Thursday, December 08, 2011

#OWS Update: Occupy LA Protesters Stuck In Jail & Obama Still Supporting Crackdown of Pro-reform Protesters in Egypt & In U.S. Cities

In a number of foreign policy areas the Obama administration is no different than its predecessors. The administration as we know was slow to take up the cause and legitimate grievances of the Egyptian people in their protests against the U.S. friendly Mubarak regime but the Military Junta which replaced Mubarak is just as bad when it comes to human rights violations.
And even though this is a well publicized fact the Obama administration continues to send military armaments including the tear gas used in the governments crack down .
Of course what can we expect form the current Obama administration which has done nothing to stop the brutal crackdown by police of the Occupy Movement's protests.

More eye witness reports about the brutality of the Obama backed Junta in Egypt
Journalist who is an Egyptian American who was beaten and sexually assaulted by Egyptian forces just recently.

Mona Eltahawy, Journalist Who Was Assaulted By Egyptian Security Forces, Blasts Junta's Violent Oppression (VIDEO) Via huffington post ,Dec. 8, 2011

"The Army and security forces in Egypt have been sadistic. So many young men lost their eyes during that week that I was in Egypt," Etlahawy said. "Almost 40 people died. Three thousand people were injured during that time when I was injured. And not all those people have access to media the way that I do."

Eltahawy explained that the savagery of the military regime is even worse than many of the years spent under the rule of former President Hosni Mubarak.

"The reason this revolution began was to fight exactly this type of brutality," she said.

Eltahawy also railed against the Obama administration and U.S. arms manufacturers for selling bullets, guns and tear gas canisters to the Egyptian regime.

"The U.S. administration gives the Egyptian military $1.3 billion in aid every year. That comprises 40 percent of the military's budget," Eltahawy said. "That military junta that is now oppressing us and beating us and sexually violating us in Egypt, in ways even worse than Mubarak, is being directly funded by the United States and this must stop."

Amnesty International criticized the U.S. government on Wednesday for allowing arms shipments to Egypt despite the current crackdowns on protesters, The Associated Press reported.

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