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Michael Moore Defends Park51/Ground Zero Mosque & Fox News Attacks Muslim Americans As UnAmerican

UPDATED: 2:34 PM , Sept. 17, 2010.

EDL Support Pam Geller's SIOA Anti-Mosque 9/11 Protest (more on EDL below)
And her's some photos of EDL giving Nazi Salutes
EDL Insult British War Dead

and the anti-Muslim which is run by another friend of Robert Spencer and Pam Geller the pseudo-objective scholar David Horowitz chimes in on Ground Zero Mosque Rally arguing that the US Media refuses to cover the 9/11 Rally objectively Blackout on Ground Zero Mosque Rally, Sept. 16,2010

at the 9/11 Rally of Remembrance against the Ground Zero mega-mosque, tens of thousands of people filled the streets. Flags were everywhere, along with numerous homemade signs. Meanwhile, two blocks away, at the counter-protest in favor of the mega-mosque, photographs show that the demonstration was much smaller, and printed signs were in abundance – an unmistakable indication of an astroturfed, professional protest, orchestrated by Communist and Socialist groups (whose printed signs abounded). Yet the mainstream media consistently portrayed these two demonstrations as “dueling rallies,” and even claimed that the pro-mosque ralliers outnumbered those against the mosque. It was yet another indication of how the ostensibly objective press tries to manipulate public opinion. is also connected to other websites and pseudo-objective think tanks as is outlined on its website:

"...the Freedom Center supports the fight against the Left’s takeover of American education and Barack Obama’s takeover of the American future. But it also supports other important programs as well—FrontPage Magazine, the Center’s unique online journal that traces the war against this country’s enemies, at home and abroad; NewsReal Blog , an exciting, innovative team blog challenging the Left throughout the media; DiscoverTheNetworks, the largest database defining the chief groups and individuals of the Left and their organizational interlocks; JihadWatch, which tracks the attempts of radical Islam to subvert Western culture;, which helps educate students to the threat posed against America and the West by international terrorism and its apologists in higher education."

and Campus Watch
a project of the Middle East Forum, reviews and critiques Middle East studies in North America with an aim to improving them. The project mainly addresses five problems: analytical failures, the mixing of politics with scholarship, intolerance of alternative views, apologetics, and the abuse of power over students

If you visit these websites what you'll find is for the most part a repackaging of the same information and hate-filled diatribes masked as Pseudo-Intellectual scholarly research. This repackaging gives the impression of a number of independent organizations which are concerned with the issue of Islamic Extremism and the so-called Stealth Jihad which targets those in the media and universities who are appeasing Islam. Stealth Jihad itself is a repackaging of the old anti-semitic conspiracy theories applied in this case to Islam and Muslims and their appeasers.

Didn't Glenn Beck make the same claims about his rallies and those of the Tea party that the media coverage was either non-existent or biased. But in all of these cases Fox News had wall to wall coverage of these rallies and the publicity for them.

Sean Hannity takes a fit because guest defends building Mosque Park51 /Cordoba House/ Community center close to Ground Zero. She also points out that there have been protests held in at least five states against the building of Mosques. So many Americans are now convinced that Islam is an evil pernicious Cult which is anti-American.
Hannity believes that the only Real Americans are part of the Judeo Christian tradition all others need not apply.
Hannity as is well known questions the loyalty of any immigrants coming from Non-European countries.
As I have noted about the Serbian Nationalists who believe the only Real Serbian are those who belong to the Serbian Orthodox Church so in American the only Real Americans are Christians and Jews- Muslim -American is in the view of many Americans a contradiction in terms -because Muslims owe their allegiance to Islam first .
This was the same argument used against Jewish and Catholic Americans up until recently. It is also still used against Latino/Hispanic Americans .
Hannity and other Uberconservatives and the Tea Party gang believe Muslim Americans are part of a stealth Jihad to take over America . They also believe immigrants coming from Mexico or Latin American countries are part of a conspiracy known as The Reconquista /La Raza that is have Mexico annex a large swath of Southern and Western America.
This Is NOT Just About The WTC Mosque! This Is About Mosque Across America!

Michael Moore defends Freedom of Religion and the Separation of Church and State in America.
For this some call him a radical. As we saw in the video above if Fox News had their way the government or the mob would be tearing down Mosques in America.

