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Randall Terry's " Tearing The Qur'an Instruction" Video & Anti-Muslim "Hate Crimes" The Acts of Drunks & The Mentally ill??? Victory Mosques???

Anderson Cooper tries to tell GOP candidate that she is wrong that in fact all religions have built houses of worship when they conquered lands and indigenous people.

She argues only Muslims do this not Christians.
Anderson rattles her cage telling her that when Christians took over Rome they destroyed all Pagan Temples and killed tens of thousands of so-called Pagans.

She then suggest that Anderson Cooper is anti-Religion or Anti-Christian (ah the ghosts of McCarthyism arise from the grave)

Anderson Cooper Takes On Anti-Mosque GOP Candidate (VIDEO) Eric Kleefeld by TPM Talking Points Media, Sept. 27,2010

Radical Pro-Lifer Randall Terry using paranoia and hysteria over Islamic Sharia Islamophobes Invented Controversy

Welcome to the bizarro world of the Islamophobes and opportunists.
How to rip apart poster sized pages of the Qur'an for publicity -five minutes of fame.
Is he hoping for some nasty confrontations. Like Nazi street theater.
Hegel we are told says history is the "Struggle for recognition " by individuals and states.(Fukuyama End of History ,p. 145) Being nice doesn't cut it.

Randall Terry Planning Koran Tearing For Tea Partiers (VIDEO) Quran Tearing Training for Oct. 7 with Randall Terry at Talking Points Memo.com/ Muckraker Sept. 27,2010

Anti-abortion activist Randall Terry is upping the ante on his as-yet widely unknown campaign against Islam by creating a video instructing Tea Party leaders how to pull their own Koran-tearing stunts and gairner media attention.

"To my fellow Tea Party activists, listen to me: you're about to see instructions on how to get into real battles, not just in front of our computers, not just blogging, but to go to the public square like Samuel Adams and like other great patriots did," Terry says in the video.

The video is part of Terry's campaign for anti-Islam activists to rip passages of the Koran printed on posters at the potential location of the Cordoba House Islamic Center in New York, in Washington D.C. and in other cities on Oct. 6 and 7.

"The truth of the matter is, if you just do this, with a bold and stout heart, with just you and one other person, just the two of you, chances are you're going to get an enormous amount of coverage, and your voice will be heard by thousands, maybe tens or hundreds of thousands," Terry says in the video.

Terry, the founder of Operation Rescue, is infamous for his attention seeking stunts, including serenading Elena Kagan during his protest of her nomination to the Supreme Court and serving reporters beer and hot wings during press conferences.

On the anniversary of Sept. 11, Terry and a handful of activists ripped pages of the Koran outside of the White House.

Terry says he wants to call attention to what he calls the anti-Jewish and anti-Christian parts of the Koran as well as "our need to defy sharia law, while we still have the freedom to do so." Terry instructs tea party organizers to hold press conferences to either crumple up, tear or just drop pages of the Koran on Oct. 7. The video features Terry's two companions crumpling and tearing posters featuring passages of the Koran.

His effort comes in the midst of an ongoing campaign by some on the right against Sharia, which they say threatens the Constitution.

"We want to put Muslim leaders around the world on the hot seat for the way they're treating Christians in their countries," Terry said.

And Now a word on Glenn Beck flip-flopping over Imam Rauf whom he praised and now condemns- why for better TV ratings or to incite more acts of violence against Muslim-Americans.

FLASHBACK: In 2006 joint appearance, Beck appeared to call Imam Rauf a "good Muslim" by Ben Dimiero MediaMatters.org, August 23,2010

One of the main lines of attack in the never-ending conservative freak-out over the plan to build an Islamic community center in downtown Manhattan has been attempting to smear the developers of the center -- Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf in particular -- as "radical." In their usual despicable fashion, conservative media figures have worked hard to blur the line between the terrorists who attacked us on 9-11 and the moderate Muslims who are behind the planned center.

One of the loudest voices in conservatives' fight against the center has been Glenn Beck, who has specifically targeted Imam Rauf with blatant falsehoods and hypocritical attacks in a desperate attempt to smear him as a radical.

Additionally, among other offensive comments, Beck has asked, "after you've killed 3,000 people you're going to now build your mosque?" He's also absurdly labeled the center an "actual danger" and suggested it is an "Allah-tells-me-to-blow-up-America mosque." Though we -- and many other outlets -- have repeatedly pointed out that Rauf is widely viewed as a moderate and has often denounced the extremists who carry out violent attacks in the name of Islam, Beck and his fellow demagogues continue to push the dishonest attack.

But Beck does not need to take our word for it that Imam Rauf is a moderate who distances himself from radicals -- Rauf told Beck as much while sitting at the same table with him during a 2006 discussion on ABC's Good Morning America.

