Thursday, December 20, 2012

Making Gun Control A Major Issue For The Obama Administration

After Newtown Elementary school Massacre President Obama supposedly insist on better gun control laws. Of course those in favor of banning assault weapons and high capacity Ammunition clips and stricter background check etc. need to keep the pressure on the Obama administration on this issue so it doesn't end up pushed aside and neglected .

Obama 's Gun Control Proposal
Obama says that he wants to institute gun control as quickly as possible.
Obama wants supposedly more restrictions on assault weapons and closing the loopholes on gun shows.
Obama claims this is not some sort of committee to study the issue and then later deliver a report and that becomes the end of the matter without any action taking place instead he has set up a group led by Vice President Joe Biden to make proposals for legislation and regulations on gun control as soon as Jan. 1, 2013.

Newtown, Conn. Sandy Hook Shooting Prompts President Obama Launches Gun-Violence ABC News Dec. 20, 2012

NRA breaks its silence after Newtown massacre.NRA makes claim that they too have a heart and care about those adults and children murdered in Newtown Connecticut and other such mass murders. Yet the NRA leadership and its members also bemoan that as far as they are concerned the reason so many died in Newtown is because none of the teachers or other staff were armed .

This is just a bit of myth making about an imaginary world where people who are armed are able to stop a person intent on mass murder . For instance the would be killer may not be alone and one would not be able to know this til after the event.

The killer might also be well prepared for such a contingency by wearing full body armor especially if he is aware that some staff members are carrying guns so he would take appropriate steps.

For instance as the shooter in the Batman Midnight Movie Theater in which the killer wore full body armor and added to the confusion by setting off smoke bombs which would make it less likely that he would be stopped before killing a large number of people.

Published on 18 Dec 2012

The debate over gun control has the entire nation talking about the possibility of banning certain weapons, and whether or not that infringes on the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

Gun control debate heats up in US

After the Newtown Elementary School Mass Murder reflection and prayers and shedding a few tears in public is not enough. Setting up a committee or what have you to study and make recommendations for stricter gun control would be a start unless it is merely being set up to appease the public without a serious commitment to legislation for stricter gun control such as endorsing a ban on the sale of assault rifles and high capacity ammunition clips and limiting the places where people can go while armed .

If Obama agreed to such measures it would be surprising since as Cenk Uygur at The Young Turks has pointed out Obama has done nothing to enhance gun control and in fact made it easier to purchase weapons and made it legal to carry weapons in more places such as National Parks and on trains.

Per usual Obama is great at making speeches and vague promises which he rarely follows up with action

Obama and Eric Holder hypocrites and liars when it comes to Gun Control

Obama just needs to take action not just express empathy and shed tears-he is after all the President and by getting a second term this should be even more of an incentive . Instead more than likely he will bow to the GOP, conservative democrats and the NRA .

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks explains Obama has been saying the same thing after each massacre and then moves on.Obama not so much into challenging the status quo on this issue or a host of others.

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