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"Islamophobia For Dummiez" And Muslim Americans Told To Remove Remains From NY Cemetery And Pedophile Pastor And JDL Hate-Crime

Anyway here an enlightening and entertaining video dealing with Islam and Islamophobia.

Islamophobia For Dummiez
Ground Zero Mosque 2 BARACK OBAMA Jon Stewart, Colbert, Olbermann

MuhaddithDotOrg | September 16, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque Part 2 BARACK OBAMA - Stewart, Colbert, Olbermann. Islamophobia for Dummies.

This includes content from from the August 16th episodes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert, and Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

Topics include:
President Barack Obama statements about the Mosque
Politics vs. Freedom of Religion and the Constitution
Who is inspiring hatred

Another AntiGay Pastor accused of using his position of authority to having sex with /taking advantage of young boys in his congregation .

It's just another example of the hypocrisy of many of these MegaChurch profiteers. It is also an important story as a lesson that parents and children need to be aware that these things happen and all too often there are those who act as enablers for this sort of sick person.

But this story has gotten a lot of traction because the interviewer Don Lemon reveals he was a victim of a pedophile and so he says he knows the sort of routine and patter of pedophiles as they slowly lure their victims.The Pastor Long defenders barely notice what he has said or understand the implication of Don Lemon bringing this up during the interview. He seems to have reached his limit as the Pastor Long supporters defend their Pastor they speak as if they had been rehearsed and or that they belong to what maybe essentially a cult. Their adoration of him knows no limits as they talk about him as a latter day Prophet.

Homophobic Megachurch Pastor Accused of Exploiting Teenage Boys by Robert Steinback Hatewatch at Southern poverty Law Center Sept 22, 2010

LEMON: Let me tell you what got my attention about this and I have never admitted this on television. I'm a victim of a pedophile when I was a kid -- someone who was much older than me. And those are the things that they do, the language. This doesn't make you gay if you do this.

So when someone starts to say that, you start to perk up and go -- ooh. Four people have said the same exact story and using the same buzz words. How do people come up with those stories? Did that ever cross any of your minds, Gabrielle, when you heard that four people who have come up with the same exact story who -- two of them know each other, the third one doesn't really know the other one, and the fourth one doesn't know any of them?

CNN Anchor Don Lemon Tells Eddie Long Supporters "I am a Victim of a Pedophile" By karoli at Crooks and Liars Sept. 26,2010

The members of the church sound like they are in a cult-this appears more apparent after Don Lemon tells them he was a victim of a pedophile.

Islamophobes even offended by a Muslim-Cemetery in their neighborhood- More good Christians??? They even hate dead Muslims. And yet the hysterical giddy Islamophobe profiteers make up excuses or even encourage this sort of outrage. I live across the street from a Catholic cemetery with its big in your face bleeding Jesus on a cross and dozens of Blue Madonnas - as I am not Catholic should I be upset and what if I did feel offended I still have no right to protest about the cemetery .
"Even their dead shall not rest" if Pam Geller and Robert Spencer And Newt Gingrich have their way they buy into whatever prejudice and hate will make the most money or get the most votes .

another story of Islamophobia growing in this case the non-Muslim Americans insist that their neighbors who are Muslim-Americans dig up the remains from the Muslim-Cemetery in Sidney New York. The cemetery is legal and is on private property but their good Christian neighbors won't back down. Is this another one of those vague American values that Muslims don't have the same rights as Non-Muslim Americans.

Kamran Pasha: Digging Up Muslim Graves at, Sept.28,2010

...the townsfolk of Sidney, New York trying to force their Muslim neighbors to dig up their local cemetery...

A local Sufi group in Sidney received permission from the town to bury Muslim dead on their private property in 2005. This tiny cemetery has stood for years without incident. But with the recent onslaught of Islamophobia gripping the country, local politicians have decided to ride the wave of bigotry. Town supervisor Bob McCarthy has led a movement to get the Muslims to dig up their “unauthorized” cemetery. When asked what law prohibited the Muslims from having a burial site on their own land, his response was: “I don’t know what the exact law is.”

In fact, there is no law in New York prohibiting grave sites on private property. So the town leaders have gotten their attorneys to parse through law books to find something they could use to unearth the Muslim graves. The closest they have come is an obscure regulation that prohibits cemeteries on mortgaged land. The Muslim group is now trying to either subdivide their property to exclude the graves, or pay off their remaining mortgage (under $200,000) to prevent their loved ones from being torn from their final resting places.

Among those calling for the removal of the Muslim cemetery are “Tea Party” supporters who have suggested that the Muslim group is a “for profit” venture and should be denied First Amendment religious protection. Property rights don’t seem to matter much to these alleged champions of liberty when Muslims are involved.

The hatred evident in this small-town drama is so clear and shocking that it truly gives me pause as to where the people of this great country are going. I have been saddened by the rising anti-Muslim mania in the past few months because this isn’t the America I grew up in, nor the one the Founders fought and died for.

As my fellow Americans turn more and more away from their principles and embrace the passions of a xenophobic mob, I question whether that country is gone forever. Whether “government of the people, by the people, for the people” has failed Lincoln’s hopes and has indeed perished from the Earth.

This cemetery incident is just the latest in the “summer of hate” that reached its zenith with the shrill cries against the Park 51 Muslim community center in Manhattan. A center built by liberal Muslims to promote an Islam of peace and brotherhood became re-imagined in the delusional eyes of bigots as a “victory mosque” built by Muslim extremists in honor of Al-Qaeda.