As Michael Moore points out Americans historically have from time to time accused various religious or ethnic groups of not being loyal Americans-ie Jews ,Catholics, Irish,Germans, Italians, Japanese
Michael Moore: 'We Should Always Stand Up Against the Angry Mob'

Geller & Spencer's SIOA is tied to the extremist British group EDL

The British (Extremists) Are Coming — Or, the English Defence League Hearts Pam Geller by Alexander Zaitchik at Southern Poverty Law Center September 16, 2010

Saturday’s 9/11 protest in downtown Manhattan featured the by-now-familiar chants and symbols of the debate over the so-called Ground Zero mosque. But amid the sea of red, white and blue, there were a few new icons added to the usual mix. As featured in a series of pictures posted Wednesday by the New York Times, a handful of protesters—seven to be exact—came from England toting flags (and ski masks) bearing St. George’s Cross. White with red crossbars, the medieval flag is most famous for its use by British Crusaders. The flag also has a long history of use by far-right British nationalists in conjunction with other regional flags. In recent months, it has become the central symbol of the English Defence League (EDL), a thuggish anti-Muslim street movement that is rapidly spreading throughout the United Kingdom.

The EDL was in New York to show support for the event organized by Pamela Geller, who, according to the EDL, personally invited the group to participate. A post to the EDL website dated Sept. 16 states: “The English Defence League would like to thank Pamela Geller for inviting us over to her ground zero freedom rally.” This would seem to contradict Geller’s claim to have repudiated the group after learning that one of its leaders was a member of the racist and anti-Semitic British National Party. (Geller is Jewish.) In February, Geller wrote admiringly of the EDL on her blog. “I share the E.D.L.’s goals,” she said. “We need to encourage rational, reasonable groups that oppose the Islamisation of the West.”

The idea that the EDL is either rational or reasonable is quickly destroyed by an 11-minute Guardian documentary that recounts the group’s defining features: street intimidation and violent rhetoric. In the video, EDL activists are heard issuing targeted threats and speaking of upcoming “murders” and “stampings”. Among the British groups that have attached themselves to the EDL are violent neo-Nazi outfits such as Combat 18 and far-right racist parties like the National Front. Because of the increasingly ominous atmosphere surrounding its public gatherings, the EDL’s founder and leader Tommy Robinson was stopped last week by authorities at JFK Airport on a tip from British police and sent back to England.

also see at YOUTUBE: Journeyman News: British National Embarrassment - UK

September 2009

The times may have changed but the whites-only, anti-immigration, stance of the British National Party is the same. With support for the BNP increasing, Britain is facing a move to the extreme right.

and here's Pam Geller's Thugish anti-Islamic Friends the EDL
Shouldn't the members of the American SIOA take a stand & renounce any connection with EDL or the BNP or other extremist in Britain and continental Europe.
Just a bit strange that anti-Islam spokespersons are always insisting that every time Muslim Extremist commit some violent act that moderate Muslims must publicly condemn such actions. Yet SIOA refuses to cut all ties to EDL and BNP and other Neo-Nazi or Fascist organizations.

EDL Bradford - Far-right Protesters Clash with Police

August 30, 2010

Far-right protesters hurled missiles at riot police and anti-racism demonstrators on Saturday in Bradford city centre.
Bricks, bottles and smoke bombs were thrown by around 1,000 members of the English Defence League (EDL) who were staging an anti-Islam protest.
Trouble flared at the city's Urban Gardens where a large crowd of EDL supporters had gathered chanting "Allah is a pedo" and other anti-Muslim slogans.
EDL supporters arrived on buses from cities around the north of England. They were kept away from groups of anti-racism demonstrators by a large force of riot police.
28-08-10 Bradford, UK.

and EDL's support for Geert Wilders who was a major speaker at 9/11 New York SIOA Anti-Ground Zero Mosque Protest

On 5th March 2010 the EDL protested in London to support the Islamophobic Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who was visiting the UK to promote his film "Fitna" (shame the EDL didn't know how to spell Geert Wilders name - see photo). On 17 Oct 2009 EDL supporter Bryan Powell had his photo taken among a group of Sieg Heiling Nazis at an earlier demo in Swansea. This video shows a photo of the EDL mob in Swansea, and 2 more photos of Bryan Powell, posing with the EDL's Welsh Division and "relaxing" (moustache shaved off) in front of a Nazi flag at home. After the Swansea disaster the EDL said they'd chuck Nazis like Bryan Powell out of the EDL and ban Nazis from EDL demos. So what did the EDL actually do about this? Did they throw Bryan Powell out of the EDL? No, they made Bryan Powell an official steward on the Geert Wilders demo in London!

and so it goes,

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