Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Americans murdering civilians in Iraq -Leaked Video- what you didnt see

UPDATE: Dec. 21, 2010 at 5:10 PM.

Kissinger's statement reveals how the US government views Soldiers!!!

US military & government and Mainstream Media devalue human life in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan , Gaza , Lebanon , Sri lanka, Honduras etc.
They and their allies they argue are outside the jurisdiction of any international laws or agreements from the Geneva Conventions to the Nuremberg rulings to the International Red Cross, the red crescent or Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch etc. Why because America and its allies they tell us is morally superior to all other nations and besides they have God on their side. As General Boykin said "My God is stronger than their God"

The debasement of US military personnel who have no respect for the lives of Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis etc. All members of these countries are seen as less than human and so can be murdered with absolute impunity unless it is made public. Once made public US defends its actions and then attacks journalists such as Wikileaks, BBC, CBC, Al Jazeera, NYT, Washington Post or individuals such as Juliane Assange or even Helen Thomas.All who criticize American Actions in these countries whether Arab or Muslim civilians is seen as an attack on America. As Bush said & President Obama agrees "You are either with us or against us".
The United States has maintained this position for at least the last 70 years or so as they kill with impunity anyone they don't like whether a journalist or an insurgent or politician or even the families of these individuals.

America gets its power through the use of brutal unimaginable violence against its critics.
Fox News in the end is no different from the Mainstream Media which defends American actions unconditionally.

American hypocrisy claiming they are in favor of justice, truth, democracy and peace when in fact America is dedicated and proud to use its power to kill hundreds of thousands of civilians with impunity.

American Media Fails Covering Wikileaks Video

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