax regulations on gun control.

As First Graders and Firefighters Are Gunned Down, the NRA Calls for More Firearms :The NRA's post-Newtown sabre rattling is not the first time it has responded to massacres by reaffirming its More! Faster! Bigger! Stronger! Better! firearm extremism. by Martha Rosenberg at, Dec. 25, 2012

...the NRA said we need more guns not less to protect ourselves against the bad guy criminals the gun lobby arms. How does it arm the bad guys? Through patty cake background checks that many, perhaps most mass shooters pass. Through obstructing background check laws governing private sales and gun shows which account for 40 percent of weapons sold. And through obstructing "one firearm a month" sale limits which give green lights to straw buyers to arm the "bad guys" and keep illegal guns on the street.

It is almost like the NRA is working for the bad guys! Who realizes the gun lobby has put "Tiahrt restrictions" on the books that literally obstruct prosecution of criminals with illegal guns by restricting law enforcement officials from fully accessing and using Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) gun trace data, which can show where illegal guns come from, who buys them and how they get trafficked across state lines and into our communities.

The gun makers also seem to be working for the bad guys. Three years ago in Connecticut, where the first graders were killed this month, they defeated a "microstamping" bill that would require new markers on guns to make them easier to trace. Gun makers routinely tell state officials if gun legislation is passed, they'll move their operations to another state, taking the jobs with them. Are they including the jobs they create in emergency rooms, operating rooms, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and morgues?

The NRA's lobbying also lets criminals carry concealed weapons. More than 1,400 probable felons in Florida were granted valid concealed weapon licenses reported the Sun-Sentinel a few years ago, including a man who shot his girlfriend in the head as she cooked breakfast, a pizza deliveryman wanted for fatally shooting a 15-year-old over a stolen order of chicken wings, and six registered sex offenders. Lest someone should go unarmed just because they are a violent criminal, the NRA also got a program passed to help people whose gun purchasing rights were revoked petition for them to be restored as part of a provision for states to share more illegal firearm information with the federal government. What?

Wild eyed and his voice croaking, NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre said at a press conference last week, "The truth is that our society is populated by an unknown number of genuine monsters -- people so deranged, so evil, so possessed by voices and driven by demons that no sane person can possibly ever comprehend them." Was someone holding up a mirror?

In the meantime for years children especially in inner cities have been murdered through gun violence and yet the President and others refuse to speak up on behalf of those kids who have been murdered and who's family are left devastated and neighborhood left only to mourn and to wait for the next murder and who's child they maybe.

260 School Children Killed in Chicago in 3 Years -- Where Are the Tears for Them? What makes the victims of everyday inner-city gun violence expendable? by David Muhammad at, Dec. 24, 2012

In 2010, nearly 700 Chicago school children were shot and 66 of them died. Last year, Mayor Rahm Emanuel attended a memorial for 260 school children who had been killed in just the previous three years. On several occasions in the past year, tens of people have been shot in a single weekend on the streets of the city. The worst three-day stretch saw 10 killed and 37 wounded in gun fire. But Google the term “Chicago weekend shootings” and the results are far too many deadly weekends to count.

Oakland, Calif. has seen a huge increase in shootings. Last year, three small children were murdered in shootings. The youngest victim hadn’t yet turned 2. Oakland has become the first city in the country to have its police force taken over by a federal court. Because of a lack of resources, the city has one of the lowest police to resident ratios in the country.

Gun violence in America is a pandemic, but there is no round-the-clock news coverage. No national address from the President with tears. No pledge for urgent change.

Why? Is it because the children who die on the streets of America’s cities are black and brown? Is it because they are poor? What makes the victims of everyday inner-city gun violence expendable?

Like the horrendous shooting in Newton, easy access to guns and the challenges of mental illness contribute to the violence on America’s streets. Like the calls for change in guns laws that have been heard following this massacre, so too do we need tighter gun control because of the death and destruction that touches the hearts of mourning mothers in American cities every day.

Meanwhile a more sensible voice than that of the gun nuts and the arms industry is that of Deepak Chopra who argues that those in favor of 'Gun Control' makeup a silent majority while those not in favor of 'Gun Control' are a minority but their small numbers is offset by the deep pockets of the 'arms industry' and its battalions of lobbyists in Washington who are able to bully and buy enough politicians to ensure no tough regulations on guns will be adopted the legislatures or the White House.

