Saturday, December 25, 2010

Simon & Garfunkel: Silent night-7 o'clock news- And Perpetual War

Simon & Garfunkel: Silent night-7 o'clock news- And Perpetual War

The more things change the more they stay the same
Perpetual War Murder inc.killing, torturing all in the name of Jesus and Adam Smith.

The United States like the rulers & elites of Empires & Imperialists and Colonial Powers before them believe they are entitled to do as they please. To them the main driving force of civilization as such is "The Will To Power".
US Troops & Mercenaries Fueling Resistance in Iraq & Afghanistan
To the American soldiers all Iraqis and afghans are the enemy.
The use of brute force, collective punishment , killing innocent civilians, massacres, rape, murder, plunder ,racism.

and here's john Lennon's bitter sweet song with video-
or What would Jesus do?
Ah set himself up as a corporate CEO sell arms and toys etc. to the highest bidder. The Neocons & Neoliberals want to make Jesus over into a more acceptable corporate friendly Middle Class American who taxes the working class bu not the wealthy.

Simon Garfunkel "The Will To Power" Jesus Hitler Nietzche "National Security" "Kill Em All" Capitalism Das Capital Marx Lennon Darwin Elitism Self-righteousness Sermon on the mount Beatitudes

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