Thursday, December 23, 2010

Julian Assange Of Wikileaks Interviewed By Cenk Uygur ( The Young Turks ) On MSNBC

Divide and conquer strategies of the Obama administration and its co-conspirators in other governments such as Britain, Sweden etc.
They pose the question of Wikileaks being a real news agency and its members as real journalists.
They exploit rape or sexual misconduct in order to attack Julian Assange and to create dissention among liberals, progressives and others on the left.

The United States government along with the British , Swedish government and others are trying to persuade the public and the media that Wikileaks is not a real news organization and therefore can not use the Freedom of the Press first amendment protections and defense.
This is just the old divide and conquer strategy on the part of the powers that be.
Human Rights Watch and Reporters Without Borders and some members of the press have come to the defense of Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

The other strategy is that of accusations of rape or sexual misconduct which leads to division especially among feminists and other liberals and progressives.
So some feminists are spending time and energy arguing about Julian Assange's guilt or innocence.
These liberals and feminists may be sincere in their response to the "Rape Charges" but refuse to accept the fact that they are being played by those in power.
His accusers are working for those in power and using these charges as a means to define divide liberals and progressives.

Those who are joining in on the attacks on Julian Assange should ask themselves why these original charges of Rape or sexual misconduct were dismissed and then later as more documents were released to the media Julian Assange was formally charged.
The Swedish government's track record when it comes to charges of rape is among the worst of Western Nations and so in this sort of somewhat ambiguous case they even managed to get Interpol to name Julian Assange as their number 1 wanted man.
So the charges are politically motivated and those who engaged in arguing about the issue are mere pawns in the elite's game.

Julian Assange insists that the Whistleblower Bradley Manning is in fact a "Political Prisoner". The US government at the behest of the Obama administration are basically torturing Private Bradley Manning to get him to point the finger at Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

This issue once again shows President Obama and his administration to be as reactionary as the Bush Regime was. Obama is not a true friend of the people but is a shill for the rich and powerful.

Julian Assange Interview with Cenk Uygur on MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show (12/22/2010)

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