Friday, January 13, 2012

Torture State USA: TYT The Young Turks Pepper Sprayed To Death In Jail

They have got it right that a big part of the problem with police tactics in the USA is that given the acceptance of torture by the CIA and US military this has become more and more routine in the USA.

And what should bother Americans is that President Obama is silent on these issues and as MLK pointed out that "Silence is Betrayal".
How many more Americans have to be abused , humiliated , severely injured or killed by local police or prison guards in prisons run by government or by private industry.
We know the attitude of many people is that once you break a law no matter how minor the police have carte blanche to do as they please.
Just take a look of the crime sheet of America's favorite wild west vigilante cowboy Sheriff : Sheriff Arpaio of Tucson Arizona .
We also saw the way the police were unleashed in New York and especially Oakland on peaceful protesters.
When it comes to Obama we must remember he is not at all part of the 99% -he is the president after all and quite wealthy -his somewhat disingenuous books have made him a few million so don't expect him to understand what is happening in the streets in America's cities.

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