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Netanyahu Refuses to back Down on The Expansion of & The Building of New Illegal Settlements On Palestinian Land

" You don't need to worry. Nobody needs to teach me what it is to love Eretz Israel "
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from Netanyahu vows no concessions on ‘Eretz Israel’ by Occupied Jerusalem at AL Arabiya August 30, 2010

Eretz Israel 1000BC
Map image from Global

Netanyahu's Doublespeak and the rewriting of Middle East history to suit Israel's version of history.
Netanyahu argues that basically the 1948 Palestinian refugees from Israel should be the problem of the neighboring Arab and Muslim nations.
Netanyahu appears to suggest that greater Israel has always belonged to the Jewish people and that Palestinians and others have no legal, moral or otherwise claim to these lands.
Netanyahu states bluntly that criticism of settler expansion has made him even more determined to expand existing settlements and create new ones on Palestinian lands.
Note Netanyahu uses the phrase "disputed land " rather than "occupied Lands" as they are referred to by the United Nations and the international community and by the Palestinians.

Israeli leaders have promulgated their own myth in which it is claimed that land which Israel now occupies and more was empty before Jews from around the world began returning to that land. But he ignores the fact that Arabs and other peoples have lived on that same land for over 2000 years. The Arabs and others did not just spring up out of the earth in the 19th and 20th centuries. And yes Jews , Christians, Muslims and Pagans occupied this land known as Judea or as Palestine or The Holy Land.

It is not just the followers of Jahweh or Elohim and Abraham and Moses but also those who followed Jesus and those who followed the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)all have a claim to this Holy Land.

Netanyahu not interested in taking part in substantive sincere negotiations with Palestinians
When Israel breaks agreements with the USA the USA does nothing . But the USA has it in its power to punish Israel by stopping financial aid and supplying Israel with military weapons.

Netanyahu disingenuously in 2011 while visiting Washington seems to suggest that the Palestinian issue over creating separate Palestinian nation state and the issue of Palestinian refugees dating back to 1948 was something new .

Netanyahu insists that For each settler unit houses or apatment buildings demolished ten more will be built

Netanyahu due to court ruling is moving a group of settlers from their current illegal settlement to another illegal Jewish settlement close by . Meanwhile Netanyahu stresses if anything Jewish settlements will be expanded rather than being curtailed or rduced in number .

Israeli Prime Minister Pledges to Strengthen West Bank Settlements

Published on 4 Apr 2012 by NTDTV

Info Live TV English-June 7, 2012

Following the failed vote on the settlement regulation bill, Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has approved new construction in West Bank
settlements. The bill, which attempted to evade a High Court ruling
ordering the eviction of five homes in Beit El's Ulpana neighborhood,
was voted down 69:22. Netanyahu and Housing and Construction Minister
Ariel Atias gave the greenlight on 851 new housing units -- 300 for
Beit El and 551 for four other settlements. The two agreed to
immediately issue the construction tenders. The settlements most
likely to get new housing units at this time are Efrat, Gush Etzion
and Karnei Shomron. Netanyahu is risking censure by the United States
and Europe, which have repeatedly voiced their objection to expanding
existing settlements.

Israel to build more settler homes in the West Bank

Published on 7 Jun 2012 by AussieNews1
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has approved the construction of more than 800 settler homes in the West Bank.

The announcement came just hours after parliament rejected an attempt to save five illegal apartment buildings in Beit El in the Occupied West Bank.

The issue of settlement construction in Palestinian territory has been the major stalling point for peace talks.

Al Jazeera's Nadim Baba reports.

Source, credit to Aljazeera-

‘U.S. more attentive to Israelis than Palestinians,’ Obama tells Jewish leaders via AL Arabiya, 06 June 2012

UN angered by new West Bank housing units past the green line, including Ma'ale Adumim settlement

Uploaded by JewishNewsOne on 26 Dec 2011
Jordana Miller visits Ma'ale Adumim, a town built over the green line in the West Bank. Israel considers it part of its territory, but the international community considers it an illegal settlement. Israel's decision to build 1000 new housing units in disputed settlements has provoked some European members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to issue a statement.

The Quartet of England, France, Germany, and Portugal called on Israel to immediately cease all settlement-building activity. The statement also expressed alarm over the disturbing escalation of settler violence against Palestinian property - the so-called "price tag" attacks and vandalism.

U.S. denounces Netanyahu’s plans for new settler homes in West Bank AL Arabiya, June 7,2012

The United States Wednesday denounced Israeli plans to expand a West Bank settlement by 300 homes, saying it posed a hurdle towards kickstarting moribund peace talks with the Palestinians.

“We’re very clear that continued Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank undermines peace efforts and contradicts Israeli commitments and obligations,” said a State Department spokesman, Mark Toner.

“You know, our position on settlements remains unchanged. We do not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed on Wednesday to build the 300 new settler homes in Beit El, after MPs voted down a bill which would have saved five buildings in one of its neighborhoods from demolition.