During the ABC segment, Rauf condemned the extremists who issued death threats against the Pope and political cartoonists, specifically saying that "these reactions are not at all called for by Islamic teaching. The teachings of Islam are very similar to the teachings of Christianity, of loving the one God and loving thy neighbor. These are the two common principles."

When Diane Sawyer mentioned that Imam Rauf says the radicals are just a "group of people" and "not him," Beck seemed to agree, saying "sure, sure." He added, "I believe it's a small portion of Islam that is acting in these ways."

Beck, for his part, even appeared to gesture to Imam Rauf when he invoked the idea of "good Muslims." (At about 2:45.)

Beck's response to this -- if he bothers to respond at all -- will likely be that when this segment was filmed, he was unaware of the supposed "radical" beliefs of Rauf. However as we (and Jon Stewart) have pointed out, Rauf's statements about 9-11 that Beck and others have pointed to as evidence of his hatred of America and sympathy for terrorism track very closely with things many conservatives -- including Glenn Beck himself - have said.


And more stories related to Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes , Islamophobia and the connections between Islamophobes in Europe and in the USA with radical Neo-Nazis and Fascists and "Hooliganism".

22 men sought after far-right protest clashes at Morleyobserver.co.uk via Islamophobiatoday.com Sept. 24,2010

Detectives investigating disorder which broke out during an English Defence League protest in Dudley have released CCTV images of men they want to identify.

West Midlands Police said officers were continuing to investigate criminal damage and other offences committed during disturbances in the town centre on July 17.

The CCTV stills, taken on the day of the EDL protest and a counter-demonstration, show 22 individuals whom detectives wish to trace.

Homes in the Alexandra Street area of Dudley were attacked during the violence, which also saw damage caused to parked cars, restaurants and a Hindu temple.

Detective Inspector Carl Southwick, who is leading the investigation, said: "We are appealing to members of the public to look closely at these images.

"We are committed to identifying those responsible for the pockets of disorder and criminal damage that took place in Dudley town centre."

Islamophobe leaves UK to spread his anti-Islamic propaganda in America. Will Pam Geller Robert Spencer welcome him with open arms or fear new competition.

Yay! Ed Husain is leaving the country IslamophobiaToday.com Sept. 21, 2010

Yes, Ed Husain is indeed leaving the UK. Having spent the past few years trying to poison public opinion against mainstream Muslim organisations here, Husain is evidently off to the US to do the same there. According to the Jewish Chronicle he’s resigning from the Quilliam Foundation to become a senior fellow at the Council for Foreign Relations.

And good riddance, I say. At least the Muslim community in the UK will be spared the further attentions of this contemptible little man. Of course, you might say I’m biased. My past experience of Husain has involved him sending a threatening email to a London Assembly member in whose office I worked demanding that he stop me criticising the Quilliam Foundation and, when that failed, hiring libel lawyers in an attempt to silence me. And all this while Husain’s employment at Quilliam was being subsidised by public money.

CAIR and other organizations in the US Muslim community should prepare themselves for a Husain-inspired campaign of misrepresentation and slander against them.

Oh yeah the new talking Points for the Islamophobes who deny any hate crimes against Muslims in America or elsewhere-
1. It wasn't a case of anti-Muslim activity the non-Muslim in question was drunk or on drugs.
2. It wasn't a matter of anti-Muslim activity or Islamophobia but the person in question was mentally ill.
3. It wasn't a case of anti-Muslim activity but rather a personal beef the person in question had with some individual in the Islamic community or with managers of the Mosque -just personal

Anti-Muslim Hate Crime treated by police as a mere case of trespass
Drunk Man Pees On Prayer Rugs At Queens Mosque" at IslamophobiaToday.com, Aug. 26, 2010

If it’s not a drunken man allegedly stabbing a cabbie because he’s Muslim, then it’s a drunken man entering a Queens mosque and urinating on its prayer rugs. Last night, at the Al-Iman Mosque on Steinway Street, an apparently intoxicated man stormed in and “shouted anti-Muslim slurs as he urinated on prayer rugs,” the Post reports. Naturally, that interrupted the evening prayers. According to witnesses, Omar Rivera was shouting slurs and calling the worshippers “terrorists.” One told the Post, “He stuck up his middle finger and cursed at everyone… No one can pray now because the rugs are completely soiled. It was disgusting… He calls us terrorists, yet he comes into our mosque and terrorizes other people… This is a true hate crime.” Rivera was eventually subdued and held in a back room until police arrived. He was charged with criminal trespass.

36 Muslim graves desecrated in Strasbourg at IslamophobiaToday.com, Sept. 24, 2010

Three swastikas were drawn into the gravel paths, the source said. One of them, into a square parcel of Muslim, was about one meter in diameter, according to an AFP journalist on the spot.