What is fascinating and telling about both incidents is that those who have been targeted by the fear mongers are Sufi Muslims, mystics who celebrate God as the spirit of Love. The Sufis are the polar opposites of Al-Qaeda and its band of murderers, promoting a progressive Islam that embraces other religions warmly and seeks human reconciliation rather than conflict. Muslim fundamentalists have been attacking Sufis for centuries, as their brand of progressive Islam outshines the ugly corruption of religion that the fundamentalists want to promote. And now the Muslim fundamentalists’ war against Sufism has been joined by fanatics of other religions and communities.

Anyone who has read the beautiful Sufi poetry of Rumi (ironically, the best selling poet in America today) will find an Islam of humility, of compassion, of love for women and reverence for the divine feminine, of not just tolerance, but joyful embrace of other religions. It is an Islam of music, of smiling faces, of laughter and companionship, not a dour Islam of anger and cruelty. This is the true heart of Islam that allowed the religion to succeed and become a global civilization, despite the best efforts of fundamentalists to poison the faith with violence and stupidity.

This Islam of love, not the Islam of hate, is what is being rejected by people like the town leaders of Sidney and the opponents of Park 51. It is this very Islam that is the greatest threat, because it is like clear water. It reflects back the truth of those who look upon it. And the bigots only see their own ugliness mirrored back to them. In demanding that Muslims dig up their graves, the leaders of Sidney have only unearthed the graves of their own hearts and revealed all the rot and decay within their own souls.

and more crazy talk from Beck as he says Darwin was the Father of modern racism and therefore responsible for the Holocaust/Shoah and for Apartheid in the US and South Africa and ultimately responsible for the KKK, lynchings, slavery, and the bombing of Churches and Schools in the American South for putting 41 bullets into a black man in NY killed /executed by New York's finest or some white kids having fun dragging a black man tied to the back of their car and so on and on...

"Glenn Beck: Charles Darwin 'The Father Of Modern-Day Racism'" (VIDEO) at HuffingtonPost Aug. 28, 2010

Glenn Beck called Charles Darwin "the father of modern-day racism" on Thursday's edition of his Fox News program.

Beck made the inflammatory comment about the man credited with introducing the theory of scientific evolution at the culmination of a rant on the contentious topic of race.

Mediate reports:

After explaining the significance of the illustration of a slave in shackles reading "Am I Not a Man and a Brother?" made famous accompanying the abolitionist poem "My Countrymen in Chains" as "the Lance Armstrong bracelets of the day," he took on the history of the man who made the illustration into a mass-produced medallion, Josiah Wedgwood. His story and that story of the image were an anecdote chosen to illustrate the aforementioned four forces elemental in American history. Government and religion work together, government and religion are driven apart, and those dynamics result in things like slavery and the abolition thereof.

"His great grandson plants the seed that leads to progressivism, eugenics," said Beck in coming full circle in taking aim at Wedgewood. "You know who Wedgewood's grandson was? Charles Darwin, the father of modern-day racism."

I have noticed some readers who have left comments at various sites (possibly Trolls/Neo-Cons/racists)arguing that The civil-liberties organization Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) doesn't cover hate crimes being committed by Jewish Americans so here's a story of a JDL shooting and questions about whether it was just some random confrontation or could it be considered a Hate Crime.

(The logic of Islamophobes and other hate mongers is usually twisted and unsound and hypocritical or as following different logic or standards for different people even though all things remain equal.
Logic Arab or Muslim kills a member of JDL since JDL is made up of Jews this must be a hate crime.
Islamophobes ask: If a Jewish American member of JDL shoots an Arab-American is it even a crime??? )

JDL leader shoots Arab-American Faith Said but no anti-Arab or anti-Muslim Hate Crimes in America???

JDL Leader’s Shooting Trial to Resume Next Month in Michigan Hatewatch Southern Poverty Law Center Sept. 23,2010

Was it road rage or self defense? Or maybe even a politically motivated act of violence?

That’s what a jury will decide when the trial of Jewish Defense League organizer Carl Mintz begins on Oct. 14.

Mintz, 27, a state chapter organizer for the JDL in Michigan, is charged in the shooting of a 20-year-old Arab-American named Faith Said. The prosecution’s first attempt at a conviction ended with a mistrial in August when three members of the jury refused to acquit Mintz.

According to local police reports, Said approached Mintz’s car after the two came to rest at a stoplight in Farmington Hills, Mich. Said got out of his car and walked toward Mintz, loudly criticizing him for tapping his brakes as he approached the light. Mintz then reached for his concealed handgun and shot Said in the arm. Mintz is claiming self-defense, but prosecutors note that the light had already turned green when Mintz opened fire and that he could have simply driven away.


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and according to Robert Spencer and Pam Geller cutting off a pig's head and dropping it off at a Mosques is either just a hoax staged by devious local Muslims or it is just teenagers or young adults drunk and having fun there is no way according to Geller & Spencer that it was Hate Crime against Muslims. (how could it be if as the Islamophobes believe that all Muslims should be feared and hated and are America's No.1 enemy including those Muslims living in America who are involved in a Stealth Jihad see Spencer & Andrew McCarthy ).

Severed Pig’s head Dumped in front of Cambridge mosque Loonwatch via Sept. 24, 2010

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