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Tea Party Meets Occupy Richmond & Frank Luntz Tells GOP To Fear #OWS

Reverend Jesse Jackson speaks out giving his support to the Occupy Wall Street Movement

The washington Report Back: Rev. Jesse Jackson's Statement to Occupy

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Rev. Jesse Jackson visited The Take Back Our Capital camp to give a statement to the Occupiers and labor union rep.s.

Occupy Richmond and local Tea party meet and discover they do have shared grievances against the government and the two parties and the lobbyists and Wall Street ???
From The Young Turks

Tea Party Meets Occupy Richmond-TYT

the common citizen is no longer represented fairly by government
Government and the two parties are controlled by Wall St. & K St. by the wealthy, Wall Street  and the lobbyists

Thom Hartmann
99ers in DC end up occupying a jail cell!

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Rev. CJ Hawking & Krista Rand w/Arise Chicago join Thom Hartmann. The 99% Movement took their message to K-Street yesterday to fight back against all the corporate corruption in our government. Over 1,000 people - including many unionized workers - took part in the day of action dubbed "Take Back the Capitol." Braving relentless, freezing rain - patriots shut down several blocks of K Street - forcing lobbying outfits to close up shop for the day. Unfortunately - 62 patriots were also arrested for engaging in civil disobedience. All told - well over 100 hundred patriots were arrested in police crackdowns yesterday - as officer in San Francisco raided the local "occupation" there - taking 70 people away in handcuffs.

Frank Luntz tells GOP he is afraid of Occupy Wall Street.
Luntz wants GOP to fight OWS message by merely adapting their language to undercut OWS message.
such as Capitalism becomes " Free market "
"Taxing the rich" becomes " government Taking from the rich "
"Middle Class" becomes " hard working Americans "

"Paid For Performance" - Panicking Propaganda Peddler Prepares Puppet For Protesters-
Keith Olberman talks with Markos Moulitsas about Frank Luntz concerns about the #OWS.

Charles Schultz on his program also takes on Frank Luntz the GOP spinmeister and his fears about #OWS Luntz is concerned that the #ows are having an impact on the public turning the public against Capitalism -
But what Luntz doesn't realize or refuses to accept is that the public is turning against unfettered deregulated corrupt form of Capitalism which is operating now in the US and has been out of control for over thirty years going back at least to the Reagan years when Reagan favored the rich while escalating the yearly US deficit . Reagan did not balance the budget but rather went on a spending spree ignoring the needs average Americans. Frank Luntz Republican Spin-master is scared

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This video for shows msnbc anchor, Ed Shulz discussing the meeting of Republican strategist, Frank Luntz and the Republican governors' association during which Luntz told the governors he is afraid of the 99% movement and advised them on how to act towards the movement.

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