Monday, January 30, 2012

"Black Bloc" Is Not #OWS & Bill Maher On Saul Alinsky Conspiracy & TYRANNICAL War On Terror Turns US Not Free

Violent actions of anarchist Black Bloc opens the door for police brutality.
The anarchists want riots not peaceful actions and change.
They are now trying to shut down livestreaming ie @TIMCAST or any videoing of their violent illegal and unnecessary acts of violence. #OWS needs to develop a simple policy of no tolerance for violent actions which allow police to over-react bu targeting all protesters and not just those who are violent.
This is also why there should be no tolerance for verbally or physically abusing police officers. Calling the police officers names ie pig etc or chanting "F... the police " leads to enraging police officers and protesters alike .
Singing a song such as We Shall Overcome is more persuasive then saying f... the police.
Otherwise the occupy movement will lose support .

OWS - Jan 29 -Tim Pool aka TimCast Attacked By Black Bloc For Filming March.flv

Uploaded by 12160info on Jan 29, 2012
Tim Pool of TIMCAST was attacked by a masked "anarchist". Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change helped save Tim's streaming equipment and then pulled the attackers mask off on camera. Violent Anarchist are NOT Occupy (for all we know they are infiltrators). GO LUKE!

Blac bloc feds most likely IMO
Tim Pool attacked by Black Bloc for filming Jan 29, 2012 march in solidarity with Occupy Oakland. Thankfully Tim was not injured.
Video by: @Timcast (

First up Bill Maher On the Right Wing Newt Gingrich promoted Conspiracy theory which claims that all US liberals and Obama take their marching orders from the liberal Community organizer Saul Alinsky.

Bill Maher points out that when he and others were criticizing former President Bush they were criticizing him for his actual policies whereas the right and GOP are criticizing Obama for policies he has not endorsed but they believe is thinking about though never spoken about outloud.

Real Time with Bill Maher (1-27-12) - Obama's "Grab a Corona and Call in Sick" Act

Gingrich's "ability to enrage an audience"
Newt Gingrich's Plan to Start WWIII

TYRANNICAL War On Terror Turns US Not Free

Internet freedom being gutted by US government and Big Corporations

TYRANNICAL "Mega Song" Censored by UMG Without SOPA/PIPA Shows Celebrity Support Of Megaupload

TYRANNICAL US Feds Raid Foreign-Based Megaupload Without Censorship Laws SOPA, PIPA, ACTA

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