The Knesset vote, which saw 69 MPs oppose the legalization bill against 22 in favor, effectively ended legislative efforts by the settler lobby and its right-wing supporters to avoid a court-mandated July 1 removal date.

But Netanyahu warned after the vote that he would not allow people to “use the legal system to harm the settlement movement,” and announced plans to add the 300 new homes to Beit El, which is near the West Bank city of Ramallah.

“Beit El will be expanded, the 30 families will remain in Beit El, and 300 new families will join them,” he said.

Toner said the United States had made its views about the move known to the Israelis, adding “it impedes progress on any kind of comprehensive settlement, and that’s ultimately what everyone here, most importantly both sides, both parties, want to see happen.

“Or at least that’s what they claim to want to see happen.”

U.N. urged to visit Palestinian territories
In related story, non-aligned countries on the U.N. Security Council on Wednesday threw their support behind calls for council envoys to visit the Palestinian territories to see the impact of Israel’s settlements.

Palestinian leaders first made the call for a U.N. visit in February, but the 15-member council has not answered. Diplomats said the United States leads opposition to such a trip while Israeli-Palestinian talks are frozen. Israel is also opposed.

Eight Security Council members are from the 110 nation Non-Aligned Movement.

An envoy from one of them, Pakistan’s U.N. ambassador Abdullah Haroon, said the group would “approach the Security council to respond favorably” to the Palestinian request for a visit.

He told reporters the council must not remain as “bystanders” in the Middle East deadlock.

Haroon said several council nations had responded “favorably” about a possible trip, and that more talks would be held with the United States.

Talks between Israel and the Palestinians have been halted since September 2010. The Palestinian leadership has since stepped up complaints about Israeli settlements in the occupied territories.

Netanyahu in the video below takes delight in showing that the USA has no real power over Israel and that it is the USA which over and over again follows policies which are favourable to Israel even if these policies are not necessarily in America's best interests. He also makes a joke out of the fact that American's are so absurdly supportive of Israel.

As this video and those below it show that Netanyahu has never faltered in his support for the illegal settlements over the last few years .
Obama's criticisms of Israel's expansion and its desire or ultimate goal of redrawing Israel's borders to be more in line with what they were over 2,000 years ago and as given to the Jewish people by God as it is mapped out in the Torah/old testament Book of Moses etc..

DN! Netanyahu in 2001 US Won't Get in the Way of Israeli Expansionism

Uploaded by StartLoving3 on 19 Jul 2010
Netanyahu in 2001: US "Won't Get in the Way" of Israeli Expansionism

A newly revealed tape shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once openly discussed his intent to attack the Palestinian government, undermine the Oslo peace accords, and manipulate the United States to ensure its approval. The 2001 recording shows Netanyahu meeting with Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank. Netanyahu was then out of government after serving his first stint in office.

Apparently unaware he was being recorded, Netanyahu talks openly of a "broad attack" on the Palestinian government, saying, "The main thing, first of all, is to hit them. Not just one blow, but blows that are so painful that the price will be too heavy to be borne." Netanyahu also outlines how he would undermine the 1993 Oslo accords, he said, which established the basis for Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, by declaring any West Bank land that Israel wants to retain as "military" and "security zones."

Addressing potential US opposition to Israeli expansionism, Netanyahu says, "I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won't get in the way."

also see: Netanyahu Admits He Deceived The Global Report, july 22, 2010

Netanyahu tends to change his rhetoric  and his opinion depending on his audience.
To the Israeli's he appears uncompromising in relation to illegal settlements and in regard to Palestinian grievances.
But to an American audience he softens his rhetoric and disingenuously says he's willing to negotiate in good faith with the Palestinians when in fact his pre-conditions before negotiating can begin make it near impossible for the Palestinians to accept such as having the Palestinians accept Israel as a sovereign nation and that it is the traditional and sacred homeland of the Jewish people as granted to them by God.
So where's the wiggle room given this notion for negotiations.

 This is just all part of the Doublespeak of PM Netanyahu and the Israeli extremists who support him and whom he likewise supports.

Netanyahu says he's willing to compromise but then says Israel will not give up territory captured by Israel in the six day war in 1967.

He also goes further and insists the Palestinians and other Middle East countries must recognize Israel's right to exist.
This would seem reasonable but remember Natanyahu wants to maintain the current borders and not relinguish the occupied territories.

But we also hear Netanyahu speak boldly about expanding Israeli sttlements and taking over Arab owned homes in Jerusalem.
He also says nothing thar would suggest that he will dismantle the so called security wall or fence

What he suggests at most is a patchwork of disconnected Palestinian territories much like the current situation in the West Bank and Gaza.

Hamas may not be interested in peace with Israel bu nor is Netanyahu interested in compromising with the Palestinians in creating a Palestinian state. What Netanyahu does is to act as if he were genuinely interested in substantive two way dialogue with the Palestinians but then throws out a few choice words showing he is acting in bad faith.

