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#OWS : Essential Viewing " Bill Moyers Crony Capitalism Pt. 1"

#OWS Update: From The Guardian,UK

Occupy protests around the world: full list visualised
The Occupy protests have spread from Wall Street to London to Bogota. See the full list - and help us add more The Guardian

and OMG! Racist elitist Fat Cat adulterer  New Gingrich wins SC primary by appealing to racism and disingenuously claiming to be on the side of average Americans . When in fact like Obama he is on the side of the rich and powerful hates minorities , hates the poor, hates any government assistance to those who are unemployed or poor or bankrupt -he wants to overturn the hard fought for labor laws in the USA. His view of America is winner take all but if a rich person or business gets into trouble the government is always there to bail them out.

Marking a triumph for the return of unvarnished racism on the American political stage, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich handily won the South Carolina Republican presidential primary on Saturday, leaving in tatters the presumed inevitability of a Mitt Romney romp to the Republican presidential nomination. Finishing with 40 percent of the vote, Gingrich vanquished Romney, who garnered only 28 percent. Rick Santorum and Ron Paul managed 17 and 13 percent, respectively, while Herman Cain brought up the rear with 1 percent.

Bill Moyers on US Democracy undermined by Big Money and "Crony Capitalism

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 #OWS -This is essential viewing for understanding how the rich and powerful, Wall Street speculators and bankers and corporation plundered America's public purse.

When we attack and criticize Wall Street and Big Business it is not necessarily to overthrow the Capitalist system but rather the greedy, plundering , bullying beast the Capitalist System has become.
As we see in this on going economic crisis there is a need to regulate and rein in unfettered unaccountable Crony Capitalism as it exist now.
Much of what has occurred can be blamed on the former administrations from Reagan to Bush senior to Clinton to Bush Jr but President Obama could have taken a different stance on these matters but instead has kept to the status quo of systemic corruption and cronyism .
Economist David Stockman argues that President Obama should have let these bankers, speculators and high risk takers fail because they were guilty of over-reach and even criminal activities to increase their profit margins knowing if they got into trouble the Government would help to bail them out.

Obama bailed these folk out but did nothing to help out the millions of Americans who were negatively impacted by this financial boondoggle in which the rich were able to make themselves rich while driving millions of average Americans into unemployment, bankruptcy and even homelessness.
 And now we have the Mainstream media and the corrupt politicians whether Newt Gingrich or President Obama blaming the real victims in this so called economic crisis that is the average American and not those at the top who used and abused the system .
 Obama knows when he is no longer president he will be able to pick among a variety of plum jobs that pay a few million a year  so much for being the idealistic selfless community organizer.
Obama has now passed laws which will give his administration the freedom to lock up indefinitely anyone who criticizes the current administration and its policies because now the Whole World is now defined as a Theater of War. And as he down sizes government services and ignores those Americans who are suffering the most his prority is it appears to firstly to acquire the couple of hundred million he needs to be re-elected and to decide at what point in time to bomb , invade and occupy Iran

Bill moyers investigates how big money is destroying America's Democracy and the free market place. Capitalism has become "Crony Capitalism" by which the rules of the game have been changed and rigged to protect the big investment bankers with the aid of the US government.
The so called finacial crisis of 2008 would not have had a severe impact on the whole system if the government just allowed these investment banks and corporations to fail as a consequence of the natural organic forces at work in the free market place .
For all the hype we hear about government interference in the Free market Place what the Wall Street Tycoons and banks wanted was to have the US government save these banks and corporations from bankruptcy.
One can to some extent understand that the conservative Republican administration of George W. Bush took steps to prop up those who should have been allowed to fail but that Obama also adhered to the Republican financial economic policy was and is still disheartening.
The hundreds of billions of dollars given to these corporations and bankers did nothing to stabilize the economy.

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