Deepak Chopra points to the Australian solution to reduce Mass Murders and homicides by banning semi-automatic weapons and buying back weapons from citizens. This would not be anything like a blanket use of brute force to seize weapons from US citizens without any remuneration and it would only apply to certain weapons and not all.The US second amendment is merely a legal ploy used mainly by gun manufactures to maintain their sales and profits.

Gun Control Is About the Silent Majority by Deepak Chopra via Huffington Post Dec. 24, 20122012

It's time to test if there is a silent majority that is willing to come together for issues that stand for a healthy moral sense -- not social resentment and "values" issues that revolve around prejudice and reactionary religion. In his speech last week on gun safety, President Obama rightly said that incidents like Newtown reveal a complex issue, where guns are entangled with issues over mental health, the Second Amendment, police safety, school security and more. But he was also right in saying that complexity isn't an excuse for not acting.

The public has become lax over the past thirty years. The shock of the Newtown shootings has suddenly created a shift. According to the latest CNN poll, 62 percent of respondents favor a reinstatement of the ban on assault weapons, and the same majority would support a ban on high-capacity ammunition clips. But opinions don't create action when an entrenched minority wields political power. The NRA is doing what it has always done when the public gets aroused by a mass killing -- they lie low for a while, wait for the outcry to die down, and then move in to make sure that Congress is still under their control.

...Grief and shock should lead to an aroused majority that doesn't aim to change gun culture but simply to exert the will of the country. In 1996, Australia reacted to the crazed killing of 35 people in Tasmania by passing stiff gun control that included buying back semi-automatic weapons. Australia has a Wild West culture that dates back to its frontier days, and so there were plenty of semi-automatic weapons out there. The buy-back amounted to 600,000 weapons. The same thing needs to happen here. We can't shrug our shoulders once more, using "culture of violence" as an excuse for doing nothing. The rights of the minority have been tolerated too far when that minority stands for intractable intolerance itself
 And here's another broken promise of Obama to take action so police and intelligence agencies are not infiltrating legitimate groups of protesters. In fact Obama is fighting against revealing information about these ongoing spying operations which have been going on in the last dozen years and of course date back to the the Vietnam War and the anti-war movement , feminist organizations, black rights organizations including of course the Civil Rights Movement.

Liberals and progressives in the USA complained when Bush was sending out spies to infiltrate non-violent protest groups such as the Occupy and antiwar movement or pro & anti abortion protesters etc. But while Obama is the one spying on legal peaceful protest groups liberals and phoney progressives are silent. So where's the outrage ? Obama's true believers are no better than those who defended everything Bush did.

Court Rules Antiwar Activists Can Sue Government Spies by John Glaser, via, Dec. 26, 2012

A federal appeals court involving antiwar activists who were secretly infiltrated by US military spies has ruled in favor of the activists, marking the first time a court has endorsed the people’s ability to sue the military for violating their First and Fourth Amendment rights.

“Declassified documents obtained by Students for a Democratic Society and Port Militarization Resistance,”reports Democracy Now, “revealed a man everyone knew as ‘John Jacob’ was in fact John Towery,” who was assigned by the government to spy on the Washington state-based antiwar groups.

Towery was dispatched from a “fusion center,” or intelligence center, as part of the Department of Homeland Security’s post-9/11 anti-terrorism surveillance powers.

In October, the Senate Homeland Security subcommittee reviewed more than 600 reports that had come out of these so-called fusion centers and found the giant bureaucracy surrounding the program produced almost nothing that had to do with countering terrorist threats.

Instead, the government spy networks snooped on political activists and infiltrated groups that were peacefully exercising their constitutional rights to free speech.

“The centers have made headlines for circulating information about Ron Paul supporters, the ACLU, activists on both sides of the abortion debate, war protesters and advocates of gun rights,” according to the Associated Press.

“This has never been done before,” said Larry Hildes, an attorney with National Lawyers Guild, who is handling the case. “The US government has spied on political dissidents throughout history and this particular plot lasted through two presidencies, but never before has a court said that we can challenge it the way we have.”

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