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Iran Vows To Take Action If USA Attacks Syria Meanwhile Report Released On Israel's Murdering Activists In The 2010 Gaza Flotilla Affair And Obama's Neocon Foreign Policy

While the USA and the West possibly under the veneer of the rule of law and humanitarian assistance prepare to attack Syria the Iranian government says it will not stand idly by but will in one way or another give military and moral support to Syria.

The issues over human rights violations including various atrocities by both sides are not as clear cut as Obama and his administration claims. Since the US is now dictating policies to NATO and the United Nations it is difficult to know what is really going on in Syria. The Western Media is failing in its duty and responsibility to report the actual events taking place but rather are biased seemingly in favour of whatever the Obama Regime claims. So the media lets the Obama regime and other western leaders demonize the Syrian government while treating the opposition forces which includes various extremists , thugs, and radical anti-democracy Islamic theocrats as being freedom fighters hoping to create a more just and democratic society but their agenda may in fact be a little more sinister as we have seen in Egypt and Libya.

Iran: Syrian intervention 'will be defeated' at,June 12 2012

Iran is ready to mount a resistance against a possible outside attack on Syria, two senior generals of the Islamic Republic said. The statements come as the level of violence in war-torn Syria continues to escalate.

The pro-Assad “resistance” would ensure that aggressors do not survive the conflict, a senior commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier Gen. Massoud Jazaeri told Mashregh, a media outlet run by the Guards.

“A conflict in Syria will engulf the region and its main victims will be the people of Syria themselves,” he also noted. “The Zionist regime and the interests of the enemies of Syria are all within range of the resistance fire.”
“The defeat of the enemy at this stage will be a big event and, God willing, we will witness that,” Jazaeri added.
Mashragh earlier reported that Iran’s armed forces had formed a joint war room with officers from “the resistance,” which includes Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, which controls parts of Lebanon.

Brigadier General Mohammed Reza Naqdi, the head of Iran’s Basij militia who was sanctioned by the US Treasury Department for alleged human rights abuses, said Tehran would not tolerate foreign interference to topple President Bashar al-Assad. He alleged that the United States was considering taking action in Syria to protect Israel.
“After the expulsion of the Americans from Iraq, and the disruption to their defensive posture in protecting the Zionist regime, America in order to defend the regime of the occupier of the Quds [Jerusalem] is after a new scenario in Syria,” he said. “But they will be defeated.”
Furthermore, he stressed that any attack on Syria or Iran would have negative consequences for Israel.
“Today all the people of the region are ready for wiping out this cancerous tumor and reaction to any aggression will be the freedom of Quds,” he said.

The statements come as violence in Syria continues to spiral out of control. Massacres of civilians, many of them women and children, have become routine, with the latest bloodshed happening earlier this week in the Hama province. Up to 78 people died in the mass killing, which came just a day before UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and UN-Arab League envoy to Syria Kofi Annan addressed the General Assembly and the Security Council on the situation in the country.

Netanyahu criticized over his decision to board Turkish ship which was part of a Gaza Flotilla in 2010 which led to the deaths of nine activists murdered by the Israeli IDF.

Even though concerns had been raised by members of the Netanyahu government about the possibility of violence if Israeli IDF boarded the Mavi Marmara Netanyahu went ahead without taking into account the possibility of violence.

Though it could be suggested that Netanyah just didn't care if the raid on the ship would result in violence or deaths. Netanyah may in fact hoped there would be violence believing that this would lead to a lessening of support for Gaza or the use of Flotillas to highlight the issue of Gaza versus Israel. Natanyahu acts as if the sovereignty and policies of Israel trump the sovereignty and policies of any other nations or International Law in this case the law of the seas or the geneva Conventions.

So Netanyahu is acting in the same way as the USA with its callous disregard for international law or international agreements or the Geneva Conventions. According to the USA and Israel "Might is Right" that is those who have the power are the one's who are morally justified to decide what is good for the world and all its nations and peoples. All dissenting voices to those with power are to be treated as hostile enemies. NATO and the United Nations and the World Court are only to be tolerated if they adhere to the policies of the USA and Israel or whomever else the USA champions from one moment to the next in America's shifting foreign policies which only shift according to the needs of the USA . This was true during the eight years of President Bush's dictatorial regime and continues to be the case under President Obama.

