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Wikileaks Attacked: Witch Hunt, Censorship McCarthyism in Cyberspace

Wikileaks Julian Assange declared Public Enemy No. 1 - who's next ???

Governments declare War on Wikileaks and anyone who reads the classified cables which have been released.
Government Employees and American University students and Faculties threatened if they dare link to Wikileaks or even discuss articles about the leaks .
US government and the elites want total control of important information . They prefer that citizens not meddle in the affairs of state and just veg out to "Dancing with The Stars" , the Iron Cheff, CSI franchises , COPS, 24 , reality tv etc.

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Betcha US won't complain about outing Chinese government.
Its only bad when information leak shows how American politicians and their friendly elite are outed for hypocrisy, lies, illegal or unethical behavior that it is not approved of. WikiLeaks cables blame Chinese government for Google hacking by Dan Sabbagh at the, Dec.4 , 2010

"Leading politician ordered attacks after Googling his own name and finding critical articles, US dispatches say"

The hacking of Google that forced the search engine to withdraw from mainland China was orchestrated by a senior member of the communist politburo, according to classified information sent by US diplomats to Hillary Clinton's state department in Washington.

The leading politician became hostile to Google after he searched his own name and found articles criticising him personally, leaked cables from the US embassy in Beijing say.

That single act prompted a politically inspired assault on Google, forcing it to "walk away from a potential market of 400 million internet users" in January this year, amid a highly publicised row about internet censorship.

The explosive allegation that the attack on Google came from near the top of the Communist party has never been made public until now. The politician allegedly collaborated with a second member of the politburo in an attempt to force Google to drop a link from its Chinese-language search engine to its uncensored version.xxxxxxx

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USA after 9/11 lost its moral compass and is moving further away from acting in a moral ethical way towards other nations. US officials are either dismissive of other nations or peoples or dislike or hate them and so demonize them . All Arabs , all Muslims in their view are potential terrorists given the opportunity.
The US sees the world in stark terms of black and white, good or Bad- or useful or irrelevant -
Their paranoia judges even those who are trying to do what is right as Wealileaks does or various human rights organizations that is to shine a light on illegal and unethical actions on the part of any government.
And America is so powerful militarily that its allies are not so much in agreement as they are suspicious and fearful of the US.

If true Kudos to the Swiss for taking a moral stand for freedom of speech, freedom on the internet , freedom to be a well informed electorate.
The elites in power want to restrict the freedom of citizens to have access to information so they can know what their government is doing and thereby be able to judge these actions as good or bad.

WikiLeaks site's Swiss host dismisses pressure to take it offline ,Dec. 4, 2010

Swiss host Switch says there is 'no reason' why WikiLeaks should be forced off internet, despite French and US demands

WikiLeaks has been fighting to stay online since releasing a cache of sensitive diplomatic cables to five international media organisations. Photograph: WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks received a boost tonight when Switzerland rejected growing international calls to force the site off the internet.

The whistleblowers site, which has been publishing leaked US embassy cables, was forced to switch domain names to yesterday after the US host of its main website,, pulled the plug following mounting political pressure.

The site's new Swiss host, Switch, today said there was "no reason" why it should be forced offline, despite demands from France and the US. Switch is a non-profit registrar set up by the Swiss government for all 1.5 million Swiss .ch domain names.

The reassurances come just hours after eBay-owned PayPal, the primary donation channel to WikiLeaks, terminated its links with the site, citing "illegal activity". France yesterday added to US calls for all companies and organisations to terminate their relationship with WikiLeaks following the release of 250,000 secret US diplomatic cables.

The Swiss Pirate Party, which registered the domain name earlier this year on behalf of the site, said Switch had reassured the party that it would not block the site.

An email sent by Denis Simonet, president of the Swiss Pirate Party, to international members of the liberal political group said: "Some minutes ago I got good news: Switch, the registrar for .ch domains, told us that there is no reason to block"

Laurence Kaye, leader of the UK-based Pirate Party, tonight told the Guardian: "International Pirate Parties now have an integral role in allowing access to WikiLeaks. I wish some of our other politicians had the same guts.

"We support the WikiLeaks project as access to information is the prerequisite for an informed and engaged democracy."

WikiLeaks has been fighting to stay online since releasing a cache of sensitive diplomatic cables to the Guardian and four other international media organisations. Amazon, the world's largest online retailer, dropped the site from its servers on Thursday after being contacted by staff of Joe Lieberman, chairman of the US Senate's homeland security committee., the site's US hosting provider, yesterday forced the site offline for the third time in under a week. A series of "distributed denial of attacks" by unknown online activists still bring the site intermittently to its knees.

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, described the decision as "privatisation of state censorship" in the US. said the attacks – which have been going on all week – threatened "the stability of the infrastructure, which enables access to almost 500,000 other websites".

So much for honest competition a in the market place when the US government insists that a country buy American .

WikiLeaks cables: Spanish PM helped GE beat Rolls-Royce to helicopter deal at, Dec. 04, 2010

Ambassador's comments show commercial interests won out over Britain's 'special relationship' with Washington

Spain's military was overruled by José Luis Zapatero in ordering engines for a fleet of NH90 helicopters, according to leaked embassy cables. Photograph: EADS

Rolls-Royce lost a lucrative contract to supply helicopter engines to the Spanish military because of a personal intervention by Spain's prime minister, José Luis Zapatero, following vigorous lobbying from US diplomats, according to a secret cable from the US embassy in Madrid.

Eduardo Aguirre, the departing US ambassador to Spain, recounts behind-the-scenes diplomatic machinations that helped General Electric snatch a deal away from Rolls-Royce to provide engines for a state-of-the-art fleet of helicopters bought by the Spanish armed forces, a contract estimated by industry experts to be worth more than £200m.

Details of how Britain's best-known engineering company lost out to the Americans will fuel concerns that the so-called UK-US special relationship does not always deliver results.

They come to light after other leaked cables reveal how American diplomats were amused by what they saw as Britain's "paranoid" fears. In the run-up to the May general election, Louis Susman, the US ambassador to London, recorded how Liam Fox, now defence secretary, attempted to win favour with the US by telling him that a Conservative government intended to follow a "much more pro-American profile in procurement".
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