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Poor Kids Should Clean Bathrooms - Newt Gingrich & Obama Supports Egypt's Military Junta Which Is As Bad As Mubarak's Regime

Pity would be no more
If there were no poor
William Blake

Newt Gingrich and Child Labor
U.S. permits the summary execution of U.S. citizens
Egypt after Mubarak has not improved
(reminder U.S. has shipped more Made in America New Industrial Strength Tear Gas/ Mace /Pepper-Spray ( Egyptians say the gas used most recently on protesters is much stronger than what was used just a few months ago- so was the same new improved spray used on the students at UCDavis etc.?)

Will Real Change Take place in Egypt after election or just more of the same ???

Egypt: Military will not tolerate 'troublemakers'

see more on situation in Egypt after this item on Child Labor favored by Newt Gingrich and Neo-Liberals(quasi-Fascists)

Children as cheap labor in the Coal Mines- Newt Gingrigrich says children were happier then and more productive???

Children working in the Textile Industry

First something bizarre .

It appears Newt Gingrich being the brilliant man that he is (?)has found a solution to Child Poverty by send the children to work just like in the good old days when children worked in Coal Mine age 12 or less in textiles factory possibly even chained to their workstations.
Gingrich and the GOP becoming more extreme by the day or candidate.

Then Gingrich spews out a list of stereotypes about the poor which he of course believe
The poor are lazy ,slow stupid, have no self-respect and surround by other lazy good for nothings ie what Hitler called The Work Shy.

The reform in Child labor laws in the 19th to 20th centuries has usually been though of by most people in the West as a good thing . Children are supposed be permitted to be children not laborers for the wealthy . Gingrich now wants to create a revisionist history in which children liked being in the labor force til the evil liberals ruined it for these hardworking children.
It will be fun times in America if he becomes president maybe for the wars he's planning he could recruit a million poor kids as combat soldiers like the ones Iran had when it was fighting for its survival against Iraq and Saddam.

Cenk's comments on Gingrich & GOP's solution to child poverty
The Young Turks -Cenk Uygur-Gingrich Let Poor Kids Clean Bathrooms???

Uploaded by TheYoungTurks on Dec 2, 2011
Will child labor laws be repealed if Republican Newt Gingrich defeats President Obama's reelection bid in 2012? The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur explains.

also see:

The War On Child Labor Laws: Maine Republicans

Want Longer Hours, Lower Pay For Kids
by Ian Millhiser, Think, March 31, 2011

Maine State Rep. David Burns is the latest of many Republican

lawmakers concerned that employers aren’t allowed to do enough to

exploit child workers:
LD 1346 suggests several significant changes to Maine’s child labor

law, most notably a 180-day period during which workers under age

20 would earn $5.25 an hour.
The state’s current minimum wage is $7.50 an hour.
Rep. David Burns, R-Whiting, is sponsoring the bill, which also

would eliminate the maximum number of hours a minor over 16 can

work during school days.
Burns’ bill is particularly insidious, because it directly

encourages employers to hire children or teenagers instead of adult

workers. Because workers under 20 could be paid less than adults

under this GOP proposal, minimum wage workers throughout Maine

would likely receive a pink slip as their twentieth birthday

present so that their boss could replace them with someone younger

and cheaper.
also see:

by Lisa Wade, Societypages.orgDec 3, 2009,

These days the talk is about adult-olescence, or the seeming

extention of adolescence well into ones twenties. But the idea

that children should have a childhood at all is actually pretty

recent. Before industrialization, when families tended to work

their own land, children got to work as soon as they were able.

Being apprentices to their parents was the difference between life

and death.

Industrialization brought a whole new kind of work: wage work that

occurred outside the home. At that time, it made perfect sense

that kids would work, as they’d be working on the farm all along.

Only later did we decide that working outside the home was

different than working at it and that, perhaps, children working

outside of the home needed protection. The first federal law

regulating child labor was passed in 1938.

