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#OWS President Obama's Disturbing Militaristic Triumphalism, Hypocrisy and His Hollow Rhetoric & His Attempt To Co-Opt The Occupy Wall Street Movement

#OWS Update:

And here to start with is some good news reported on RT. Julian Assange may get some revenge by having his own show on RT in which hopefully he will do what journalists are supposed to do but rarely do.
This is also a difficult one for Obama who has Julian Assange on his enemies list and possibly could be in line for a targeted assassination . That is never underestimate how far those in power in America will go to take out their enemies real or perceived.

Julian Assange to launch show on RT this March

Uploaded by RTAmerica on Jan 25, 2012
Since 1980 ABC, CBS and NBC have lost over 20 million viewers. According to some critics, the big three networks have been slacking when it comes to news coverage. But where the big three fail the cable networks have picked up the slack. In reaction to the lack of real media coverage, RT is raising the bar. Julian Assange has become a part of the RT network and will have his own show starting in March. Stay tuned to RT.

And from RT The Real State of the Union not as rosy as Obama says and the world does not look to America as a moral example but rather sees America as overly militarized and having no concerns for the sovereignty of other nations or a concern for the civil and human rights of their citizens.

Ninety-Nine Point Nine
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This is da OFFICIAL VIDEO ANTHEM SONG from Occupy Oakland! AN ANTHEM FOR THE WHOLE WORLD! Filmed on location primarily at Occupy Oakland and also at Occupy Wall Street. Feed the People. Freeness, Justice, Peace, Safety and LUV! Repatriation of Mother Earth IS A MUST! OCCUPY THE MIND WITH AMAZINGNESS! cp2012 Luvinnitt Productions

Tiananmen Square Protests 1989 and Occupy Wall Street Movement and the Arab Spring all are seen as unwaranted attacks on the powers that be. That is average citizens demanding justice and fairness and that they are not just cast aside as part of the surplus population as Charles Dickens would have it.
Is this to be part of the Obama vision that is to allow the use of the military or militarized police to shut down the pesky and annoying Occupy Movement even though all Obama has offered in response to the movements demands are more rhetorical flourishes or useless investigative committees which may take years to come to any real conclusions let along actually re-think US economic and social policies.

Stop, or I'll occupy!

As #OWS activist and journalist Jesse LeGreca opines words are fine but they need to be backed up by a real commitment to action and not just the creation of toothless committees or what have you. These are usually created as window dressing to appease a particular sector of the electorate so they won't campaign against those in power.

We have to step back for a moment and take in consideration that this is an election year and Obama fears he may not do as well as he did in 2008 and so will reach out to various groups some of them having agendas which are at odds with other groups or at odds with obama's real agenda.
State of the Union address ignores OWS
His main appeal is that the GOP alternatives appear as Wingnuts and idological extremist.

RT: OWS Response to Obama's State of the Union Address

Military triumphalism America is safer???
I found Obama's use of US troops and the Rangers as representative of the Real America as insincere as when Bush stooped to these tactics. That is; the USA is no. 1 militarily and that's what matters most .
This is especially disturbing given his own record on human rights and the rights of POWs as defined by the Geneva Convention. But even Obama as a true American has no respect for international law or agreements unless they are completely in line with his own agenda.
And Obama did not mention his illegal incarceration of Bradley Manning or his calling for the arrest of Julian Assange and others who work for Wikileaks and anyone who has leaked US documents to Wikileaks or any news agency. Obama says anyone leaking information to the press is a traitor who should be executed so if he had his way Daniel Ellsberg would have been executed for revealing the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam era. I fear Obama would have also gone after Woodward and Bernstein and a host of other public spirited journalists who seek the truth wherever it might lead.
As it is there has been a chilling effect on journalists in America as they realize this president and his government wants total control of their message and their Talking Points. Obama it appears has learned a great deal from Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld how to spin a lie in as many different ways as possible.

Odd how so called liberals from Rachel Maddow, Cenk Uygur, and Dylan Ratigan and Ed Schultz were taken in by this macho militaristic triumphalism as being somehow more important than the fact that Guantanamo is still in operation and that US interrogators C.I.A. or special forces or reserves are still brutalizing so called detainees .
One even begins to suspect these liberals in the US are themselves too tied into this sort of American bravado.
It reminded me of the sort of stories Ronald Reagan like to tell to keep the electorate off guard and distracted from the criminal actions of his administration.

No one mentioned that Osama Bin Laden was summarily executed as was Gaddafi or that the US used its tactic of scorched earth policy in Libya or that he did not leave Iraq willingly but was kicked out as American forces were also kicked out of Pakistan because of the uproar raised by Afghan citizens over the innocent civilians killed in America's Drone Wars against the Pashtun peoples or that Afghanistan is still a mess and yet is still the World's biggest supplier of Opium and that the corrupt War Lords and the Taliban are still terrorizing the people of Afghanistan . Nor does anyone mention the people of Afghanistan have also said they want the Americans out of their country.
Isn't President Obama's militaristic triumphalism and personalizing of the troops just the same sort of sentimental nonsense and hyper-patriotism spewed out by other presidents ie George W. Bush, Clinton , Bush senior and Ronald Reagan .
So Obama like Bush when it comes to domestic issues is undermining the rights and civil liberties of Americans in his fight to maintain America's democracy and freedom-destroying democracy in order to save it.
But the USA even under the Obama Regime ignores international law and the human rights of the citizens in foreign nations where the USA is active militarily or otherwise.

