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Quantanamo Torture Facility Still Operating & Wikileaks Exposes U.S. Abuse Of POWS & Right Wing Celebrate US Soldiers Pissing on Corpses

Occupy Guantanamo Stop America's War Crimes

Guantanamo Bay Anniversary: Former Detainee Tells Of Torture, Mistreatment via Huffington Post, January 11, 2012

Ten years after the first prisoners arrived at Guantanamo Bay, the United States is observing a somber anniversary. In the video above, Democracy Now! interviews Omar Deghayes, a former detainee, who describes his horrifying experiences behind bars.

Deghayes spent nearly 6 years of his life in the prison. He told The Guardian how he was severely tortured, and lost sight in one eye after a guard at Guantanamo pushed his fingers inside his eyes.

Deghayes, originally from Libya, was captured in Pakistan in 2002, where he lived with his wife and baby. He was with his family the day he was picked up. Chained and with his head covered, Mr. Deghayes was sent to Bagram Prison -- the same facility that Afghanistan's president Hamid Karzai recently demanded to be handed over from U.S. to Afghan control. From Bagram, Deghayes was transferred to Guantanamo.

In an interview with Democracy Now!, Omar Deghayes talks about the conditions inside Guantanamo:


Wikileaks Exposes more of America's hypocrisy and its war crimes and crimes against humanity

Wikileaks release of documents pertaining to the the incraceration and abuse and torture of detainees who were mostly innocent or of a low prority.
While Obama Biden Clinton defend harsh abuse of POWS and indefinite incarceration of anyone the government or its agents see as a possible threat or because they are of a different nationality, race or religion or for being in an area designated enemy territory by the US government pentagon and CIA.
Once again Mainstream Media fails to take on such stories out of fear of poor ratings or upsetting the status quo.
Interesting how American politicians and the intelligensia paints America in bold colors as a nation of self-reliant individualists while America to outsiders appears to be for the most part a society which favors conformity and the status quo over the right to dissent . We have seen this over the past few months in the way the government and the media and the local police have stereotyped and demonized anyone who supports the #OWS Occupy Movement .
These dissenters are characterized as being unAmerican or even anti-American

It strikes one as odd how when the Ayotollah Khomeini issued a Fatwa against Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie this was considered evil and barbaric while  President Obama issued a Fatwa as it were on the organization Wikileaks and its supporters and especially aimed his pronouncements and condemnations of heresy on julian assange and yet the public and Media accepted this call for the head of Julian Assange as a correct and morally defensible position.. Rushdie questioned the sacred book of Islam casting doubt upon this Holy Text   while Assange dared to challenge the status-quo and to desecrate as it were America and the West' sacred ideology and its disingenuous fabricated mythical narrative of being on the side of the Good , the Righteous and for Freedom and Equality .

As for desecration American soldiers feel it necessary to take revenge on Taliban fighters by pissing on their corpses - and still they tell us America is a civilized nation and a civilized people??? They shoot the wounded rape young Afghan and Iraqi girls and their fellow female comrades so much for respect for women . The numerous possibly thousands of US female soldiers raped is ignored by the Pentagon, the Obama administration and the US media let alone the rape and murder of female citizens in occupied countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan and even in areas which are not part of a war zone but rarely are US soldiers or personnel held to account in any foreign nation in which they are stationed. Even during the Blitz in London some US soldiers took time out to rape a number of British women. The US military seems to be as much as an institution steeped in depravity as the Catholic Church.

And so we get the same sort of " apologetic " from US citizens who defend any action a US soldier is involved in no matter how unsavory as CNN's Dana Loesch and the head of the Stop The Islamization of America organization Pamela Geller testify in defense of America's bravest boldest and shameless:
Dana Loesch Cheers for Urination on Corpses
gives them a million cool points

Uploaded by Washupeacecoalition on Jan 12, 2012

CNN contributor Dana Loesch cheers the marines who urinated on corpses in Afghanistan and says she would "drop trou" and do it herself.

As U.S. Officials Condemn and Investigate Troops Who Urinated on Afghan Corpses, Conservative Radio Host Says She'd "Drop Trou" And Piss on Them Herself by Kristen Gwynne via, January 13, 2012

On Thursday, a leaked video that appears to show U.S. troops laughing while urinating on Afghan corpses went viral, sending chills across the globe. U.S. government officials and international citizens alike condemned the horrific behavior, but not conservative tak radio host Dana Loesch.

