Friday, June 15, 2012

GOP "War On Women" Continues And One Female legislator Suggest Women With-hold Sexual Favours As A Protest Against "The War On Women" And Romney Running On Bush's Record

GOP's fundamental policies based upon racism, Xenophobia, Christian Nationalism, sexism, homophobia and hatred of the poor and unemployed .
Their Jesus is a tough minded mean spirited greedy and cheap arrogant CEO who loves making money off of unnecessary wars.

First up male legislators laughing it up over the reproductive rights of American women . It is somewhat humorous but also is telling about how many Republicans legislators in America view women's rights reproductive or other wise.
Remember the sobering thought that the GOP wackos even insist that a woman who is raped or impregnated by her father or other family member would be forced to carry the child to term thereby adding to her suffering . These Republicans who are all radical extremists now with the odd exception want to pass legislation to make it more difficult and more expensive to be on the birth control pill or an IUD or the morning after pill and make even condoms less easy to purchase . These Republicans also want to be able to have a criminal investigation whenever a woman has a miscarriage or decide whether the woman's actions resulted in the miscarriage and thereby making the woman criminally responsible for the death of the child or foetus.

And when it comes to women having equal rights to men the GOP has for decades been against paying women the same as men doing the same job ie as found in the ERA Equal Rights Amendment which even Obama fears bringing up as an issue. They are also against discriminating against women in the job market or certain professions or insuring women get promoted the same as their male colleagues when they deserve it.

Shades of Aristophanes satire Lysistrata a Greek play in which the women decide to go on strike refusing to have sex with their husbands , boyfirends etc. until the men agree to put an end to the current war. It is a great satirical piece with a strong anti-war message.

What if women in America as a protest against The Republican War on Women were to follow suit women are being told that the ultimate decisions a woman makes about her reproductive rights are to be left up to male legislators .

When a female legislator suggests that she's flattered or disturbed by the attention given to her vagina by Republican legislator in Michigan another female legislator suggest that the women of Michican should go on strike refusing sexual favors to their men folk and both are censured by the Michigan speaker of the house (see video below) meanwhile a male legislator in Virginia gets somewhat explicit over how the Pro-life Anti-abortion debates are infering with his sex life with his wife this is just laughed off as being funny and no big deal.

When women talk this way it is considered by especially Republicans to be offensive but when men say such things not so much.

And for those who missed this bit as I did by Republican Dave Albo of Virginia on his story about how the new draconian anti-abortion debate and legislation has killed his sex life with his wife.

Ultrasound Bill Ruins Night of Sex for Virginia Lawmaker from The Atlantic Wire, Feb. 24, 2012

Virginia's proposed ultrasound bill requiring a transvaginal procedure prior to an abortion got a lot of women angry this week. Turns out, one of those women happened to be married to a GOP lawmaker and she made him pay for it in the sack.

In a wildly candid confession on the Virginia House floor Friday, Del. Dave Albo described his failed attempt to seduce his wife when he returned home from work this week. After turning on mood music and pouring wine, the couple's night was apparently ruined by a TV commentator slamming Albo for the ultrasound bill and repeatedly using the word "transvaginal," or as Albo described it, "trans v."

The narrative by Albo was greeted with raucous laughter and applause—particularly when he cued up his bass-heavy "theme music"— from the legislative body. It appears the Virginia Republican was trying to inject some levity after a week of fierce partisan fighting that spilled out into a national story. For his part, Albo wrote the compromise language that scrapped the requirement for a transvaginal ultrasound—making it merely optional for women in early pregnancy. (The less invasive ultrasound is still mandatory for later-term pregnancies.)

Clearing up any doubts that he and his wife were going to have sex, Albo stated at the end of his story that "if the gentleman’s plan was to make sure there is one less Republican in this world, he did." Looks like Virginia's not for that particular lover.

MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show

Women legislators in Michigan told they have no right to speak out against new radical Pro-Life anti-abortion Legislation.

And President Obama reminds voters that the same financial policies Mitt Romney is touting were the policies of the Bush Regime which brought about America's financial crisis. So Romney as President will re-institute the failed policies of the former Bush Regime. But it should be noted that former President Bush and his buddies including Karl Rove , Dick Cheney , Don Rumsfeld and the rest of the gang and their friends made a killing that is they made lots of money so from their perverse anti-populist point of view those policies did not fail but benefited the people and corporations and lending institutions they were intended to.

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