Tuesday, January 17, 2012

#OWS Update: The fight to save the American dream

Well of course Mitt Romney and others who belong to the 1% or their fawning enablers argue that economic inequality is the result of those who are willing to work hard and those who are not.
It has nothing to do with a corrupt system which creates a small number of those who are super-wealthy while leaving the 99% to fight over what's left.
It is the rich and powerful who shape in one way or another the laws of the land including the rules for paying taxes in which the top 1% pay less than their share.
It is the rich and powerful in a time of economic crisis who tell the average citizen to tighten their belts and stop whining .
It is the rich and powerful who insist on downsizing government programs meant to help people during hard times.
So as Bill Moyers puts it in this recent article:

"So no, Mitt Romney, when we say that Americans are waking up to the reality that inequality matters, we’re not guilty of “envy” or “class warfare,” as you claimed to Matt Lauer on NBC’s ”Today.” Nor are we talking about everybody earning the same amount of money — that’s the straw man apologists for inequality raise whenever anyone tries to get serious.

We’re talking what it takes to live a decent life. If you get sick without health coverage, inequality matters. If you’re the only breadwinner and out of work, inequality matters. If your local public library closes down and you can’t afford books on your own, inequality matters. If budget cuts mean your child has to pay to play on the school basketball team, sing in the chorus or march in the band, inequality matters. If you lose your job as you’re about to retire, inequality matters. If the financial system collapses and knocks the props from beneath your pension, inequality matters."

The fight to save the American dream It's not "class warfare." People have just realized how extreme inequality is wrecking our country at Salon.com, January 17, 2012

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