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#OWS " A Man's A Man For A' That " Critics Say Haditha Sends Message That U.S. Won’t Punish Military

Robert Burns birthday:

 Burn's belief in the equality of all humankind is an ideal which has not been realized as those in power the 1% and their quislings and toadies insist that they are in all accounts superior to the rest of humankind. That is as long as the 1% are treated as our betters we will not be truly free and there will not be justice for all but only for the few. While our society preaches honesty and morality and the rule of law those privileged few are treated as if no man made law or Jesus 's teachings of equality  apply to them. They see themselves as the Elite or the Saints of the Puritan tradition who we are told have a right to Lord-it over the rest of us.

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" A Man's a Man for A' That " Rabbie Burns.

Uploaded by HAZRIC on Sep 27, 2008
A Man's a Man For A' that. A song written by Rabbie Burns, performed by The Macalmans.
Notes for the Sasunnach and other strange folks:
aboon -- above
birkie -- a lively, young, forward fellow
coof -- fool, ninnie
fa' -- have as one's lot
gree -- prize
gowd -- gold
hame -- home
hing -- hang
hoddin -- coarse, woollen cloth
maunna -- must not

As the #OWS Occupy Movement has discovered freedom of speech the freedom to protest freedom of association etc. are no longer considered rights under the Obama administration but are regarded as privileges which can be arbitrarily denied depending on the mood of the elites of the rich and powerful and the well connected.

And here's a funny song about the freedom of the Internet versus the Obama oligarchy and the elites who are out to destroy the internet as we know it.
The elites want complete and utter control over what is permitted on the internet they have declared war on free downloading and uploading sites as well as more politicized sites such as Wikileaks or AlJazeera or even Youtube.

Dan Bull Releases His Own Megaupload Song at, January 23, 2012

Obama administration once again shows its cowardice in not pursuing war crimes committed by US troops.
By the way did he mention that he never intended to go after anyone in the Bush administration for war crimes or for actions amounting to treason.
Bush lied about Iraq and now Obama says the war was worthwhile and another great win for America. He never mentions the million Iraqis killed based upon lies.
Did he mention alleged whistle-blower Bradley Manning being kept in indefinite detention as an example for anyone who dares to reveal uncomfortable truths about American troops and the US government.
Did he mention the unnecessary war in Libya in which tens of thousands of civilians were murdered by NATO bombers which were acting on orders from the Pentagon and White House.
Did he mention that he has given aid to Egypt over the last year so the Military Junta could slaughter and torture protesters and dissidents.
Did Obama just make another rousing speech about nothing except the promise of more war, more job loses , more homeless , more foreclosures and to hell with everybody except the 1%.
Did Obama explain why he has made the whole world into one big battlefield with his legislation NDAA and that anyone anywhere on the slightest suspicion can be detained indefinitely and undergo so -called torture Lite aka Standard operating procedures.
Did Obama offer up steps he would take to stop the Massive incarceration of Black and Hispanic Americans.
Did Obama explain why he did nothing about police forces brutal and unnecessary treatment of peaceful #OWS /Occupy protesters.
Did he mention why he is still gunning for Juliane Assange and Wikileaks.
Did he promise to end the police state actions at US airports.
Did he promise to halt Mountaintop Removal Mining .
Did he promise to stop the useless insane inept expensive and destructive war on drugs.

Critics Say Haditha Sends Message That U.S. Won’t Punish Military

January 23, 2012 "LA Times' -- Several analysts said they feared that the deal Monday to end Marine Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich's court-martial in the killing of 24 Iraqis would harden the widespread conviction in the international community that the U.S. does not hold its troops accountable for misdeeds or meet the standards of conduct it attempts to impose on other countries.

"This is only going to reinforce that sense," said Sarah Leah Whitson, executive director of the Middle East and North Africa division of Human Rights Watch, which seeks to curtail inhumane conduct in war. "This has contributed significantly to the cynicisms of people in the region about America's rhetoric — about America standing for principles. When push comes to shove, when it comes to looking at the misconduct of their own soldiers, there is no accountability."

Wuterich will plead guilty to a single count of negligent dereliction of duty, with a maximum sentence of three months in the brig. Other charges were dropped. Wuterich, 31, was accused of manslaughter, assault and dereliction of duty for allegedly leading his squad on a bloody rampage on the morning of Nov. 19, 2005, after a roadside bomb killed one Marine and injured two in the Euphrates River town of Haditha. Twenty-four unarmed Iraqis died.

One former Marine prosecutor said the Haditha case would be studied by future generations of military lawyers as an example of how not to investigate and prosecute suspected war crimes.

Amos Guiora, a University of Utah law professor and former career legal officer with the Israeli Defense Forces, agreed that the plea deal "creates a greater perception that the misconduct of American soldiers goes largely unpunished by the United States."

“It’s going to be hard to explain to the world that at the end of the day this fellow will serve three months and that the charges have been so significantly reduced,” Guiora said.

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