Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#OWS Update: Bill Moyers On #Occupy Movement and Chris Hedges Sues Obama Over NDAA Issues Occupy

Occupy Congress: OWS takes a run at Capitol Hill

'SOPA turns anyone who runs a site into policeman'

OWS story on 'Moyers AND Company' -- 1/15/12

Chris hedges calls the NDAA frightening and an attack on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and 200 years of accepted legal precedence and judgments.
Chris Hedges argues that this act can also be seen as a legal tool to undermine the Occupy Movement.
According to the act active members and supporters of the Occupy Movement could be targeted for arrest and indefinite detention without due process or other channels to appeal to those in authority.
The sad thing is in part that President Obama has once again betrayed all Americans and especially those who voted for him and some of whom still defend even his most egregious actions .
The reason Obama was threatening to veto this bill was in fact because he wanted the determination of who is to be arrested to be solely in his hands and/or that of the executive branch and not Congress or other government departments.
Note: Obama is in favor of the status quo and is not to be included as a friend of the Occupy Movement in America or elsewhere. The only protests movements he favors are those in countries which are depicted as being anti-American or are Kow towing to America

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