Report slams Israeli PM over deadly flotilla raid at, June 13, 2012

The Israeli PM has come under criticism for his mal-management of a deadly raid on a Turkish flotilla in breach of the Gaza blockade in 2010. A new report claims Benjamin Netanyahu failed to follow protocol that could have averted the bloodshed.

State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss has released a long-awaited report regarding the political wrangling that eventually led to the raiding of Turkish vessel Mavi Marmara in 2010.

The decision-making process that led to the Israeli raiding of a Turkish ship in breach of the Gaza blockade was a shambles according to the report.

The document implies that had the incident been dealt with in the correct manner then some of the violence that ensued could have been avoided.

Israeli troops boarded the vessel as it tried to breach the Gaza blockades, killing nine of the armed activists on board. The incident drew international ire and condemnation of the Israeli use of “excessive force.”

Over the subsequent two years it has been the continuous source of a diplomatic rift between Israel and Turkey.

The report describes how no official cabinet meeting was called during the run-up to the deadly raid. Instead, PM Netanyahu, contrary to protocol, called private meetings with the defense and foreign ministers that were not documented.
"The prime minister's decision-making process took place without orderly, coordinated and documented team work, even though the senior political, military and intelligence ranks were aware that the Turkish flotilla was different from other flotillas," said Lindenstrauss in the report.

#OWS Update: Wall Street and corporate malfeasance proof provided by Well's Fargo whistleblower.
To most progressive or at least in an earlier time prior to Obama's presidency whistleblowers in government or private business were seen as heroes and as patriots looking out for the citizenry at large exposing criminal or unethical behavior. These days President Obama wants to hunt down whistleblowers as if they were traitors to the nation or as traitors to corporate America. Now that corporations are people then someone can be accused of being a traitor or back-stabber or as villifying a Corporate Citizen and maligning their personal character in public. So will Obama get the DOJ or Homeland Security to investigate this Well's Fargo whistleblower and have her indefinitely detained and kept in isolation for a couple of years like he has done to Bradley Manning.

It is no longer considered to be one's duty as a citizen to expose governments or Corporations for wrongdoing, criminal behaviour, lying to the public and so forth . So if a corporation sells a product that is highly toxic and yet represents the product ie cigarettes as being not toxic or dangerous to the citizenry for an insider to reveal such information to the citizenry President Obama claims such people have no right to divulge such information to the public.

The dictum for government services and corporate services and products is to be Caveat Emptor let the buyer beware. Corporations and governments have no responsibility to protect the citizenry for harmful or defective products and the government is under no obligation to provide services to the public.
This is what is taking place more and more in the USA. The GOP Tepublicans uberconservatives and Libertarians and followers of Ayn Rand are doing their best to bring about these changes to return the USA to the 19th century when corporations could do as they please and the government in the main worked on behalf of the Corporations and the wealthy and well connected.

If a whistleblower in a related case shows that the regulatory body over cigattes has benn in cohoots with the Tobacco Industry this fact is to be kept a secret since the Citizenry do not have rights over their own well-being and health which trump or over-rule the rights of a government agency or an American Corporate citizen. The rights of the government and its agencies and the rights of a Corporate Citizen are in fact invioble

Victim-Blaming: The Right-Wing's Response to Wells Fargo Whistleblower by Melody Johnson at Media Matters via, June 13, 2012

A Wells Fargo whistleblower has testified that during the housing bubble, her bank steered minority loan applicants into subprime mortgages even if they actually qualified for better terms. This testimony highlights the fact that media should be investigating banks and Wall Street to determine whether their malfeasance was the leading cause of the subprime mortgage crisis rather than casting blame on minorities.

After the housing bubble burst and the nation slid into a recession, the right-wing media deflected blame from Wall Street and the banks and placed it onto minorities and the government programs that aided them. That claim was false. Economists, the Federal Reserve, and the Financial Crisis Inquiry Report all agree that minorities and these government programs are not to blame, but right-wing media have made this argument over and over, and continue to make this claim to this day.