President Hypocritical when it comes to the criminal activiies of Wall Street and the insider trading of the members of Congress and those who are part of Obama's administration who are pro-Wall Street, pro-Big Business , pro-profit and pro-war profiteering and see nothing wrong with breaking the law or just amending the laws to suit their own criminal activities which then become legal-so where's Obama's ethical and moral stand on this .

The other issue about Obama is that once he says something publicly it is as if the thing is already done or fixed.

And his military triumphalism another way to prepare Americans for more wars that is against Iran and Syria etc. while 'kow towing' to Israel's every wish while also supporting unconditionally brutal governments of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain for example.

Why should anyone take Obama at his word since what he says or promises has little to do with his actions which he sees as necessary compromises with his detractors the GOP and the not so liberal Democratic Party members in the Congress. Does he just use these critics as a smoke screen for his inaction or that he is far too conservative himself and is a champion of the status quo.

Obama seems to believe all this hype for instance that since his election America is now post-racial or post-racism -if so he too is deluded as those who support him no matter what.

So there is no reason to take Obama at his word since he appears to be just another career politician who is more concerned with helping his friends in high places no matter how conservative and corrupt they are.
Otherwise why would he have surrounded himself with a number of people who have been Washington insiders in some cases for decades and who have played their part in destroying the American economy while they get richer.

So is Obama really concerned about the ever widening gap between the lower classes and the 1% and their greedy upper middle class supporters who worship the God of Greed and Avarice above all else.
So will Obama take on the rich and powerful changing various laws so that the 1% pay their share of taxes and force them into actually acting like responsible American citizens ala Citizens United-with power with profits made from the sweat of America's flesh and blood persons will they be accountable for their actions or will they be allowed to hide behind laws constructed with the help of these Corporate Giants battalions of ethically-challenged Corporate lawyers and wily unsavory accountants and their thugish Lobbyists who are just the bag men for the Corporate Mafia which now rules America .
But this underlying bred in the bone belief in material success and to hell with the other guy is just part of America's DNA. The idea of actually ensuring that everyone gets a fair chance and is guranteed good health care a decent living wage with the same benefits that those in the government have .
But Obama has still not made at least a phone call to show support for the Occupy Movement or made calls to individual mayors to stop their violence against these Americans who are protesting instead he just makes more empty promises.

reality check from Robert Reich
From Robert Reich: Exporting jobs

“The Commerce Department says U.S. based global corporations added 2.4 million workers abroad in first decade of 21st century, while cutting their US workforce by 2.9 million.”

The State of Our Disunion: A Globalized Private Sector, A Corporate-Dominated Public Sector Robert Teich at Huff Post, January 23, 2012

...American business won't and can't lead the way to more and better jobs in the United States. First, the private sector is increasingly global, with less and less stake in America. Second, it's driven by the necessity of creating profits, not better jobs.

The National Science Foundation has just released its biennial report on global investment in science, engineering and technology. The NSF warns that the United States is quickly losing ground to Asia, especially to China. America's share of global R&D spending is tumbling. In the decade to 2009, it dropped from 38 percent to 31 percent, while Asia's share rose from 24 to 35 percent.

One big reason: According to the NSF, American firms nearly doubled their R&D investment in Asia over these years, to over $7.5 billion.

GE recently announced a $500 million expansion of its R&D facilities in China. The firm has already invested $2 billion.

GE's CEO Jeffrey Immelt chairs Obama's council on work and competitiveness. I'd wager that as an American citizen, Immelt is concerned about working Americans. But as CEO of GE, Immelt's job is to be concerned about GE's shareholders. They aren't the same.

GE has also been creating more jobs outside the United States than in it. A decade ago, fewer than half of GE's employees were non-American; today, 54 percent are.
and :
...According to the New York Times, Apple Computer employs 43,000 people in the United States but contracts with over 700,000 workers abroad. It makes iPhones in China not only because of low wages there but also the ease and speed with which its Chinese contractor can mobilize their workers -- from company dormitories at almost any hour of the day or night.

An Apple executive says "We don't have an obligation to solve America's problems. Our only obligation is making the best product possible." He might have added "and showing a big enough profits to continually increase our share price."

Most executives of American companies agree. If they can make it best and cheapest in China, or anywhere else, that's where it will be made. Don't blame them. That's what they're getting paid to do.

What they want in America is lower corporate taxes, less regulation, and fewer unionized workers. But none of these will bring good jobs to America. These steps may lower the costs of production here, but global companies can always find even lower costs abroad.

and so it goes,

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