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Islamophobes: The Crooked Path and Bosnian/ Serbian Ethnic Cleansing Murdering 200,000 Muslims

Islamophobes: The Crooked Path and Bosnian/ Serbian Ethnic Cleansing Murdering 200,000 Muslims
Europeans are now targeting the Roma/Gypsies with its Police ACTIONS-
First they ask all Roma to leave voluntarily and then this is followed Nazis style round ups and deportations destruction of the Homes of Roma leaving them in a desperate situation- based upon prejudice, ignorance, bigotry
Scapegoating the Roma as if they were the causes of all of France's problems, social, economic, crime, terrorism,unemployment etc.

UPDATE: 12:22 PM. September 2, 2010.

"First They Came For ... " Poem by Pastor Martin Niemöller. - THEN and NOW - . I did NOT speak up.

tarfin | February 16, 2009

"A poem attributed to Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892-1984) about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power and the purging of their chosen targets, group after group."

Recommended Reading - should be a must read - published in 2003 but it was new to me.
The book is about the tropes of racism, prejudice or bigotry which are the fuel needed to hate and attack those who are different from ourselves.
The Serbians for example needed to demonize, marginalize and finally dehumanize them so then the slaughter could begin.

The West complicity in this ethnic cleansing shows that the Nations act in self-interest and not upon ethical or moral grounds and that part of the reason for their failure was their own anti-Muslim prejudices . If these had been Christians they would have acted differently .

Muslim Groups Launch PSA about Islamophobia
Newsydotcom | August 30, 2010

The ad, and others like it, are stoking a continuing debate over whether Americans are growing increasingly Islamophobic

Notice the headline refers to these ads as stoking the controversy as if the whole controversy over the Park51 project aka Cordoba House, Cordoba Initiative/ Community Center or "Ground Zero Mosque" was entirely the fault of Muslim Americans.

So because of 9/11 Muslim Americans are supposed to what ?- go into hiding or remain somewhat invisible in order not to upset their fellow citizens.
When Muslim Americans keep to themselves and try to be discreet they are accused of not integrating into US society. This is also used by anti-Muslims as proof they are secretly conspiring against the Non-Muslims.

When Muslim Americans speak out about Hate Crimes aimed at them they are characterized as making it all up or creating a hoax or simply exaggerating .
Note for generations of White Americans the violence perpetrated against Black Americans was either denied or dismissed out of hand or these white Americans reasoned that the upwards of 12,000 Black Americans lynched by white Mobs from the the end of the Civil War to the present must have all been guilty of something when in fact they were not.

A black man could be lynched for a number of trivial actions such as looking at a white woman or drinking from a White's Only Fountain, or riding at the front of a bus or daring to register to vote or for trying to enter a White's only school or University etc.

Is this the road down which the anti-Muslim factions of Professional Agitators and their enablers that is their academic back up chorus who use twisted logic and revisionist history to besmirch and bran all Muslims as a threat , as duplicitous as secretly conspiring to take over America and to undermine its traditions.

Like what traditions such as bigotry, prejudice, fear, paranoia, a deep seated hatred of that which is different that is "The Other" who may appear weak but in fact is strong and biding his time .

For instance many who dislike or hate Muslims argue that they don't like Islam because it denies the divinity of Jesus of Nazareth that is that he i s the son of God or even God or part of a Pagan like Trinity and is the Messiah who will return- (I'll be back-Terminator)

But other religions besides Islam also reject the idea that Jesus was Son of God or the Messiah-
Judaism in fact denies such attributes to Jesus of Nazareth whom they refer to as the Nazarene.
Buddhist and other religions may accept The Nazarene as a Prophet or as a Great Teacher like the Buddha or Lao Tzu (Taoism) or Confucius who were enlightened beings but who were after all is said and done merely Human and not divine.

So some Christians believe that all who refuse to follow Jesus and the Gospels are heretics or infidels who must be shunned or converted or destroyed or just shouldn't have the same rights as "True Christians " and "True Americans".

There is a whole host of things that they argue any "True Christian" should believe for instance- that anyone who doubts the divinity of Jesus of Nazareth (The Christ) or doubts the truth of the Trinity of Father, Son, Holy Ghost or the effectiveness of Baptism or the taking of the Eucharist/ Host as God's body once again made flesh or that Jesus rose from the dead and that Christianity supersedes Judaism and the Torah and Old Testament or that Jesus said that he came not to bring peace but the sword to divide families brothers from brother parents from their children-so he wanted to bring war and discord etc.

- while other Christians argue Jesus preached love for all humankind and respect for all religious beliefs, respect for the rights of man that we should be ruled or motivated by faith, hope, and charity that what Jesus preached was in effect what is now referred to as the Social Gospel or Social Justice -something very much disliked by Evangelical Fundamentalist right-wing Christians
(According to Glenn Beck, Pastor Hagee and the Theocons and Neocons)

GOP using fear, paranoia and dubious conspiracy theories in order to enrage the electorate so they will vote against the Democrats in this November's election.
What good can come of this???

The Republicans/GOP, the Tea Party Movement and Glenn Beck and the Religious Right are of one voice when it comes to their dislike and fear of the Obama Administration which they see as appeasing the Islamic Terrorist Enemy who have or are trying to infiltrate the Muslim American community.

