Sunday, December 25, 2011

Injustices Continues Even on Christmas Day : Release of 550 Palestinian prisoners

For #OWS Les Miserables Prisoners' Chorus "Look Down"

Les Miserables: Do You Hear The People Sing #OWS

A Song for Christians and #OWS and those who believe in justice, compassion , empathy and the power of love against the unjust rulers and their minions .

Mavis Saples 991/2-Immigration march 2007-Police Brutality

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Immigration March 2007 -Racist anti-Hispanic Mainstream Media ignores police brutality -police beating peaceful protesters.
Police riot beating anyone and everone:
The Police target journalists , men women and children as they try to disperse as requested. Even peaceful bystanders and locals on the sidewalks are targeted.
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Interesting how Christian nations and Christian leaders claim to follow the message of Jesus and yet in reality these Christians tend to pick and choose which parts of Jesus' message they will follow.

Christians ignore the suffering of people arond the globe and those who suffer within their own borders.

Those who suffer from joblessness, from economic injustice , from poverty, from homelessness and those incarcerated for breaking unjust laws.
As Newt Gingrich, Pastor John Hagee would say let the poor starve and the jobless to get jobs even when there are no jobs available.

Newt Gingrich claiming to be a true believing and practicing Christian appears to hate the poor , the infirm, the weak , the homeless , university students, and even poor children. Gingrich's solution for children living in poverty to be put to work just as Children were forced to toil in the 19th century.

Gingrich believes that those who suffer only have themselves to blame either for being lazy, stupid or not devout enough. According to Gingrich and the Evangelical Christians those who are truly devout are successful and those who are not devout are punished by God and so are living in poverty or are homeless or develop various illness all because they do not pray enough or refuse to accept their plight as God's punishment.

Israel last week released 550 Palestinians as if this were some form of real justice. Most of the Palestinian Prisoners including the 5,000 or more still jailed are being held unjustly.
The Israeli government refuses to justly deal with Arabs, Palestinians or Muslims.
But even Israeli citizens who try to defend the rights of the Palestinians or Arabs or Muslims are classified as enemies of the state of Israel .
The current regime in Israel and a large portion of the Israeli people believe that the Palestinians and others should have no rights at all and should be tossed out of Israel and the Occupied Territories.
And for various reasons the US government and Christian Evangelicals defend the rights of Israel and Israelis but not the rights of the Palestinians.

Without the support of the US and Britain and Canada etc. the Israelis would be forced to withdraw from the Occupied territories and lift the brutal draconian immoral blockade of Gaza.
They would further be forced to compromise on the occupation of Jerusalem.
Jerusalem I believe should be set up as a protectorate under some form of international or United Nations control or under control by people of the three religions which hold Jerusalem as Holy that is Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Release of 550 Palestinian prisoners-Press TV

OMG: Iran dares to defend itself against Western Imperialism.
According to President Obama and his government Iran does not have the same rights as other sovereign states to protect itself when threatened or even attacked by other nations.

Iran launches 10-day naval drill in Persian Gulf

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The Iranian military has tested its most modern home-manufactured electronic warfare gear and defeated mock enemy on the second day of massive Velayat 90 naval exercise.