Wednesday, January 04, 2012

#OWS Occupy Wall Street Movement : The Revolution Continues in 2012 Protesting Obama's Unconstitutional " National Defense Authorization Act "

The uprising and revolution continues into 2012.

New Year at the Zuccotti (liberty) Park

US police violent tactics are keeping many citizens from joining in the #OWS protests.
The right to peacefully assemble to petition the government to speak out being denied to American citizens .

US storms OWS encampments (PRESSTV)

Uploaded by harmonyDream on Jan 2, 2012
Original uploaded by PressTVGlobalNews:

US police have arrested several Occupy Wall Street protesters in the state of Iowa and charged them with trespassing.

Interview with Connie Everett, organizer of Occupy Columbus

Pepper Spray Cop Shakes His Spray Can New Years Zuccotti Park

Uploaded by djpaulypauld on Jan 1, 2012
This NYPD officer (heavy set fellow) is a pepper spray cop. Here is the scene seconds after an arc of spray caught the revolutionaries and observers (including this reporter) in the face. Haven't been pepper sprayed in along time and I had forgotten how good it smelled and felt. Especially in the eyes.

Occupy Wall Street protester explains NDAA

Uploaded by CitizenRadio on Jan 4, 2012
An Occupy Wall Street protester explains what the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) is.

NLG & CAIR member talks about NDAA #OWS

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Occupy Wall Street Mic Check in Grand Central station 1/3/2012

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Anti NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act)

In a Police State everyone is guilty til proven innocent
In a police state citizens are arrested to intimidate all citizens who dare question those in authority.

NYPD Police try to stop citizens from filming in a public space (NTA)
In a police state all who take active part in protests and those who film these protests are the enemy.
In a police state anyone who hears the message of protesters are already treated as being infected by that message.
As the infection as such spreads the police and those in authority begin to lash out and panic.
In a police state violence by the police is the norm .

MTA Cop Hits My Camera in Failed Attempt To Get Me To Stop Filming - #OWS

Uploaded by JoeysNewYork on Jan 3, 2012
I got to Grand Central Station today early for Occupy Wall Street's NDAA event and shot video of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police gearing up for mass arrests as they started to appear en-masse throughout the station with zip-ties which they use to cuff arrestees. One cop, officer Pagon, didn't like the idea I was filming her so she hit my cam and thus my hand holding it a few times in quick succession until she was taken away by her more sensible supervisor.

Girl arrested for meeting boyfriend

Uploaded by ThePat90210 on Jan 1, 2012
During New Years Dec 31, 2011 girl waiting on corner arrested for just standing there waiting for boyfriend. NYPD thought she was a protester and arrested her. Deserved to be thrown on youtube.

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