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#OWS & Robbie Burns & Bill Moyers David Stockman PT.2 & GOP Flaunts Its Racism Un- Apologetically

First in Honour of Robbie Burns birthday January 25 (253rd) and the Occupy Movement a wee verse about the elites " Such A Parcel of Rogues" who sell out the nation and its people for (English ) Gold

Robert Burns "Such a Parcel of Rogues" Poem animation

The Occupy Wall Street movement's complaints about the 1% having too much power in Washington is not some wild leftist claim but as financial expert David Stockman shows the take over of America by this elite has been going on since the beginning of Ronald Reagan's administration.
Both Republicans and Democrats used their influence not to protect the average citizens of America but instead put their own personal greed and that of Wall Street before the needs of the nation.
In a word these politicians and these investors on Wall Street including Big Corporations committed as it were criminal and unethical actions which amount to High Treason .

It is rather strange that when someone cheats on welfare and gets a few thousand dollars more than they should the public in America and the Media take a fit but when investors on Wall Street and Big Money interests rob from the public purse this is seen as Capitalism and the Free Market Place at work.
Its like New Gingrich who is among the 1% blaming American workers including unionized maintenance workers in New York City for destroying the American economy and not the members of the 1% 's disregard for the law or for morality and ethics.

David Stockman argues that Wall Street investors were and are more concerned about increasing their profits by legal or illegal or at least unethical means.
These Wall Street investors and bankers were not acting as true patriotic Americans as they had no concern for the American people or the nation as they sought to enhance their profits and wealth even if it had a negative or even disastrous impact on the American people or the nation..
Their only concern was for profits at any cost or by any means necessary and so to satisfy their greed they manipulated the markets and used their influence and the use of lobbyists to force the government of the USA to bend to their will .
Of course the politicians in power in Washington could have stood up to this pressure from Big Money interests but unfortunately American politicians are themselves more interested in feathering their nests than doing what is right for the nation or the American people.

#OWS Bill Moyers "Crony Capitalism" David Stockman Pt. 2

Chris Mathews on Newt Gingrich's and GOP's appeal to racism

Chris Matthews Accuses Newt Gingrich Of Racially Charged Use Of The Name ‘Juan’ VIDEO by Jon Bershad at January 17th, 2012

Matthews’ comments came during an appearance on Andrea Mitchell Reports in which he and Mitchell discussed the tone in yesterday’s all white audience. Matthews accused Rick Perry of using terms bordering on “succession” when he talked about the South Carolina people’s “war” with the government. However, the focus was on Gingrich and Williams and particularly Williams’ first name. While Matthews agreed with a lot of what Gingrich said, he argued that this was a coded message to the crowd.

“That use of the name ‘Juan,’ the way he did it. You can’t argue these things. You either see them or you don’t. It’s just the way he did that. I sensed a little applause when he said ‘Let me help you’ when he answered the Juan question. It’s in the eye of the beholder. And, by the way, calling someone a racist is the worst way to get them to stop being racist because everyone gets defensive. … So it’s stupid to say it but, honestly, if you notice it, you sort of ought to blow the whistle. Because there is a dog whistle going on here.”
Matthews isn’t the only one accusing Gingrich of being condescending to WIlliams. Meanwhile, the Right is accusing Williams of race baiting Gingrich.

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