CNN political analyst and Andrew Breitbardt protégée, Loesch said the marines who urinated on corpses deserve "one million cool points," and that she would "drop trou" and do it herself

and Islamophobe Pam geller chimes in as reported by

Pamela Geller “Loves” Soldiers Who Urinate on Dead Corpses by Emperor at Loon , january 12, 2012

Pamela Geller “loves” the soldiers...urinating on dead corpses. According to her it may be the “infidel interpretation of the Islamic ritual of washing and preparing the body for burial.”
Interestingly, Geller often wears a necklace with the word “LOVE” showing, which is perplexing considering that to most rational people she is a hate-mongering-attention-seeking loon blogger. I guess this answers the puzzle of her “LOVE” necklace, she “loves” when Muslims are killed, urinated on or otherwise mutilated.
How sick and sadistic can Geller get? Why doesn’t her best friend Robert Spencer condemn her for such asinine comments?
Geller couches her approval and “love” of such actions by implying that those being urinated on deserve it because…they were “jihadis” and “Taliban.” She then trumps out the Nazi analogy, saying,
Would anyone have CAIRed if Marines urinated on dead Nazi soldiers during WWII? (Anyone besides CAIR and nazis, that is)

As the the writers at Loon Watch point out according to the code of conduct for US soldiers condemns desecration of enemies dead bodies. One could imagine that uber- Ayn Rand disciples such as Pam Geller their pornography of choice would be videos or photos of massacres carried out by US troops such as those in Baghdad, Fallujah or Vietnam's Mi Li or the thousands of massacres of Native Americans (Amerindians)carried out by European settlers from 1492 til the massacre at Wounded Knee or the massacres and mutilation and desecration of the peoples of the Philippines in the 19th century down to the death squads unleashed by the US government and CIA throughout Latin America and now purportedly unleashed in the Middle East.

And still the Islamophobes and Christian Zealots and Western Supremacists believe America and the West can do no wrong or that what appears to be wrongdoing is all part of the Christian and Jewish God's master plan while millions of Muslims make the same claims about their God who just happens to be the God of all three religions . Those not on the GOD Trip are on the Social-Darwinism trip in which the strong survive as they should and the weak and lesser humans are left to die who may possibly be comforted in their misery and hopelessness by mythical religious stories about a fictional paradise after death.
While Jesus talked about the humble and the meek and the poor America and the West favors the strong, the bold, the rich, the powerful, the ruthless, the self-serving arrogant SOBs (ie ( for instance their hero Margaret Thatcher an Iron lady but dead inside) who see empathy and compassion as weakness of character.

Obama sets course for Perpetual War as America's major goal in the coming decades. He seems to be trying to be more hawkish than the most hawkish members of the GOP and those now seeking to be the Republican Party's presidential candidate. Only Republican who is not in favor of perpetual war wants to wage war on American citizens who are not materially successful in America's rat race. And that of course is Ron Paul who seems to be somewhat racist and homophobic and has no interest in doing anything for the less fortunate beyond soup-kitchens run by religious organizations or private interests. If he thought he could make profits off of soup kitchens and shelters for the homeless or shelters for battered women he would be in favor of them otherwise his philosophy is that other peoples problems are not his or the governments . He just gives us the same old 19th century crap about allowing the market place unfettered freedom .
But along with Gingrich and other GOP candidates he would re-open the work houses and debtors prisons while ensuring someone makes a profit from these facilities otherwise let them die and reduce the surplus population -Ayn Rand would be proud.

So the Commander in Chief Obama's answer to America's problems and to give America a brighter and better future is his new improved plan to keep expanding the American Empire and imperialism .
It appears he has no qualms about bombing more cities and killing more innocent civilians if it will help him to be re-elected. Meanwhile his fact-challenged and morally challenged die hard supporters just continue to make excuses for his neo-liberal neo-conservative foreign policy.

Obama Shows His War-Mongering Side Obama aims to create a neat, high-tech image of war, and act like everything is in control. Tom Englehardt via January 12, 2012

...Unlike the typical president, so the reports went, he held six (count 'em: six!) meetings with top Pentagon officials, the Joint Chiefs, the service heads, and his military commanders to plan out the next decade of American war making. And he was no civilian bystander at those meetings either. On a planet where no other power has more than two aircraft carriers in service, hepersonally nixed a Pentagon suggestion that the country’s aircraft carrier battle groups be reduced from 11 to 10, lest China think our power-projection capabilities were weakening in Asia.

...The president even made a "rare visit" to the Pentagon. There, he was hailed as the first occupant of the Oval Office ever to make comments, no less present a new “more realistic”strategic guidance document, from its press office. All of this, in turn, was billed as introducing “major change” into the country’s military stance, leading to (shades of former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld) a “leaner, meaner” force, slimmed down and recalibrated for economic tough times and a global “moment of transition.”

...As political theater, it couldn’t have been smarter. For a president, vulnerable like all Democrats to charges of national security weakness in an election year, it was a chance for great photo ops and headlines. And it left his Republican opponents (Ron Paul, of course,excepted) in the dust, sputtering, fuming, and complaining that he was “leading from behind” and “imperiling” the nation.

Even better, in an election season which has mesmerized the media, not a single reporter or pundit seemed to notice that, whatever the new Pentagon plan might mean for the U.S. military globally, it was great domestic politics for a president whose second term was in peril.

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