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#OWS Libertarian Ron Paul Surges Ahead in New Hampshire Good for the Antiwar Anti-Imperialism Movement & Occupy The Dream Flash Mob January 16 MLK

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#OWS Occupy Movement plans Flash Mob dance on January 16, Martin Luther King Jr. Day everywhere/ World Wide protest.

#OWS Update; January 12, 2012

Silence is betrayal (MLK anti-war speech)

Occupy The Dream - Martin Luther King #J15

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The heart of Dr King's vision offers wonderful inspiration for the Occupy Movement - one that is deeply rooted in love. King's approach to activism was all about "love in action."

Occupy Flash Mob Worldwide Jan 16, 2012 Full song Back view with count

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Practice the occupy flash mob dance moves with Christina... This is the Full song Back view with the count

Occupy Flash Mob Worldwide: January 16, 2012...

TODAY WED JAN. 11th, 2012, LIVE Instructions from 3-6pm PST on
Were you will be able to ask Chris anything about the choreography, learn and have fun!

Join us! Spread the word... Practice practice practice...

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OWS Protesters Re-Occupy Liberty Square!

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After complaints from neighbors, local politicians, and national civil liberties groups, the barricades that have surrounded Zuccotti Park since the November 15 eviction of OWS are removed.

Ron Paul surges ahead becoming no. 2 in large part because of his antiwar anti-war profiteering stance and his libertarian views. His anti-war views are of course appealing but what about his views on other issues such as the environment and protecting the health and safety of average American citizens. Besides taking on Big Government and the military/security industrial complex will he take on Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Coal and other powerful and

Rivals' Attacks on Romney's Corporate Record Display Occupy Wall Street's Wide Reach. 2/2

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Original uploaded by democracynow: - The New Hampshire primary brought fewer than 50 percent of voters to the polls. The candidates are "addressing issues that aren't really connecting with a whole bunch of Americans, especially blue-collar Americans," says Dale Kuehne, a New Hampshire political science professor. "I don't know that they see a whole lot of reason to go out and vote for either Obama or out to vote for Romney or some of the others."

Many undeclared New Hampshire voters lent their support to the Libertarian-leaning Republican candidate, Ron Paul, who veers from the mainstream GOP platform by calling for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and has spoken out against the military-industrial complex.

Meanwhile, Paul's fellow challengers have attacked Romney for the jobs lost he was head of the venture capitalist firm, Bain Capital. "Occupy Wall Street has to understand not only have they changed the conversation in the country, but now that conversation is going to be reinforced in South Carolina by two people that you would think would be the least likely -- Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich," says Arnie Arneson, longtime New Hampshire radio and TV host.

Well it appears that the media and the rest of us including myself who gave little credence to Ron Paul's candidacy will be obliged to examine his views more critically rather than just writing him off.

The good news here is that if the Republicans are forced to move closer to Ron paul's views on American adventurism and imperialism and for instance on his stance on ending the other big money waster the War On Drugs this might put pressure on Obam and the Democras to adapt their policies to coincide with Ron Paul's or even go further if possible.

Personally I still have a problem with Ron Paul's negative views on issues such as a national healthcare program for all Americans and helping out those affected by the economic crisis in America ie the poor the homeless the unemployed those whose homes are or have been foreclosed and to give more help to senior citizens and to veterans and working to improve education & education accessibility from pre-school to university..

It seems that the Libertarian view is that of self-reliance and individual efforts combined with low taxes even on the rich. This assumes a form of trickle down economics and telling millions of people who have been negatively impacted by Big Government , Big Business including the Lobbyists and corrupt politicians and the greedy hungry Beast of Wall Street.

I am also not sure how a Libertarian can square with insuring enough resources and money are allocated to the various government bodies dealing with regulatory oversight and enforcement ie the Department of environment or departments dealing with regulations and standards to protect consumers from corporations and companies which provide goods and services to the public. Can Paul square having needed regulations with his libertarian ideology or is he and other libertarians more flexible than what I understand to be the case.

For instance will Ron Paul be willing to take on Big Pharma, Big Coal, Big Oil in order to protect American citizens from the ruthless unethical greedy corporations who believe no one has a right to impose any regulations on them.

So if a pharmaceutical company sells a product which does perform as advertised or one that is dangerous to the health of the public would Ron Paul take them to task for fraud, false advertising, criminal negligence -since Corporations are in the USA "persons" then they can be prosecuted the same as an individual ie lock up the CEOs and board members and anyone who willingly took part in the fraud, false advertising or criminal negligence. For instance instead of just making BP pay for its clean up and pay for damages done their CEOs should be jailed .

also check out scathing comments by Cenk Uygur on accusations that Ron Paul is racist and homophobic:

Ron Paul On racism
January 9, 2008.

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