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#OWS Update -UK Occupy Equated With Al Qaeda? & 50 Occupy Protesters Arrested In New York & Exposing Racist Sheriff Arpaio (Redux)

Occupy -The Movie

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5500 arrests of peaceful protesters in 90 days.
0 arrests of economic criminals in 3 years.
Who are you protecting?

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Occupy Suspects: Police brand campers a terror threat

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Narco-terrorists, suicidal jihadists, and Occupy London? While few would see any connection between peaceful British activists protesting economic inequality and the world's most notorious terrorist groups, London police beg to differ.

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Sheriff Arpaio has finally been censured for his racist anti-immigant anti-Hispanic policies .
Sheriff Arpaio's draconian racist policies are supported by the KKK, Neo-Nazi Skinheads and other White Supremacist and nativists such as Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Michelle Bachmann Michelle Malkin, Michael Savage, Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich , Fox News and CNN and the GOP and the Tea party Patriots etc.

Even now 2011 many white Americans believe only White Americans should have equal rights and all Non-Whites should be viewed as suspect as being lazy, work shy, would be criminals and drug dealers, murderers and rapists. So these groups accordingly should be denied equal rights.
These Uberconservative Nativists believe America's values were undermined beginning in 1954 with the Supreme Court Ruling against segregated schools followed later by striking down all the Jim Crow Laws in the United States and even insisting that Non-whites had the same rights as all other Americans including the right to vote .

Sheriff Arpaio over the last five years or so has become a symbol of a real American for these racist nativists while he became a symbol of what's wrong with America for the rest of Americans who believe in equal rights and Justice for all not just the White Christians or the Rich and powerful.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Must Go! And the racists who defend him...

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After a long walk of 4.5 miles to Tent city jail at Durango and 31 Ave in Phoenix, the minuteclan and their white supremacists buddies were shouted down by an overwhelming, like in the 1000's, coalition of local community members. The pro-Joe contingent displayed their venom and hatred for anyone not perceived to be American. While the anti-Joe group held a rally for respect of all those incarcerated in the tortuous, Maricopa County Prison complex behind the police line. Phoenix Police are in black and the Sheriffs peeps are in tan in the background and around the semi-trailer/command post.

Arpaio, Patriots and Racists.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio profiles Native Americans

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Julio Cesar Mora is a U.S. citizen and an Indigenous man of Mexican heritage born in Avondale, Arizona. Julio and his 66 years old father were detained by Maricopa County Sheriff Office agents, when they were driving to work. Immediately they were ordered to get out of the car and got handcuffed with zip ties.

Julio Cesar Mora came from Phoenix, Arizona to Washington, DC, in order to testify as a witness at a Hearing of the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary on "Public Safety and Civil Rights Implications of State and Local Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws", held on April 2, 2009.

Arpaio deputy breaks the law and is only asked to apologize.
The deputy stole private file in court from attorney's desk.
He should have been dismissed from the police force for being in contempt of court and committing theft .
Sheriff Arpaio Asks Deputy To Defy Judges Orders And Risk Going To Jail
Rick Sanchez -

Lou Dobbs agrees with Sheriff Joe Arpaio that it's an HONOR to be compared to KKK

Corruption at Sheriff Arpaio's Department though Arpaio's deals not investigated.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Land Deals Questioned

Arpaio deputies do as they please ignoring the law believing they can make and break laws as they see fit.
Cop perjury charges filed 7/13/09! Phoenix, AZ Police - Harassments through Illegal Arrest 8/07/09!

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COURT DOCUMENTS & AUDIO of winning case - no law requires a "photo" i.d. Further, a written citation is a form of identification. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!:

Around 2:00pm Friday, August 7, 2009, my boyfriend (black male) and I were arrested because of supposed identification issues. My boyfriend and I had taken our previous cases to court in June and won. At the same time through a two day trial, I caught the cop (racist cops in AZ. Please do research on Sheriff Joe Arpaio.) doing perjury on the stand (assisted by the Prosecuting Attorney's Office). And since I filed charges against that cop and I have a hearing this Tuesday for the perjury charges against him, my boyfriend and I have been harassed and pulled-over three times.

Arresting the "Brown Skins"

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My blog: covering judicial misconduct and police brutality in the State of Connecticut, Florida, Arizona, Massachusetts, and all states. Without police misconduct there would be no judicial misconduct and vice versa. Elected officials pander to corporations and if they serve the people against the cop and court Mafia, they're investigated and toasted, especially whistle blowers.

Arizona Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio is in the news again. Anyone looking Hispanic or with "Brown skin" is a target of Sheriff Joe.

It is not illegal to be of Spanish descent.

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