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#ows Municipalities in U.S. Thwarting Protesters Right to Peaceful Assembly & #ows Occupy The Capitol And Obama Makes Another Speech

Update : #OWS Occupy Movement  still alive and growing.

President Obama made another speech while millions lose their jobs, their homes and now the GOP and conservative Dems want to reduce Unemployment insurance and  lower taxes for the wealthy  while both sides along with the Mainstream Media push for another war against Iran , Syria vote for another war to supposedly end terrorism  - These people love wars because it is a way to increase profits selling more weapons to the US government and governments around the globe while keeping the public distracted while the Modern Day Robber Barons suck money out of the government and out of the pockets of the average citizen while bribing legislators to do the bidding of the big corporations and the super wealthy..

East New York homes taken back as Occupy protesters set sights on foreclosures - The Guardian ,December 7, 2011

videoResidents of the Brooklyn neighbourhood of East New York have begun to occupy homes from which they had previously been evicted, as part of an Occupy Our Homes campaign. East New York has high levels of homelessness and high numbers of foreclosed homes


U.S.President Obama Supports Brutal Oppression in Egypt
Though Obama and others in his administration claim to be in favor of political reform in Egypt their actions in defending the military junta  government of Egypt appear to suggest otherwise.
The Obama Regime was reluctant from the beginning of the Egyptian public uprising to side with the protesters . And once the media was giving little coverage to Egytian protests the Obama Regime went back to supporting the authoritarian brutal military junta which took over after the ousting of Mubarak .

Egyptian police use U.S. made extra-Strength Tear Gas on People protesting in Egypt at Tahrir Square.
The U.S. Gas has caused numerous cases of extremely serious physical damage and including convulsions and some protesters have died from asphyxiation.

Medical personnel and eye witnesses at Tahrir Square report that the tear gas the military is using currently is stronger and more deadly than that used on protesters in February of this year. This raises concerns over the tear gas being used against #ows protesers in the U.S.

Egyptian Protestors Vow To Resist U.S. Made Toxic Gas

Update #OWS
Great piece below by PressTVGlobal News coverage of Occupy Movement
Unfortunately the Mainstream Media in Canada and the US refuse to cover the Occupy Movement fairly . MSM appears committed to pandering to Wall Street and the Elite while even so called self-proclaimed liberals are also themselves to entrenched in the existing unjust status-quo of Monopolistic unfettered Capitalism.

Most politicians in the USA themselves directly or indirectly whether they are Republican or Democrat are on the payroll of the super rich and corporations .
The Militarization of police forces across the U.S.
The policing of the Occupy Movement is quite similar to the repression of pro-reform movements in Egypt, bahrain, Saudi Arabia , Iran , Syria, Yemen and so forth.

American Awakening: "take back the capital"-News Analysis-12-06-2011

Uploaded by PressTVGlobalNews on Dec 7, 2011
The US Occupy protesters have called their movement "take back the capital" and plans are plans are underway for a National Day of Action.

This edition of News Analysis asks: Has the Occupy Movement change the US forever?

Occupy Movement Taking Back The People's House!

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December 06, 2011 MSNBC


The Road to Political Dictatorship
Uploaded by TheRealNews on Dec 4, 2011
John Weeks: The economic power of Wall St., if not restrained, will lead to political dictatorship

The Right to Occupy, the Right to Assemble?
Real News Network

Jim Lafferty speaks about federal injuction filed on behalf of Occupy LA

Uploaded by sandrineora on Nov 28, 2011
Jim Lafferty of the National Lawyers' Guild speaks on behalf of Occupy LA about a temporary restraining order filed against the mayor and the police department on November 28, 2011.

and so it goes,

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