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US The Rule of Law & It's Policy Of Torture At Abu Ghraib etc. -"Not Just A Few Bad Apples"

UPDATE: 5:53 PM Dec. 22, 2010.

The true story of US troops torturing prisoners at Abu Ghraib is that it was not just a few bad apples -it was in fact US policy -Rumsfeld infamously said "the gloves are off" Condoleeza Rice called the Geneva Conventions quaint.
So the rule of law does not apply to the USA . It seems now that Obama shares the same views on the rule of law as that of the members of the Bush Regime.
This was and is a criminal policy which allowed American personnel to commit War Crimes and Crimes against humanity.
Those responsible for such a policy and those carrying out and implement these policies in a just society would be put on trial at the International Criminal Court.
But Bush and President Obama argue that the United States and its citizens are outside the jurisdiction of International Laws concerning the conduct of a war and occupation. They explicitly argue that the US is beyond the reach of such international bodies including the Geneva Conventions, the Nuremberg Rulings and special statutes on War Crimes and the treatment of a civilian population and of combatants.

The US military committed a number War Crimes violations besides that of a war of pure aggression they also violated international Law by attacking non-military targets or shows little or no interest in taking precautions to limit the damage to civilians or to civilian targets such as hospitals, schools, Holy Sites, utilities ie water and sewage treatment plants or power stations etc. The US also used banned weapons such as Napalm and Cluster Bombs and land mines all of these are anti-personnel weapons designed to cause massive damaged to any human being in the vicinity.

If these crimes are not investigated and those responsible tried then we can conclude that in fact the Geneva Conventions, Nuremberg rulings and other international agreements and or even treaties etc. The US has not been judged as it should have been. The American citizens who defend such behavior appear to have no sense of morality or a conscience and lacking in sympathy and empathy . Without sympathy and empathy and these other qualities the human soul shrivels away to nothing. In other words we become like the dead in T.S. Eliott's poem or in contemporary terms such people are mere zombies.

Survivos of US Torture Policies Part 1.
Don Rumsfeld Urges Soldiers to torture prisoners Part. 1.
US personnel use torture to force prisoners to make false accusations and false Confessions. So who are the Barbarians at the Gates???

Don Rumsfeld Urges Soldiers & private Contractors etc. to torture prisoners: US Torture of Prisoners Part. 2.

And more from Wikileaks Cablegate and they are not all about the USA . They include embarrassing and worse since some cables point to crimes committed by other nations , corruption, and criminal acts including War Crimes and Crimes against humanity assassinations, ethnic cleansing , death Squads hunting down insurgents and dissidents and journalist -

Given America's own track record it is no wonder they have done little for the advancement of human rights so why would they blow the whistle on others .The US tortured thousands and are praised for their diligence and getting all those terrorists except that most turned out not to be terrorists at all.

WikiLeaks cables: Syria believed Israel was behind sniper killing by The Guardian, Dec. 20,2010

Assassination of Syrian president's top security aide caused anxiety among the political elite, US embassy cables reveal

and UK gets into the act of training Death Squads a good old fashioned Western & Christian tradition:

WikiLeaks cables: Bangladeshi 'death squad' trained by UK government Rapid Action Battalion, accused of hundreds of extra-judicial killings, received training from UK officers, cables reveal Guardian Dec. 21, 2010.

and Private Security shaking down custormers.

WikiLeaks cables: Iraq security firms operate 'mafia' to inflate prices Guardian , dec. 21, 2010

Halliburton executive's comments reveal tensions between security firms, oil companies and the Baghdad government

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