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Bill O'Reilly and Fox Friends In Favour of New York's "Stop and Frisk" and Racial Profiling And # USAFail : Iraq and Afghanistan

Racist Bill O'Reilly favors racial profiling of blacks and Hispanics erroneously arguing or suggesting that it is blacks and Hispanics who commit the most crimes in New York or in America in general.
A bunch of self-satisfied, self-righteous white racists on Fox News laugh it up over tens of thousands of African-Americans being harassed and treated as common criminals until they can prove otherwise to the bigoted cops and the ignorant bigoted judges .

Bill O'Reilly Opposes NY Marijuana Decrim Because it Might Reduce Racial Profiling by Scott Morgan at, June 8,2012

Bill O'Reilly Opposes NY Marijuana Decrim Because it Might Reduce Racial Profiling
This week's exciting news that Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg are backing an effort to end New York City's mindless marijuana arrest crusade didn't exactly result in a round of applause at the FOX News studios. Here's Bill O'Reilly babbling about it.

O'Reilly says the cops "know who the wise guys are," and they're only bothering people who deserve it. That sounds reassuring, oh, except for the fact that NYPD has already searched more young black men than they even have in the entire city. So yeah, they might be catching some of these "wise guys" as O'Reilly so eloquently describes them, but only because they're also searching every other young black man in the city. There is no clever strategy behind it. They're just searching all the black dudes. Stop trying to make it sound sophisticated, Bill.

But the real problem with O'Reilly's logic, and it also highlights the irony of whole ridiculous situation, is that there's no component in this new marijuana decriminalization proposal that would actually require police to stop constantly racially profiling everyone they see. That's not even what this is.

Simple possession is already decriminalized in New York. The measure in question would simply downgrade the more serious charge of "possession in public view" so that racial profiling victims would no longer be charged with the public display of marijuana as a result of police ordering them to empty their pockets. The policy of police racially profiling people and illegally searching them remains intact under this plan. You just get off the hook if any pot is found during the course of police committing misconduct against you.

US losing Afghanistan every time the US 'Drones and planes rain down bombs on innocent men, women and children.  So on the issue of US and NATO atrocities in Afghanistan the Taliban called for the closing of schools as a means of sending the message that they want the US and NATO occupying forces to stop their indiscriminate killing:

Taliban shut down Afghan schools over NATO air strike deaths at AlArabiya, 10 June 2012

Meanwhile Iraqis are not happy over their ruined nation and the resulting divisions and corruption .
Powerful and self-righteous Americans crushed Iraq and refuse to take responsibility for the mess they made.
And America has still not apologized for murdering, torturing , disappearing over a million Iraqis  during the war and at least half a million who died during the draconian American sanctions against the Iraqi people.
Nor has the USA asked for forgiveness or atoned for encouraging Saddam to go to war with Iran for some 8 years . Saddam without support from the USA, Britain, France, Germany and Israel would probably have pulled out of the war after six months but America and NATO wanted Saddam to fight a proxy war against America's enemy Iran.

"Wathiq al-Battat proposed holding a referendum in which Iraqis could be asked whether they wanted the Sharia to be implemented or preferred the continuance of a “fake democracy.” (Photo courtesy of Alsumaria News)"

So was there anything good which came out of the 9 year war in Iraq No! A big mistake and colossal failure even though Obama and the Media and many Americans now believe that Iraq is at peace and everything is just jim dandy. Well its not. There are still over 50,000 US personnel including a US military and American paid for hire mercenaries.This is even though in December 2011 Obama disingenuously pronounced the War in Iraq was over. Just another Mission Accomplished photo op while allowing Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Condi Rice to gloat and claim the imaginary victory as in great part their own.

As for America bringing peace and democracy to Iraq it hasn't happened and with the chaotic situation in Iraq the people may be inclined to (unfortunately ) approve of some form of Islamist Sharia Law government over messy and dangerous move towards democracy.
We have to see it from the Iraqi peoples point of view their experience with democratic regimes such as the USA and Britain etc. has taught them that democracy does not resolve much of anything. Under the despot regime of Saddam the nation was far better off and the basic necessities of water, power, medicine and sewage treatment were operating fairly well. Under the American Raj in the Emerald City the Iraqi suffered on a daily bases while the invaders were well provided for thanks to corrupt corporations such as Haliburton  and US civilian personnel were defended not by US marines but rather by Hired Mercenaries ie Blackwater etc.

Democracy gives ‘thieves’ freedom to pillage: Iraqi Hezbollah official Al Arabiya June, 10, 2012

Democracy has allowed “thieves” to plunder and pillage Iraq, Secretary of Hezbollah in the country said in an interview on Saturday.

“The drawbacks of a democratic system is that it allows thieves to pillage what they want,” Wathiq al-Battat was quoted by the Cairo-based Al-Sharqiya News as saying.
“We have yet to see a successful system governing Iraq,” he said, adding that only an Islamic system of governance, based on the Sharia and included both Sunnis and Shiites could successfully lead Iraq.
“People of other religions can have their representatives in this system,” he said.

Battat proposed holding a referendum in which Iraqis could be asked whether they wanted the Sharia to be implemented or preferred the continuance of a “fake democracy.” He described the latter as a “hotbed” for “thieves” being run by those who sold Iraq.

Meanwhile Human Rights Watch chastises Israel over its treatment of African Immigrants and that the Netanyahu government is fuelling the racism and xenophobia against the African immigrants and migrant workers.

Human Rights Watch slams Israeli migrant law via AL Arabiya News, 10 June 2012

Human Rights Watch on Sunday urged Israel to repeal or amend a law that allows migrants to be detained without charge for up to three years, calling it a violation of “basic rights.”

The New York-based group said the new law “punishes asylum seekers for irregularly crossing into Israel, in violation of their basic rights.”

“Subjecting irregular border-crossers to potential indefinite detention without charge or access to legal representation would violate the prohibition against arbitrary detention under international human rights law,” it said.
Israel announced on June 3 that officials would be able to detain migrants who crossed into the Jewish state illegally for up to three years, as part of a bid to stem the flow of African migrants into the country.

But Human Rights Watch said the law stood to stoke anger against migrants, which erupted last month when a protest by around 1,000 people against the rising number of Africans in Israel turned violent.

“Israeli officials are not only adding rhetorical fuel to the xenophobic fire, but they now have a new law that punishes refugees in violation of international law,” said Human Rights Watch’s refugee program director Bill Frelick in a statement.

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