Tuesday, December 28, 2010

War Crimes:City of Fallujah Obliterated & Civilians Massacred By USA

Xmas In Fallujah: The City Obliterated and Thousands Massacred By USA Military

USA War Crimes:White Phosphorus Used By Americans on The Civilian Population of Fallujah

US in Iraq changed the Rules of Engagement so that any Iraqi citizens was to be treated as a hostile enemy combatant .
So much for bringing them freedom and the rule of law.
Like the former dictator Saddam the Americans showed complete disdain for human life.
And like Saddam the Americans abused, tortured & raped Iraqis in order to terrorize them and to inflict as much harm as possible in their desire for revenge for 9/11 and later revenge for every American soldier wounded or killed.
For each American killed the Americans killed at least 20 (or up to 100 Iraqis) as a form of collective guilt and punishment.

Too bad that America's idea of justice is more like "Cowboy Justice" and the "Lynch Mob" or put simply "Kill 'Em All".
And unfortunately under president Obama the military's prejudices and mind-set has not changed as he himself defends the Bush Regime's War Crimes including the use of Torture now known as "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques " which most civilized nations would call barbaric forms of torture.

American & Iraqi Government War Crimes Exposed By Wikileaks
RT. Oct. 2010

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