Some such as Daniel Pipes, David Horowitz, Pam Geller and Stephen Spencer are the pseudo scholars and pundits who argue that it is already too late and that the country must root out these Stealth Jihadists from Mosques or Universities or schools or government offices or from the Mass Media and all other institutions public and private. So what they are calling for is a massive round up of Muslim Americans who are in any way suspected of promoting terrorist actions or who associate in some way with people who may be in contact with for instance Charity groups which are used as fronts by radical Muslims/Islamists.
( Pseudo scholars can be likened to the Pseudo-Journalists to be found especially on Fox News but also a little less so on other networks such as CNN, CBS etc.
But their definitions of what is a terrorists includes attitudes and beliefs not just actions or even to the exclusion of actions such as an UnAmerican attitude is so broad a definition that it becomes almost meaningless but yet cast a wide enough net so that few Muslims or those who associate with them would escape this sort of dragnet.
In this group of Jihadists they include especially those secularist or even Christians who are on the left or are too liberal or progressive.

Besides there is the Obama is a secret Muslim and is not a real American belief which would lead one to believe that President Obama is not just an appeaser of Muslim fanatics but in fact is giving the Enemy aid and comfort and is secretly actively supporting them.

They claim that Muslim Americans can not be trusted as their first allegiance is to Islam and not to America or Western Civilization.

So whatever some Muslim American spokesperson from CAIR or other Muslim organization says is not to be trusted .

Therefore one can conclude given the Islamophobes logic that if Obama is a secret Muslim then one can not believe anything he says as he practices subterfuge, prevarication, deception, empty promises and outright lying known among Muslims as Taqiyya

If Mosques are so offensive what's next laws forbidding the building of Mosques

Bosnian Genocide

core4genocideproject | May 03, 2009
Song The Killers -Human

Islamophobes argue that it is the Muslims who are always at fault they are the warring barbarians who disturb and butcher their unsuspecting peacful neighbors.
Yet we find that at times Muslims are the victims as they were during the Bosnian Genocide

They tend to overlook or are dismissive of instances where it is the Muslims who are the victims of bigotry, ignorance and finally violence, torture, rape, starvation , death.

In some cases they just blame the Muslims-as once Christians blamed all Jews because each individual was seen as part of an on-going world wide conspiracy- see the fraudulent piece of insidious hate-filled propaganda entitled "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" -

So do the Islamophobes in America want Mosques in America destroyed as they were in Bosnia during the Genocidal attacks on Muslim-Bosnians by the Serb Nationalist.
An estimated 200,000 Muslims were massacred -tens of thousands of Muslim women were raped by Serbs.

Those captured and rounded up in their Nazi like "Actions" were tortured, beaten, starved, shot and buried in Mass Graves.
Entire villages and towns were erased from the Earth-the inhabitants killed or taken away: the houses and businesses of Muslims destroyed then often bulldozed to erase their existence from history from memory.
The Western nations including Nato and the United Nations failed to intervene and stop the massacres.
Whatever lies the Serbs were able to conjure up as reasons for killing the Muslims Western Nations were all too willing to buy into because of their own centuries old prejudices against Muslims based upon misinformation, wild conspiracy theories and the notion that Islam was at war with the West . So this created fear and distrust of all Muslims and so Westerners were all too willing to believe these lies and fabrications concerning Muslims.
It is estimated that around 1,000 Mosques were destroyed during Serbia's so called Ethnic Cleansing which the UN, the USA, Nato , Peace Keepers did nothing to stop and in fact helped by assuring Bosnian Muslims that they would be protected but no one came to help them. Yet the slaughter took place in large part because of the deep seated embedded Islamophobia within the Western Mindset.
This hatred and distrust of Muslims goes back to before the Crusades even though Christians and Jews were permitted to practice their religions in Most Muslim countries and especially in Al Andalusia Spain.
The Christians and Jews who lived in Islamic Spain were seen by Christendom and Christian Europeans as being traitors, heretics and worse for not rising up and killing the Muslims who ruled Al Andalusia / Cordoba.
But it was a time when in that place Jews , Christians lived alongside each other in a much more peaceful and tolerant manner than what happening in Christendom where Jews and Muslims were killed or deported or forced to convert.

(Oh sorry according to these enlightened beings I refer to as Islamophobes Jews and Muslims or those of other faiths or of different sects were not persecuted . )

The problem as it were no matter what the motives and intentions of these Professional Islamophobes is that they maybe unleashing prejudices and hatred of all Muslims which even they may not be able to control.
One wonders if things get nasty and violent will these Islamophobes take full responsibility.
Just imagine a few thousand of the Islamophobes' audience taking matters into their own hands and attacking Muslim -Americans and their Mosques, homes and businesses . The amount of damage these groups or mobs could do is unthinkable.
At some point reasonable voices need to intervene to stop such Mob activities.

In Bosnia we learn that even the Academics , Intellectuals and other well educated influential individuals in the Universities in the government bureaucracies, in the churches and the Media in fact contributed to the legitimization of the Genocidal program against the Muslims. it is doubtful that the killing would have either started at all or that it would last as long as it did.

Destroyed and damaged mosques in Bosnia during 1992-1995

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