Friday, June 29, 2012

SCOTUS Affirms Obama's Health Care Bill :Rachel Maddow: Health Care Is A Right & " Fast And Furious Conspiracy Theory" #FAIL

Rachel Maddow: A victory for problem-solving policy

And on the Republican's Trumped up "Fast And Furious Conspiracy Theory " falls apart proven as being GOP and NRA invented fabrication to be used to attack Eric Holder and President Obama.
Rachel Maddow explains how this whole scandal was not based upon facts or reality based.
In fact the only scandal as such was that US authorities when trying to make arrest in Arizona they were blocked by Arizona laws which allow for citizens of 18 years old to purchase all the gun they want with no waiting period and it is legal for them to pass on these weapons to other people .
So the sandal is America's lax Gun control laws and not a failure of federal law enforcement agencies ie ATF or FBI etc.

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