The testimony by a whistleblower, former top-performing Wells Fargo subprime loan officer Beth Jacobson, is further evidence that the right-wing media narrative is false. According to Jacobson, because of the influence of Wall Street, her company pushed subprime loans on minorities who might have qualified for better mortgages and approved those loans even when they were clearly unaffordable.

Here's a description of what was allegedly going on at Wells Fargo:

In sworn court testimony, [Beth Jacobson] described watching loan officers comb through heavily African American areas such as Baltimore and Prince George's County, forging relationships with churches and community groups to sell their members shoddy mortgages. She says she processed loans for homeowners with sterling credit ratings with higher interest rates than they needed to pay. And she says she pumped out millions of dollars in mortgages to people with no paperwork and low incomes, becoming Wells Fargo's top-producing loan officer.


Subprime loans were so lucrative, she testified, that many of her counterparts selling traditional mortgages realized they could make more money by referring borrowers to her than by making their own loans. That meant customers were offered subprime mortgages even if they qualified for better interest rates, she said. Other times, brokers encouraged buyers not to provide a down payment or income documents, automatically funneling them into the more profitable subprime division, she said.

"There was always a big financial incentive to make a subprime loan wherever one could," Jacobson wrote in her affidavit.

Wells Fargo has strongly denied the loan officer's claim, and is currently defending a lawsuit regarding this matter. No matter where this current lawsuit against Wells Fargo leads, Wells Fargo itself, as well as other banks, have settled lawsuits alleging that they engaged in similar practices.

Staying faithful to Israel President Obama continues the neoconservative (Bush/Cheney) foreign policies including foreign policy concerning Israel and the Middle East.

And the roots of President Obama's foreign policies which mirror that of President Bush and other previous administrations. Obama using Israeli first policy and the propaganda Talking Point of spreading freedom in the Middle East and North Africa even if it means using the military capabilities of the USA to turn a functioning nation state into one of chaos and cities turned to rubble.

The Neoconservative Wish List by Jim Lobe at via ,Novemeber 11, 2004

The architects of Bush's foreign policy have a new 'checklist' of tasks for the Bush second term. It includes taking on not only the 'axis of evil,' but also 'Old Europe' and China.

An influential foreign-policy neoconservative with close and long-standing ties to top hawks in the George W. Bush administration has laid out what he calls ''a checklist of the work the world will demand of this president and his subordinates in a second term.''

The list, which begins with the destruction of Falluja in Iraq and ends with the development of ''appropriate strategies'' for dealing with threats posed by China, Russia and ''the emergence of a number of aggressively anti-American regimes in Latin America,'' calls for ''regime change'' in Iran and North Korea.

The list's author, Frank Gaffney, the founder and president of the Center for Security Policy (CSP), also warns that the Bush administration should resist any pressure arising from the anticipated demise of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to resume peace talks that could result in Israel's giving up ''defensible boundaries.''
While all seven steps Gaffney listed in an article published Friday morning in the National Review Online have long been favoured by prominent neocons, the article itself, entitled 'Worldwide Value', is the first comprehensive compilation to emerge since Bush's re-election Tuesday.

His article opens by trying to pre-empt an argument that is already being heard on the right against expanding Bush's ''war on terrorism;'' namely that, since a plurality of Bush voters identified ''moral values'' as their chief concern, the president should stick to his social conservative agenda rather than expand the war.

''The reality is that the same moral principles that underpinned the Bush appeal on 'values' issues like gay marriage, stem-cell research, and the right to life were central to his vision of U.S. war aims and foreign policy,'' Gaffney wrote. ''Indeed, the president laid claim square to the ultimate moral value – freedom – as the cornerstone of his strategy for defeating our Islamofascist enemies and their state sponsors, for whom that concept is utterly (sic) anathema.''
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How Israel's Fear of Arab Democracy Leaves the Jewish State More Isolated by Alex Kane at, Jume 5, 2012

Middle East expert Reem Abou-El-Fadl explains how Arab solidarity with the Palestinians is being reflected at the official level in the aftermath of the Arab Spring.

As the struggle for democracy and dignity in the Arab world rages on in countries like Tunisia and Egypt, the Israeli establishment’s response has been to disparage the revolts and hunker down

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