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Israeli Settler Violence And Israel's Ultra-orthodox Problem And "Israel's Rosa Parks"

Settler Violence in Israel tolerated

Settler violence against their Palestinian neighbors occur on a daily basis. Israel's army the IDF only intervene if a settler or soldiers gets hurt by Palestinians. Otherwise the IDF stand idly by as Jewish Settlers harass, beat, insult ,shoot Palestinians with impunity. This racist regime is supported unconditionally by the USA and other Western Nations. Israel and its supporters characterize anyone who criticizes Israel's Apartheid racist regime as anti-semitic.

 Settlers Attack Israeli Activists and Palestinian Farmers near Anato
30 9 2011

Freedom of assembly and freedom of speech in Israel as in America not so much for those who dare criticize the status quo. In this video an American Jew in Israel dares to speak up against the Israeli states oppression of Palestinians and others. For this he is told to shut his mouth and eventually is jailed as those who speak out in America are jailed. In both nations freedom of speech is permitted only within certain limits. While hate speech and racist speech are tolerated the questioning of the status quo of the ruling elite is not to be openly discussed or questioned. So in Israel say what you like but don't defend the Palestinian people.

 Israeli people attacking Christians in Israel Uploaded by bmsabry on 19 Jan 2009 Israeli attacking Christians in Israel. See the hatred of the Zionists Israeli to the Christians and Jesus peace be upon him.

How the Jews Treat Christians in Israel - It's Serious!
  Liberal and secular Israeli Jews concerned that their way of life is in jeopardy with the growing numbers of Ultra-orthodox Israeli Jews. The Israeli Ultra-orthodox can be compared to the Islamic extremists and the Islamic religious police in countries such as Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran. And yet the US government and its media demonize Islamic religious police while ignoring similar practices of the Ultra-orthodox self-appointed Jewish religious police. But we shouldn't be surprised since the USA and its media highlight injustices and lack of respect for citizens civil rights and their human rights in Muslim countries while ignoring similar injustices taking place on a regular basis in Israel or any other nation which is characterized as an ally to the USA.

 Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Problem-The Young Turks

Uploaded by TheYoungTurks on 16 Jan 2012 Orthodox Jews in Israel are concerned about a rapidly growing radical group of fundamentalist Jews called Haredi. Cenk Uygur and Steve Oh discuss on The Young Turks.

 Israel's Ultra Orthodox

Beit Shemesh Ultra-Orthodox Jews Spat On 8 yr old girl For Dressing Immodestly

Uploaded by agiledesigner on 27 Dec 2011 Ultra-Orthodox Jews Want Greater Segregation For Men and women Women beit shemesh.

Israeli government does little or nothing about Israeli Jewish citizens harassing and bullying and killing Israeli Arabs and Muslims the government does rise to the occasion when it is a matter of one Jewish religious group such as the Haredi Ultra-orthodox Israeli Jews harassing and bullying non-Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Israelis.

So within Israel there are limits to intolerance ,bigotry and prejudice when it is aimed at fellow Jewish Israelis. But when it comes to intolerance, bigotry and prejudice against Muslim and /or Arab Israelis the Israeli government under the rule of the extreme right-wing Netanyahu Regime do little or nothing to protect their fellow citizens who are Palestinian or Arab Israelis or Muslim Israelis and other non-Jewish Israelis including Christian Israelis.

Israel's Rosa Parks: Tanya Rosenblit refuses Ultra-Orthodox Haredi demand to sit in the back of bus

Uploaded by JewishNewsOne on 19 Dec 2011
An Israeli woman has been thrust into the country's headlines this week after her refusal to move to the back of an Egged bus caught the imagination of the country's editors and politicians alike. Tanya Rosenblit, who works as a production assistant at news channel JN1, was off-duty at the time of the incident and traveling on private business from her Ashdod hometown to Jerusalem. Her refusal to move to the back of the bus when asked to do so by Ultra-Orthodox Haredi passengers led to an ugly confrontation which was only partially resolved by the arrival of the police. Despite requests to 'show respect' to the sensibilities of the Ultra-Orthodox Haredi communities along the public transport route, Rosenblit stood her ground throughout and was eventually successful in her bid to ride at the front of the bus. She then posted photos and commentary about her experience on various social networking sites, drawing an overwhelming response which soon led to a media frenzy as different Israeli TV channels and national newspapers queued up to interview the woman fast being dubbed "the Israeli Rosa Parks ".

Israeli Rosa Parks."

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