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Values Voters Summit "Our Constitution Was Made for Moral & Religious People, None Other"

Values Voters Summit Sponsored by The Heritage Foundation -
Their most compelling issues:
Number one seems to be warning Americans about Islam
Faith & God
Only those who believe in God can serve in the government
They are fighting to keep Don't Ask Don't Tell
They hate Gay Marriage
They are of course against Abortion & Stem cell research
They are for Lowering Taxes for the rich
Repealing Obama Healthcare

Mike Spence voted King of the Loons at Values Voters Summit 2010.

Mike Spence believes -Bush Won the war in Iraq.
America stands with Israel
Repeal Obama Healthcare
Life, Family & Religion
End Abortion & No Stem cell research
Faith and God.
Liberals dominate the media

Spending Solution: Deny All Funds to Planned Parenthood
OnKneesforJesus | September 17, 2010

Conservative Christian conference, Values Voter Summit.

ED Show Taking Care of the Sick is Unchristian Mike Huckabee
Sept. 18, 2010

Non-Christians need not apply America is a Christian Nation

"Our Constitution Was Made for Moral & Religious People, None Other"

Matthew Spalding (Heritage Foundation) speaks at Conservative Christian conference, Values Voter Summit (17 Sep 2010).

Bryan Fischer speaker at Values Voters Summit 2010 has claimed the Nazis were Gay

Hitler & Nazis Were Gay - American Family Association

One of the uniting themes at the Valuse Voters Summit was the fear mongering about Islam. Gary Bauer, Bryan Fischer, Newt Gingrich , William Bennet, Mathew Spalding and others spoke out against Islam while claiming they are not Islamophobic.

Coalition of fear: Tea Party, the religious right and Islamophobia At Values Voters summit, anti-Muslim paranoia connects evangelical right with secular Tea Party movement by Joe Conason at,Sept. 19,2010

If the leaders of the religious right aspire to join forces with the Tea Party movement, their hopes were surely encouraged by the Values Voters Summit in Washington -- where such Tea Party celebrities Michele Bachmann and Jim DeMint shared the podium with Delaware sensation Christine O’Donnell -- all of whom enthusiastically blessed the proposed marriage. Certainly they have much to share in their seething fury at the President and the congressional Democrats.

Bringing together the disparate elements of the right without a charismatic and credible leader like Ronald Reagan remains a challenge, however, since many Tea Party voters are libertarians and independents who have never felt called to the battlements of the culture war. What they seem to share, aside from the perennial aversion to taxes, is a powerful instinct to stigmatize Muslims and seek confrontation with Islam.

Neither religious devotion nor public piety is a prerequisite for Islamophobia, after all, as we have seen in Europe, where mainly secular politicians of the right promote hostility to mosques and Muslims. Here in the United States, the fear, prejudice and ignorance broadcast by many opponents of the Park51 cultural center in Manhattan have found receptive audiences far beyond the evangelical right. For leaders of the religious right, attacking Islam offers an opportunity to contrast their own professed commitment to religious liberty with the strictures of Shariah law – and by doing so, to attract more secular independents to the ranks of the far right.

That theme was clearly sounded by Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, one of the loudest anti-Muslim bigots in America today. Although Fischer explained that he believes all elected officials should be regarded as “literally ministers and servants of God” who must "align policy with the will of God," he denied that makes him a theocrat.

Instead, said Fischer, "If you believe in theocracy, then the dark and dangerous and devious religion of Islam is the religion for you."

Gary Bauer confirmed the convention’s apocalyptic tone with a ferocious speech accusing Muslims of "celebrating" the 9/11 terrorist assault by dancing in the street and handing out candy -- as if Muslim leaders across the world, including even those in Iran, had not denounced the attacks and offered condolences to the United States (and as if dozens of Muslims had not perished in the destruction of the World Trade Center).

Before he ran for president, Bauer spent ten years running the Family Research Council, the main sponsor of Values Voters, so he knew his audience. Like many of the weekend speakers, he suggested that Barack Obama -- if not a Muslim himself -- is far too solicitous of Muslims and far too friendly to Islam. Describing Obama as "the most anti-Israel president in the history of the United States," Bauer accused the president of being "too busy bowing to the Saudi king" to properly defend America.

..Bauer wasn’t merely trying to smear Obama or warp history in distorting the president’s words. The underlying message of his speech, echoed by keynote speakes who followed him, was that violent confrontation between the Muslim world and the West is inevitable because of the fundamental tenets of Islam.

Given the character of the Values Voters speakers and their baldly partisan aims, it is tempting to dismiss their hateful spewing as a mere political tactic. Some of them desire actual war with Islam as a fulfillment of prophecy, while others feed the rubes whatever poison is at hand. But whatever they actually believe, these demagogues are encouraging the clash of civilizations -- and cynically endangering American lives at home and abroad. Independent voters who do not share the apocalyptic vision of our homegrown theocrats should beware.

And like the Muslims they hate they too chimed in with their hate against homosexuals /GLBT. These values voters are not just against Gay marriages performed in a church but also civil unions or any other so-called non-traditional unions.

‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ dominates Values Voter Summit by Rachel Rose Hartman at The Upshot, Sept. 17, 2010.

The economy, taxes, and unemployment have all consistently turned up as leading concerns of the American electorate this year. But at today's Values Voter Summit in Washington, conservative activists focused mainly on a key hot-button issue on the right flank of the culture wars: the proposal now before Congress to repeal the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy banning openly gay people from serving in the military.

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