He argues the already existing Settlements have a right to expand organically in a natural manner. Then he adds Israel cannot return to the pre-1967 borders which he knows that the Palestinians will not agree to. When he argues that Israel first wants the Palestinians and the Arab nations to recognize Israel as the Jewish Homeland again he wants the Palestinians to recognize not just the current borders of Israel but rather the borders as they were in ancient Judea. So where is the compromise on Natanyahus part. There is none.

Netanyahu: Israel Would Surrender Some Settlements for Peace Deal

Uploaded by PBSNewsHour on 24 May 2011
Read the Transcript:

Addressing Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on Tuesday insisted Israel is ready to seek peace with the Palestinians, and for the first time acknowledged that Israel would give up some West Bank settlements for a deal, but said that he will not accept "indefensible" 1967 boundaries. Kwame Holman report

Netanyahu it has been pointed out treats President Obama in a rather demeaning and patronizing manner. Is this just an example of Netanyahu's arrogance and self-righteousness or possibly evidence of deep seated racism. Max Blumenthal has documented the racist attitude of Israelis in regard to dark skinned Arabs or Black Africans and to president Obama. The Israeli racism extends to Palestinians and black people in general .
see for instance:Racism rampant in Israeli society : Never again? Elderly Palestinian women called “whores” on Yad Vashem tour, while racism explodes across Israel by Max Blumenthal Dec. 30. 2010 via

To give it some historical context when most nations were boycotting the South African Apartheid racist regime Israel was a big supporter of Apartheid  South Africa.  Racism appears to be most apparent among Orthodox Jews .
It's only recently that the Israeli government has officially recognized non-orthodox Jews as equal to the Orthodox Jews in Israel.

Israel moves to improve religious freedom – for Jews by Joshua Mitnick | The Christian Science Monitor | Jun 07, 2012 via Alaska Dispatch

Israel has always touted a national respect for freedom of religion in a region where religious intolerance runs high. But ever since its founding, the Jewish state has nonetheless sanctioned discrimination – against Jews.

Orthodox denominations dominate the Israeli Rabbinate, own a virtual monopoly on funding for religious institutions, and have a lock on the clergy overseeing marriage, divorce, and conversions. Liberal movements like Conservative and Reform Judaism have traditionally been shut out.

But last week, in response to a Supreme Court petition calling for equal funding of pulpit rabbis, Israel’s Attorney General said that for the first time the state would begin paying salaries of clergy from non-Orthodox denominations. Liberal Jewish groups hailed it as a landmark in the campaign for wider pluralism, even though the Orthodox religious monopoly on the state-funded rabbinate is still intact.

Meanwhile last year Netanyahu -while in Washington in a photo-op/press conference with President Obama- used this moment to give a stern lecture on Israel's concerns and history to President Obama.
Given the prevalence of racism in Israel in regard not just to Arabs but also Black Africans this may explain Netanyahu's patronizing attitude toward Obama who is of Black African dissent. see more below in Notes.

Andrea Mitchell: Netanyahu Treated Obama like a Schoolboy

Uploaded by HotAirPundit on 22 May 2011
Obama cheerleader Andrea Mitchell on MSDNC

Netanyahu: Can't Freeze Israeli Settlements

Uploaded by ABCNews on 22 Sep 2009
Israel's PM explains the challenge of Palestinian peace talk preconditions.

Israel Refuses to Stop Settlement Construction

Uploaded by ABCNews on 27 Jul 2009
Relations between Obama administration and Prime Minister Netanyahu suffer.

Israel's Netanyahu Slaps Peace & US Across The Face

Uploaded by TheYoungTurks on 22 Nov 2009
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***Racism Israel Max et al
also see : jfjfp Jews For Justice For Palestinians &

Racism rampant in Israeli society : Never again? Elderly Palestinian women called “whores” on Yad Vashem tour, while racism explodes across Israel by Max Blumenthal Dec. 30. 2010 via

Israeli Teachers: “Racism…is growing among young people in Israel. We are witnesses to this growing racism in education” by max Blumenthal Dec. 31, 2010

Israel's racism, immigration issue seems familiar by Ruben Navarrette at San Diego union-tribune, June 8,2012

Ethiopian students affair shows prevalent racism in Israel
When the children of Petah Tikva have all found schools to attend, society will not stop being racist.
By Gideon Levy via, Sep.03, 2009

More irony from Israel as a museum of Tolerance is built on an Arab cemetery without any public debate or concern for Israeli Arabs.

Israeli officials allow for the destroying of a sacred Arab cemetary in Jerusalem

Visit Jerusalem's new Museum of Tolerance. Feel your blood boil
Why, in Jerusalem, the neediest of Israel's cities, is an American rabbi spending some 100 million donated dollars to build what appears, more and more, to be a monument to himself? By Bradley Burston via,Jun.07, 2012

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