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#OWS Update: Occupy Wall Street Protests Intensify at Campaign Headquarters; Many Arrested | JD Journal

Occupy Facebook: Protesters Planning Their Own Social Network

Also see: Occupy Geeks Are Building a Facebook for the 99% by Sean Captain at Threailevelblog via, December 29,2011
I don’t want to say we’re making our own Facebook. But, we’re making our own Facebook,” said Ed Knutson, a web and mobile app developer who joined a team of activist-geeks redesigning social networking for the era of global protest.

...The impetus is understandable. Social media helped pull together protesters around the globe in 2010 and 2011. Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak so feared Twitter and Facebook that he shut down Egypt’s internet service. A YouTube video posted in the name of Anonymous propelled Occupy Wall Street from an insider meme to national news. And top-trending Twitter hashtags turned Occupy from a ho-hum rally on Sept. 17 into a national and even international movement.

Now it’s time for activists to move beyond other people’s social networks and build their own, according to Knutson.

“We don’t want to trust Facebook with private messages among activists,” he said.

The same thinking applies to Twitter and other social networks — and the reasoning became clear last week, when a Massachusetts district attorney subpoenaed Twitter for information about the account @OccupyBoston and other accounts connected to the Boston movement. (To its credit, Twitter has a policy of giving users the opportunity to contest such orders when possible.)
More Occupy protesters arrested:
Raw Video: 'Occupy' Protestors Arrested in Iowa-December 28 2011.

Published on Dec 28, 2011 by AssociatedPress
Police in Des Moines, Iowa arrested several "Occupy the Caucus" protestors who entered a Wells Fargo bank. The protestors say the bank has not disclosed it's donations to Republican presidential candidates. (Dec. 28)

Also see: Occupy Wall Street Protests Intensify at Campaign Headquarters; Many Arrested | JD Journal


Homeless people "occupy" abandoned US homes

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More than 700,000 homes owned by banks are empty in the US. Millions more properties risk falling to the same fate due to a foreclosure crisis.

But, fueled by popular anger at banks and financial institutions, the Occupy Wall Street movement recently promoted "home occupations" in 20 cities across the country.

And, the number of organisations facilitating these actions is growing.

Kristen Saloomey reports from Rochester, New York.


And more questions posed about CIA or other federal agencies in the coordinated crackdown on the Occupy Movement's  protests.
CIA Involved In Occupy Wall Street Crackdown?

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The Occupy Wall Street movement has experienced severe crackdowns nationwide. Many of the occupiers suspect the CIA has been aiding local law enforcement to try to thwart the movement. The Partnership for Civil Justice filed a Freedom of Information Act request to try to see if the CIA was involved in the OWS crackdowns, but the PCJF was denied the information. Is the CIA covering up evidence? Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, executive director of the PCJF, joins us.

and see:

Strategic Frames of the Occupy Movement by: Joe Brewer, December 29, 2011

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