Well it appears that Neo-Liberals in Canada with an eye on those lazy poor kids as a potential cheap labor force decided even before Newt Gingrich to put those spoiled brats to work so check it out -
So much for Canada being a civilized progressive nation -we can oppress just like the Americans can.

and so British Columbia in Canada has the most backward laws concerning child labor which are more regressive than that of India.

British Columbia's child labour laws now trail those of India Hiring children as young as 12 remains legal in one of Canada's richest provinces

Victoria (13 Aug. 2006) - British Columbia's child labour laws are so bad they now lag behind those of India, which has just banned the hiring of children under 14 as domestic servants or as employees at hotels, tea shops, restaurants and resorts.

Official government figures put the number of child labourers in India at 11 million. The actual figure is probably closer to 60 million, according to India's Save the Childhood Movement.

Yet the new standard, adopted by one of the world's poorest and most populous countries, is better than the child labour laws now on the books in B.C., Canada's wealthy West Coast province.

The B.C. government, headed by Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell, brought international shame to Canada by passing one of the most regressive pieces of "labour" legislation in modern memory.

Bill 37 was approved on Oct. 8, 2003. It permits the hiring of children under the age of 12 to 15 with the written consent of a child's parent or guardian. In fact, it even allows the hiring of children under the age of 12 with the consent of the province's "director of employment standards" - a government official whose duties are set out in the B.C. Employment Standards Act.

Shameful minimum wage

Besides legalizing child labour, Bill 37 also lowered the province's minimum wage to $6 an hour ($5.35 US) - the lowest in Canada - by establishing a two-tiered "minimum" rate.

The $6 "first job/entry level" wage applies to new employees in the work force. They are exempted from qualifying for the second-tier $8 minimum wage until they have worked at least 500 hours with more than one employer.

The B.C. law has been condemned by organizations across Canada and beyond, including the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) and its largest B.C. component, the British Columbia Government and Service Employees' Union (BCGEU). NUPGE

and now for the horrifying or WTF?

US becoming as oppressive as Egypt or Oppressive Lite
Legal for U.S. Govt to Execute Citizens Abroad?

Uploaded by TheYoungTurks on Dec 3, 2011
Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks discusses a new part of the Defense Authorization Act that makes it legal for the United States government to detain and in fact execute U.S. citizens abroad.

Clinton to world Egypt stable World to Clinton Mubarak is doomed

President Obama and Hillary Clinton in February were surprised by the Uprsing in Egypt. At first Clinton issued statements supporting Mubarak and claiming Egypt was stable and the protesters were just a few disgruntled people .Next thing you know the Obama administration was telling Mubarak to make concessions or leave. He left and Hope was dashed when the military took over and began to return to the same oppressive policies as Mubarak arresting disidents, protesters, torturing prisones (sounds like America) indefinite detention denying prisoners their basic rights , denying citizens the right to peaceful assembly and the right to present their grievances to those running the goverment-sounds like police in America & #OWS.

A Million Egyptian citizens hold massive protests in Tahrir Square as they did in February this year. That time they got rid of Mubarak now they want the head of the Military Junta to step down.

Egypt protesters reject military concessions

Military Junta Supported By U.S. still torturing prisoners ah well so what the U.S. also tortures prisoners while the U.S. media argue about what is and what is not "Torture" to the Neoliberals and Neocons its just a matter of semantics and PR so what's needed is a new way to sell torture as a good thing to the people in the West.So they tell me to get with the program bombing villages obliterating cities murdering children is good or bad depending on how you look at it.

Thousands of Egyptians at Funeral of Police Torture Victim

Neocons and Neoliberals hard at work convincing or rather deceiving people about their favoring democracy, freedom, human rights and the sovereignty of nations . What the U.S. and the Western powers want is cheap labor , cheap and easily accessible oil and other natural products including gold and diamonds the West won't rest til we have it all. As the saying goes "it's all good" meaning your suffering is good for me as long as I and others in the West do not suffer or so they hope.
So Obama's real Hope is the extending of the American Empire around the globe and the crushing of any and all resistance???

and so it goes,

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