Some tombstones were overturned, others broken. The children’s graves were among those damaged, while some families established related damage in early afternoon.

“It’s a shame, even death can not leave us in peace,” Hamid told AFP Talbi, 50, employee of the mayor of Strasbourg, looking at the stone thrown from his father Salah.

His father, a harki, “served 25 years in the French army. When I saw the swastika, I had a knot in the stomach,” he added.

He said that his father’s grave had been desecrated in June 2004. At the time, the neo-Nazi markings were painted on a fifty graves Muslim.

The desecration of Friday has a strong reaction among officials of the local Muslim community, which next year will inaugurate its new mosque.

Abdul Aziz Shukri, the delegate general of the Grand Mosque, spoke of a deliberate attack against a place of worship “symbolic” for the community because it is situated close to the ground where in 2011 must be fitted first exclusively Muslim cemetery in France.

“There is a buzz surrounding the movements of the extreme right, not a coincidence that this event comes ahead of a drink” organized by the Front National (FN) in the north of the city, “said Mr. Shukri told AFP.

(desecration deliberate and systematic not just a couple of drunk hooligans )
“We do not improvise the desecration of dozens of graves, this is not amateurish,” he added.

The mayor (PS) of Strasbourg Roland Ries, who met in the day officials of the Muslim community, has also denounced calls to “aperitifs provocation”. “We’re in a context of concern (in which) the factions are taking action,” he lamented.

Section Strasbourg League of Human Rights (LDH) expressed its “outrage” against a “situation (which) continues to deteriorate. Licra denounced “an outrageous and stupid act, which occurs after an accumulation of similar facts.

This is the fourth desecration of Jewish and Muslim tombs in the city since the beginning of the year.

On July 21, 27 graves were desecrated at Jewish cemetery Wolfisheim near Strasbourg. In late June, 17 Muslim gravestones were knocked over or damaged in robertsi cemetery, north of the city. In January, thirty graves in the Jewish cemetery Cronenbourg (west) had been damaged, the day of the commemoration of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps.

and according to Robert Spencer and Pam Geller cutting off a pig's head and dropping it off at a Mosques is just teenagers young adults drunk and having fun there is way that it was Hate Crime against Muslims. (how could it be if the Islamophobes believe that all Muslims should be feared and hated.

Severed Pig’s head Dumped in front of Cambridge mosque Loonwatch via IslamophobiaToday.com Sept. 24, 2010

Hate for Muslims doesn’t exist? Spencer would probably blame it on Muslims.
Severed pig’s head dumped at Cambridge mosque

A severed pig’s head has been left outside a mosque in Cambridge – triggering alarm among the city’s Muslims. Families found the head on the steps of the place of worship on Monday night on their way to prayers. An emergency meeting was due to be held last night after the incident at the Shah Jalal Bangladeshi Community House in Darwin Drive.

A worshipper at the mosque, who did not wish to be named, told the News: “It is a terrible insult. There are about 40 families who go to the centre and everyone is highly emotional at the moment. It was left there between 8.15pm and 9pm. Some families found it as they went for prayer at about 9pm. It was a very ugly sight. This was a nasty and appalling thing to do. We thought we had good relations with the community around here.”

Some Muslims believe the pig’s head attack could have been triggered after an application to increase the number of worshippers at the mosque prompted objections from some residents.

"Burnley College bans students and visitors from wearing veil" at Islamophobia-Watch.com via IslamophobiaToday.com Sept. 24,2010

and : Call for Burnley College to rethink headwear ban from BBC.co.uk via IslamophobiaToday.com Sept. 24, 2010

A Lancashire sixth form college which bans all headwear - including veils worn for religious reasons - is being urged to reconsider its policy.

Geert Wilders Hero Of The AntiMuslim Islamophobic Mob Pam Geller thinks he's hot - she like those tall blonde Blue eyed Aryans.

"Netherlands: Christian Democrat leader rejects Lubbers’ criticisms, insists on pursuing deal with Wilders "Via IslamophobiaToday Aug. 27, 2010

Division within the Netherlands’s Christian Democratic Appell (CDA) party over dealing with the far-right PVV party of anti-Islamist politician Geert Wilders deepened Friday with a top leader insisting talks with the PVV should continue.

CDA parliamentary faction leader Maxime Verhagen ruled out suspending talks with the PVV – rejecting a call made the day before by former premier Ruud Lubbers – on getting the PVV’s backing for a minority government.

Verhagen said any suspension of the talks was out of the question. The work towards forming a Wilders-approved minority cabinet was in full swing, he said. “I expect that we will achieve a good result with which we can convince Mr. Lubbers,” Verhagen said.

and see:

The War On Sharia Started Long Before You Ever Heard 'Ground Zero Mosque' Talking Points Memo.com TPM Muckraker,Sept. 23, 2010


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